Story of a married woman who gets fucked by her classmate

Story of a married woman who gets fucked by her classmate

Hello to all the beautiful women and beautiful girls. This is casanova369 back again with yet another sex escapade about a married woman. I am a person who needs erotic sex and not just sex. You can also read my previous erotic sex story here and give your feedback.

This happened during my masters in one of the reputed colleges in south India. In my class, I had this girl, Anjali, who was already married. Her husband was working in the Gulf. Because of some personal issues, she couldn’t go to the Gulf and instead decided to pursue masters during this period.

So, all the other boys in my class were behind unmarried girls. But I wanted this girl Anjali because I have a special bonding with married women and divorced women. I can understand their needs and help them out. She also got attracted to me. Initially, it started with friendship and getting close to each other.

We both invested ample time of one complete semester in getting to know each other. By the end of our first semester, we know what we need and are very comfortable with each other. We all had returned to our respective places for our semester holidays.

During this time also, we spent most of the time sexting, sharing our pics, etc. After coming back to campus from our semester holidays, every evening after the college is over, we were going around the campus, holding our hands like a married couple.

Our college is very huge and has enough number of trees and many blind spots. This is very helpful to all the love birds on the campus. So, Anjali and I picked up a spot that is generally not used by other love birds. We use to go there and sit in the darkness cuddling in each other’s arms doing naughty things.

One evening, she wore a kurti with a zip on the backside. That evening, the weather was also very romantic. It was pitch dark, and our hormones in the body started doing their work. I pulled Anjali close to me and kissed her on her cheeks. She was blushing, burying her face in my arms.

After some time, I tried kissing her on her neck, and she started giving herself up to me. She was brushing my hair, and I could feel her breath. Anjali kept her hands inside my t-shirt and hugged me tightly. I raised her head and kissed her beautiful lips. She opened her mouth instantly, and we were into a deep kiss.

We were playing with our tongues and exchanging our saliva. She was rubbing her hands on my back inside my t-shirt. I started playing with her 36B boobs above her kurti. She started moaning when I started circling on her erected nipples above her kurti.

She was going deeper into my mouth and was playing with my tongue. I slowly unzipped her kurti and pulled it down in one go. I don’t know what color bra she was wearing. I was not even bothered when I have 36B boobs in front of me for the feast.

I pressed her boobs, rather gave her massage for 5 minutes, and then pulled them out of her bra. She has a big areola, and her nipples were fully erect already by then. They were eagerly waiting to go into my mouth and satisfy me. She looked into my eyes full of lust and pulled my head close to her boobs.

She placed her boobs in my mouth. I started sucking her nipples like her baby, and she was moaning in ecstasy. I sucked and played with her nipples for 10 minutes, and we called it a day.

We have many blocks with various departments on campus. All these blocks will be pitch dark in the night. One night we went to our block, and there was no one. We slowly went onto the last floor. Anjali held my hands sitting on my lap, and started chit-chatting with me.

I was listening to her pressing her boobs and kissing her here and there. Slowly the heat in both of us was building up. She looked into my eyes and started kissing me. I was pressing her nipples above her kurti, and we were into a deep kiss. I wanted to fuck her tonight.

She was also waiting to get her pussy stretched and fucked by me. We both had waited for enough, and now we just wanted to do it. Generally, the terrace door will be locked most of the time. But sometimes they might forget and keep it open as well. Luckily that night, it was kept open.

So, I asked Anjali if we shall go to the terrace. She was initially scared. But then the sex starvation overtook her fear, and we went onto the terrace. We locked the terrace, and I started undressing her. She also removed my t-shirt and shorts. My dick was already erect.

She was so happy holding my 6-inch cock in her hands. The feeling that she will be satisfied with tonight was clearly seen in her eyes. She straight away took my cock into her mouth and started giving me a blowjob. It’s just an amazing feeling having physical intimacy with someone you are attracted to.

She was gulping my cock deep into her throat and pulling it out. She sucked my cock for 10 minutes like a pro. My dick is fully ready for the war against her sex-starved pussy. I didn’t want to cum in her mouth rather drop the bomb of my sperm deep in her pussy.

I removed her bra and panty, and she was already wet by then. I started sucking her nipples and was rubbing her clitoris. Now there’s no fear of anyone disturbing us because this is the blind spot many of them don’t know. Also, we locked the terrace.

She started moaning, playing with my hair and scratching my back with her fingers. I made love bites on her 36B boobs, sucked them to my heart’s content, and bit them as well. All through this oral play, only a few keywords were heard from Anjali.  “Fuck me, baby. Make me all yours tonight.”

These words were making me go mad, and I went down to eat her pussy now. She widened her legs and welcomed me with an aroma from her pussy. I started kissing her thighs and started playing with her pussy. She was pushing my head deep into her pussy.

Her juices were already flowing out from her pussy, and I was not wasting any of it. I entered my index finger into her pussy and was licking her clitoris. My index finger played with her g-spot inside her pussy, and my tongue played with the clit outside.

With all this action, Anjali was going out of control, curling like a snake on the ground and moaning, “Fuck me now, baby, please.” I started fingering her faster and bit her clitoris. That’s it. Anjali gave a loud moan and got her first orgasm of the night.

She pulled me and started kissing my lips deeper, tasting her own juices from my mouth. She looked into my eyes and said, “I didn’t know that you can satisfy a woman to this level. Now please fuck me and complete the job.”

I got into the missionary position and tried entering her pussy. It was a little tight. But with a little effort, I finally entered her. It was so warm inside her pussy surrounded by her juices. My dick was enjoying the environment inside her pussy.

I slowly started pumping her, and Anjali started moaning, “Slowly, baby.” My dick was enjoying the warmth inside her pussy. I was enjoying the satisfaction seen in Anjali’s face and her expressions. I fucked her for 10 minutes in this position, and now she wanted me to fuck her a little faster.

But the hard ground was hurting my knees. We changed to doggy style, and now I started fucking her deeper and harder. Anjali started moaning louder now. I was enjoying this and fucked her for another 10 minutes in the doggy style. I know she will ger her 2nd orgasm.

I am also getting close to release my bomb in her pussy. I fucked her hard for another 2 minutes and released all my load of sperm in her pussy. She also got her 2nd orgasm with a loud moan. The mixture of both our sperms was flowing out of her pussy like a waterfall.

We then sat there naked for 5 minutes and kissed each other. Anjali took my promise that these sex escapades should continue till we finish our college and till she goes back to the Gulf. I promised her, and she was very happy. We got dressed and left to our respective hostels.

I hope all the girls and aunties got horny and enjoyed reading my story. I am expecting a few more emails from young girls and women for an erotic experience with me. Please give your feedback at [email protected]

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