Story of a rendevous with a rustic mature woman

Story of a rendevous with a rustic mature woman

After gaining some sex experience as a fresher in a company, I grew in confidence in talking to women. I could look them in the eye and say what I intend to say without mumbling or jumbling. I was shy, no more.

Due to certain familial property issues, I had to go to my village and stay there for a few days. This is where I had my next adventure with a mature (40+) woman named Sudha.

As with every village, most young and earning people had left for the nearby city with plenty of empty houses or just with old people staying in them. Sudha was unmarried (due to her horoscope). She stayed in the village and earned money by taking care of empty houses to keep them clean for their owners.

I went to my village and went straight to our old house. It was almost 8 PM when I arrived. The house was clean and tidy. Sudha had cooked and made all arrangements for my stay. She was waiting inside the house to welcome me when I arrived.

Here is where I must describe Sudha. Although she was 40+ years old, she had a great body. All the household work had kept her in great shape. She had a firm big bulging ass and perky big tits, which would still not sag at this age without a bra. She was dusky and attractive.

She had a good set of teeth and a vibrant smile (when she smiled). I had never remembered her smiling. Since she was constantly rejected for marriage, citing her horoscope problems, she was quite uptight and brash towards men. It’s as if she hated men.

I knocked on the door, and Sudha opened. As soon as she opened the door, she caught my attention. She had finished all her work and had taken a bath and worn decent clothes. She looked fresh, like a bride ready to be deflowered.

As soon as I saw her, my blood started rushing towards my dick. I started feeling a little uncomfortable in my pants.

Me: Hi Sudha, How are you?

Sudha: I am good, how are you? How was your trip?

Me: It was not bad but seeing you, I feel better now (saying that, I bit my tongue)

Sudha: Well, come in. It looks like you are no longer a shy teenager. I never remember you speaking with me at all.

Me: You can say I have grown to be a man now.

Sudha: (Looking at me from top to bottom). I think I can say that now. The food is ready in the kitchen. The bed and sheets are also ready in the room. I will come tomorrow morning. Do you need anything else?

I was gazing at her ass while she was moving ahead of me and talking.

Sudha: Anything else?

Me: Uh! Oh… umm… No.

Sudha: (Handing the keys over to me) Still stuttering, I guess you still have some growing up to do.

What she said stung me a little. I was a bit pissed and probably wanted to show her what kind of man I am. She left, and I ate the food. Since the house was rarely used, there was no fan or AC, and it was still warm. So I had to sleep in my boxer shorts only.

I retired to bed in my shorts. I still noticed a semi-hard dick trying to get out of my boxers. I kept thinking about my city girlfriend, who used to fuck regularly. But my mind kept drifting towards Sudha. The moment I started thinking about Sudha, my dick started to become harder.

I could notice it grow just imagining her in her saree. I played with myself and slowly drifted into sleep with thoughts of Sudha in my mind. I was in a deep sleep till late morning in my boxers with my dick dangling out due to the morning hardness. I was rolling around, and no sheets were covering me.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I felt somebody was moving around in the house, or someone was watching me. That thought made me alert, and tried to wake up and see who it was. The moment I turned towards the door, I heard someone moving away.

I pulled up my boxer shorts and went to see around the house, and of course, there was Sudha in the kitchen, washing vessels and trying to cook breakfast. She looked at me, and I looked at her.

Sudha: Looks like city life has made you lazy. Is this the time to wake up?

Me: (Not even trying to adjust my boxers) Well, they say we get better sleep in a village. Turns out it is true.

Sudha: Maybe you were awake till late at night thinking about useless stuff, hence waking up late.

Me: Things are useless as long as they are not used for their purpose.

Sudha: What are you talking about?

Me: Nothing. It’s early in the morning for me. Just blabbering something, that’s all.

Sudha: Yeah, kids say all kinds of nonsense.

Me: I am almost 25. I am no kid.

Sudha: Age is just a number. Go take a bath. I will prepare some baby food for you to eat.

Well, that stung again. She is winning over every argument. I had to make that leap to show her I am a man.

Me: If you still think I am a kid, why don’t you help me with a bath?

Sudha: Sure, maybe I will change your diapers too. Go get in the bathroom.

I walked to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, still wondering if she is really going to give me a bath. I was still in my boxers and trying to arrange the hot and cold water to get ready for the bath. I waited for a few minutes hoping Sudha would come in already. But it looked like she would not come after all.

Well, I closed the bathroom door but did not latch it. I undid my boxers and started taking a bath completely naked. I had applied soap and started washing. I had soap on my face and was trying to look for the water to wash my face, and that is when I felt a hand on my back.

There Sudha was, trying to check out how big of a man I have become. I did not turn around. I was standing naked with my back to her. Sudha started running her hands on my bareback. I am a 5’11, 78 kilos man. Quite athletic as I am still into sports.

I felt the hands on my back. It’s like those hands have never felt any other skin. Sudha ran her hands on my shoulders, squeezed them, and moved them along my arms. She roamed around my entire back. Now I started to feel her breath on my back. I was not sure if she was still dressed.

Me: So do you like the man you have been feeling?

Sudha: I don’t know yet. I haven’t even felt your manhood yet.

Me: He is already up and waiting to be felt.

Sudha: Oh, really?

She moved in even closer. She started to move her hands on my chest (almost hugging me from behind). I could sense her breath growing on my back while both hands explored my torso. Her right hand slowly started moving downwards.

I had goosebumps all over my body and had a real good hard erection in anticipation. Her right hand finally reached by hardness, which she caressed it casually. Her left hand grabbed my chest hard and pressed herself against me, which finally led her to grab my dick in her palm.

