Story of a part-time call girl and her cuckold husband

Story of a part-time call girl and her cuckold husband

Champa was a beautiful girl studying in degree college. She needed a part-time job to meet her education expenses. Rita, another girl from her college, introduced her to the Manager of a hotel cum lodging in that city.

The Manager appreciated her smart way of talking, and of course, her beauty also. Her sharp eyes caught his attention. He offered her a part-time job as a receptionist.

Champa was happy about getting a part-time job. She thanked Rita and joined duties the very next day. Her college timings were from 9 AM to 3 PM. Her duty hours were from 4 PM to 8 PM. It was perfectly alright for her.

With attractive eyes on her smiling face, she became the center of attraction for the hotel guests. With her sweet voice, she could easily please the customers. She was very prompt in her work, and so the Manager was very happy.

She was probably not aware that with her seductive look and sexy smile, she made many guests get an instant erection inside the underwear. Things were going on like this. Quickly 4 months passed after Champa becoming receptionist. By that time, her annual examination was also over.

She had a long vacation before the commencement of next semester. The Hotel Manager was very happy with Champa’s work and looks. He offered her a full-time job during the vacation as a recognition for her good work. Champa accepted this offer with pleasure.

Champa’s duty hours changed. She had 8 hours of duty from 12 noon to 8 PM. She offered to work for more also if needed. She agreed to work from 10 AM to 8 PM. Oh, a wonderful girl, she was.

The Manager was very happy. He started thinking about whether she could work beyond 8 PM also? He asked her about night duty if necessary. The beautiful girl agreed.

One day one guest asked the Manager to arrange a good call girl for him. The Manager said he would arrange from the nearby hi-fi brothel. The guest rejected this and asked whether he could send Champa. The Manager did not know what to do.

Helplessly, he asked Champa about this. Champa was shocked to hear this. Champa called her friend Rita and told her about this.

Rita: Yes. I know. They want beautiful girls like you for this purpose. And you wanted a job. That is why I introduced you there.

Champa: What are you saying, Rita?

Rita: Yes. I mean it. You may not know that I am a part-time call girl in that hotel. I am earning a very good income from that. The Manager had told me to introduce a few more beautiful girls. I thought you are the right choice.

Champa: Oh my god!

Rita spoke to Champa for an hour and convinced her. Finally, Champa gave her consent with a lot of fear and hesitation. That night she slept with the hotel guest who wanted to fuck her. Yes, she lost her virginity to him. It was her first experience, but she liked it. She enjoyed the night well.

After that, Champa was in full demand from the guests. Weekly 3 or 4 nights she had to spend with different guests. Champa became Receptionist cum Prostitute. Of course, she was a high-profile prostitute, not just a college slut.

I was visiting that city frequently on my business trips. I had stayed in that hotel a few times. On seeing the sexy girl Champa in reception, my penis was becoming hard inside my underwear. She looked very attractive to me. I felt that I could marry her if she agrees.

I liked Champa very much, her soft-spoken nature, courtesy to customers, etc. I loved her. One day I expressed my desire to marry her. Champa was shocked. She asked me.

Champa: Sir, are you seriously asking?

Me: Yes, Champa. I am serious. I am interested in you. I love you very much.

Champa: Sir, but I have to tell you about me, honestly. I am not a virgin.

Me: No problem. You are ok with me.

Champa: I have had sex with many guests in this hotel. I am a call girl.

Me: No problem. I don’t mind.

Champa was silent. She did not speak.

Me: Why are you silent? Are you thinking about your profession after marriage? Don’t worry. You can continue to be a call girl after marriage also.

Champa had a sigh of relief. She smiled. Our wedding was fixed. After fixing the marriage also, she continued as Receptionist cum call girl. She took one month’s leave for her marriage. On the previous night of her leave, also she had served a guest. It was a Sunday.

Exactly the next Sunday was our marriage day. Monday was our first night. Of course, first night for me only. For her, it was not the first, but ‘nth’ night!

On our first night, she taught me many things about fucking. She taught me the art of stripping and seducing. She taught me how to insert my dick into her pussy. I had a lot of curiosity about fucking. With all anxiety, I fucked Champa.

For her, there was neither curiosity nor anxiety. She had already been fucked by ‘n’ number of guys, and I was the n+1 th guy.

The next day we left for the honeymoon. We had a very good time during our honeymoon. I was fucking her every day 3 or 4 times. She was teaching me new ways of fucking, which she had learned from her customers.

In one month of marriage, Champa taught me several Vatsayana Kamasutra positions. She gave a very good blowjob to me and taught me the art of pussy licking. She taught me about anal fucking after our wedding. Till then, I did not know about anal sex. She said that most of her customers were requesting her for anal sex.

Our one month passed very happily with daily sex. After one month, she joined her duties again. And on that day itself, she had to be a prostitute in that hotel. Earlier she was a girl and now a married lady. Earlier, while sleeping with hotel guests, she had just bindi on her forehead.

But now sindhur, mangalsutra, and toe ring also. Earlier she was wearing a simple panty and bra. Now she wears special lingerie or thong every day to seduce her customers. The 12 sets of lingerie and the transparent dress I presented her during the honeymoon are very useful to exhibit her sexy body.

After marriage, Champa was looking more beautiful and sexier. Obviously, she was getting more customers. When her customers came to know that she was recently married, some guys were getting more excited to fuck her. After all, fucking another man’s wife is very exciting and thrilling.

She has weekly off on Thursdays. On Thursday, she becomes my wife at home and, other days, a hi-fi prostitute in the hotel. Our married life has been going on like this for the past 3 years. One day she asked me.

Champa: Dear, do you know about cuckolding?

Me: I don’t know. What is that?

Champa: It is a kind of thrilling game for married couples.

Me: Oh. Then we, too, can play that.

Champa: Yes. That is what I wanted.

Me: Ok, tell me, what is that?

Champa: I will tell provided you agree to it.

Me: Sure. I agree.

Champa: Promise?

Me: Yes, dear. I agree for sure. I promise.

Champa: Cuckolding means a strong man fucks the wife. The wife enjoys sex with him when her husband is present there and watching. So you have to watch from beginning to end.

Me: No problem.

Champa: Not only watching. You have to simply obey whatever we tell you. We will tease you and humiliate you.

Me: Oh. I did not know. But it is alright. Let me have one experience.

Next Thursday, Champa invited her bull to our house, and I became the cuck. The bull had a very big cock of 8-inch size. Mine is just 5.5 inches. I had many humiliations, both verbal and physical when my wife was enjoying being fucked by another man. The bull was humiliating me on the size of my dick, comparing mine with his.

After that event, she is calling new bulls every Thursday. Now for 6 days a week, Champa is a hotel prostitute. On Thursdays, she gets fucked by a bull of her choice in my bed. I stand naked near the bed and watch the bull’s dick entering my wife’s vagina or her asshole.

Sometimes the bull tells me to wear her panty and suck his penis. Unwillingly I do it as I have no option. Sometimes the bull does cum on her body, and I have to compulsorily lick and clean.

Cuckolding sessions have been going on every week in my bedroom regularly like this for the past 4 months. I have not fucked my wife even once during the last 4 months.

Champa’s part-time job changed her life in a different direction. She got a full-time job and also a husband. Husband is just to show before the society. More so, she is fulfilling all her hidden desires and fantasies.

She told me a few times to hire Rita’s services to satisfy my sexual urge. But I am not thinking on those lines. I still love Champa, and so I have no regrets. I am proud that she is a satisfying lot of people, a kind of social service.

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