Story of a maid with added benefits

Story of a maid with added benefits

My name is Sanu. I am from Trivandrum, Kerala. 24 years of age, 6ft, 88kg average built. This is the story of how a maid helped me up to my game in bed.

I live alone in a flat in the city and work 5 days a week as an accountant for a small firm. My cousin and his family live on the floor beneath mine. I lived there for two months. I had seen no need to hire anyone to help around the flat.

But as my workload increased, I started neglecting chores to the point my flat started being very untidy. My cousin visits me on weekends to have a drink, and he said he could ask his maid to help me. I accepted.

Two days later, on a Friday, I was about to leave for work, and she rang the bell. Her name is Pushpa, and she looked in her early 40s. About 5ft 4inches, looked like she weighed 50-55kg and fair skin tone. She said she could come every Monday, Friday, and Sunday.

At the time of meeting her, I was in a relationship. So I didn’t have any feelings toward her. She came on the days as agreed by us and did her job. But as my workload didn’t ease off, I started being a little grumpy and tired. So my relationship was getting rocky, and my girlfriend eventually dumped me.

Heartbroken, I met with my cousin as usual and drank a little too much. I kinda half passed out. When my cousin’s wife came up to call him, she looked at my flat state. She said Pushpa has a lot of work to clean the place up. I was half awake and could hear it all but couldn’t bother to get up.

Then I overheard her saying to my cousin that Pushpa needed extra cash because her husband always takes her earnings and throws it away on drinks and prostitutes. Hearing this made me think of Pushpa and how the husband could go after prostitutes when he had her. It made me hard.

That night I jacked off to sleep thinking of Pushpa. The next day was a Sunday, and my cousin says he and the family is going away. So couldn’t meet up. Pushpa came as usual in the morning and started the chores. I finished up some work by the afternoon, and I was feeling sad because my relationship ended.

Pushpa sensed my sadness and asked if anything was bothering. I told her nothing. But when she asked me, it made me feel something for her. A sort of crush started developing. I washed my face and went to the kitchen where she was cooking lunch.

I told her I’ll cut the vegetables, she declined. But I insisted I needed to take my mind off things. I asked her about her family, and she didn’t want to speak about it. But then I said if there was any way I could help, please ask. She then told me about her husband and needing extra money.

I told her to wait and called up my friend in a bank and set her up an incognito bank account. The account was set up in an hour, and I deposited 2 weeks’ pay and an additional 10k. I told her to go to the bank on the weekday and give a different address to receive bank details. She was so happy she hugged me.

It was awkward because her hug made me feel her soft breasts, and it gave me a boner. I moved her back and said it was alright. I immediately sat down to hide my boner, but I had a feeling she felt it. I told her to sit down. Then asked her why she was staying with her husband.

She said she was afraid of him and has no support from her family. Since I was in a state of lust. I don’t know why, but I asked her does she have sex with him. She looked down and said he only prefers prostitutes, and he doesn’t come home most nights.

I said to her, looks like we both need some company, and I touched her hands on the table. She looked at me for a moment, then stood up, went back to the kitchen. I thought I fucked it up, but it was now or never. So after a couple of minutes, I went to the kitchen.

I saw a pair of white panties and a bra on the kitchen floor. She always wore a nighty at work. Seeing them on the floor, I knew she wanted me. She was at the kitchen counter, not doing anything with her back at me. I came behind her and put my hands on her ass. Then I slowly squeezed them.

She then took my hands and made them feel her breasts over the nighty. She moaned when I squeezed her breasts, pinching her nipples. She whispered to me it been a long time, and she wanted to feel alive again. I turned her around, lifted her to on top of the counter, and kissed her.

She was giving me a really wet kiss with her tongue and mine licking each other. Then I slowly inserted my index and middle finger into her mouth. She sucked it while maintaining a lustful look at me. I took out my fingers, lifted her nighty, and inserted them in her pussy.

I fucked her pussy with my fingers. She kept kissing me, then took out my fingers, and I made her suck on it. I tasted her juices from my fingers. It was so erotic. I told her time to head to the bathroom to clean up. I led her into the bathroom and undressed.

She looked at my cock and smiled. She then began fondling my balls and stroking it while looking me in the eye. Her look was so sexy I basically ripped her nighty revealing her breasts. She had soft, firm breasts with light brown nipples. I removed the remains of her nighty.

Turned on the shower, we both went under and started kissing. With one hand, I made her hair, which was pinned up, fall. She grabbed the back of my head with one hand and my cock with the other. Then she stopped kissing me and knelt down. She looked into my eyes and asked if she could take my cock.

I didn’t say anything. I grabbed the back of her head and guided her mouth to my cock. She took the whole 6-inch throbbing cock inside her mouth. I could feel the back of her throat. She gagged but still kept my cock inside, then started the blowjob, making slurping sounds.

I told her I will cum and that I won’t stop even if I do. She continued, and I did, sending a shiver down my spine as I felt the cum shoot down her throat. I took my cock out, and she wiped her mouth, smiling. I helped her up and kissed her.

After a while, I whispered into her ear to turn around so I can fuck her from behind. She turned, and I rubbed her pussy. Meanwhile, she pushed her ass back, rubbing my cock. Then I positioned her to fuck her pussy from behind. My cock went inside, and she pushed back to create a rhythmic motion of fucking.

She let out sounds here and there. It went in for a few minutes, then I quickly turned her to lick her clit. She squeezed my face into her pussy that she started to shiver and let out a cry, squirting on my face. She came to my ear and whispered that she wants it in the ass.

I didn’t give it a second thought. We rubbed ourselves with towels and went to the bedroom. I lubed my cock with some oil. She bent over my bed, spreading her ass cheeks. I slowly inserted my cock to feel my that tight ass hole. Then I proceeded to fuck it.

She then turned around, laying on her back and holding out her arms, signifying she wanted to finish missionary. I hugged her, kissing her. I inserted my cock inside her pussy and fucked her hard. She said she wanted it more and harder. Putting her hands on my ass and pushing it along.

I orgasmed and fell beside her on the bed. She put her head on my chest and stroked my cock for cum residue, which she licked off her fingers. She got up to say she looked forward to doing more of such chores and left the flat.

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