She held it so gently and softly, and I could only close my eyes and arch my back and enjoy the sensual touch. She squeezed my dick in her palms in a rhythmic motion. She also reaches out to cup my balls and caress them. I was in heaven and breathing heavily.

I started to moan a little as she started to stroke my hard dick. She pulled up my foreskin and played with the tip of my cock. I arched back and put my hands back to grab her and push her towards myself harder. She was still wearing a saree and a blouse. I could only feel her breasts on my back a little.

Her left hand, which was so far grabbing my chest hard, was slowly moved by her to my mouth. She inserted her fingers in my mouth while she shagged me hard. I wanted to suck her fingers, but the pleasure I was deriving from her stroking my dick made me bite her fingers more.

Whenever I bit her fingers, she would squeeze my dick harder so that I would squeak and let her fingers away.

Sudha: Suck my fingers. Bite them if you dare to.

Me: Aahh, yes, stroke it harder. Feels so good.

Sudha: Oh yes, (cupped my balls and squeezed it). How does it feel now?

Me: Feels like my balls are gonna explode.

Sudha: This is how I milk the cows. Let’s see how much milk this bull has.

Me: Ahh… enough to give you a few cows if it goes deep inside you.

Sudha: Let me see what you have stored in your balls.

She stroked harder and harder. Her fingers played with my dick tip. The foreskin was played with. The ball was filled with my cum, and I was about to explode. I closed my eyes and grunted hard, and let my dick spurt out a huge load of cum.

Jets after jets of my cum shot at the bathroom wall. She gently caressed slowly and extracted every bit of cum left is my dick. She did shake out my dick like a man would do as well. Once I was relieved, she washed her hands and left before even I had a chance to turn around and look.

Sudha: Finish your bath and come back to eat something that has not been eaten for a long time.

Me: Umm, ok. (still not thinking right)

I finished my bath and wrapped a towel around my waist. Although it was a great feeling (what happened), I still had not gotten any real taste of Sudha. Sudha extracted a great deal of juice from me without even letting me get any taste. This did not sit well with me.

I looked for Sudha all over the house, and she was in the kitchen cooking something. Now she had her back turned to me, and I was about to return the favor I received.

She was standing in her saree and cooking. I moved towards her and, with my hands, grabbed her ass from behind. She did get a bit spooked about the sudden squeeze on her ass, but she quickly realized what’s happening. She tried to use her left hand and grab my dick while I grabbed her ass harder.

It made my towel fall down, and I was buck naked again, standing behind her.

Sudha: Looks like no piece of clothes sticks to your body.

Me: Surely, not when a hot woman is alone with me.

Sudha: Is it only you who wants to be naked or want the woman also naked?

Me: I want to see the big tight ass and the big perky tits behind those clothes.

Sudha: Then why don’t you unwrap her and see it yourself?

My right hand was still stuck between her tight ass cheeks. She had squeezed her ass cheeks to lock my fingers in there. Neither did I want to take it out as well. With my left hand, I started to disrobe Sudha by removing her saree. It was fairly loosely tied and could drag it out easily.

There she was, standing in her petticoat and blouse and still trying to stir something in the pot (cooking). I started fingering her again over the petticoat with my right hand, whereas my left started to grab her breasts over the blouse.

I was biting her shoulders in excitement to find her firm tits. I could no longer hold myself. I had to rip off her blouse with my both hands and grabbed those tits from behind.

Sudha had breasts bigger than my palms, and they were quite firm. The nipples had already been erect. I started pulling them and twisting them. I would tweak her nipples like tuning an old radio. She was giving in and started to enjoy what’s happening to her.

She stopped cooking and rested both hands on the kitchen slab. She bulged her ass out and bent over, letting her boobs fight the gravity.

Sudha: Now that your dick is flaccid due to all the cum, what’s the point in making me hot?

Me: I am still thirsty and hungry. Maybe, I will feast on your honey pot.

Sudha: Then get your fingers down here and see if you can dig deep enough to get some honey.

I moved my hands down and pulled down her petticoat. She was now completely naked along with me. I took a step back to see her ass. I am an ass man. Slapped her ass hard and started fingering her ass again.

Sudha: Dear, if you need some honey, you need to find the other hole. Else all you gonna get is shit.

Me: Well, one likes what one likes.

Then I moved my hands towards her pussy to find her pussy covered with a dense forest of pussy hair.

Me: Looks like honey is hidden in the deep forest.

Sudha: There was a long time any explorer has been to this forest.

Me: Looks like I am gonna own this forest (grabbed the pussy hair bunch in my palms and rolled my fingers all around the bushy pussy)

I am still squeezing her tits and with the other exploring her hairy pussy with my one hand. She thrusts her ass back against my not so erect dick. There was the best piece of ass rubbing against my dick. I lined up my dick up her ass crack and started to explore her pussy walls with my fingers.

She spread her legs even wider so that I could reach her widened pussy lips easily. I lined her pussy walls with my fingers and rubbed all around it.

Sudha: Careful, you are entering the territory which has not been explored for long.

Me: I like the unexplored areas.

Sudha: Then why are you still wondering at the entrance? Get the fuck in.

Hearing that, I just entered my middle finger in her pussy. It seemed tighter. I just entered my forefinger as well. She yelled as it was too foreign for her pussy. With my fingers now moving in and out of her pussy, she kept thrusting her ass up against my dick.

I move my other hand in towards her pussy and grab her bushes. I increased the pace gradually and started pumping her pussy. She started moaning, gradually getting louder. She started clenching her pussy, and she was getting closer to her climax.

After another few minutes of fingering her vigorously, she burst out in ecstasy. She let her juices with a huge grunt pushing her ass even further against my dick. I grab her harder and let her climax.

Once she was done, I took out my fingers and started smelling it. She looked at me, still bent over the kitchen slab, and smiled.

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