Story of a young girl who has sex with driver

Story of a young girl who has sex with driver

Hello readers, this is my first story. I am Rucha from Delhi. I am 24 years old, and my body figure is 34 -28 -32. This story is about how I had sex with driver.

So this took place 4 years ago. I was in college, and one day I had a big fight with my boyfriend. I found him cheating on me, and I was stunned by this incident. I immediately called my driver Ahmed to take me home. After Ahmed came, he asked, “Madam, are you fine?”

I said to him, crying, “Just let’s go.” And he opened the door and let me sit in. Then he also sat in and started the car. I was continuously crying, and then he kept his hand on my lap and asked, “What happened? Did something happened in college?”

I started crying a lot and said, “My bf was cheating on me, how can he do so? I did everything he said still he cheated on me…”

He started to calm me down and started rubbing my thighs. After some time, when I was calmed a bit, he asked, “Madam, if you don’t mind can I take you somewhere? There is a place a few kilometers away. I always go there whenever I am sad. Maybe you would also get happy.”

I thought for a while, and then I said, “Ok, let’s go.”

He started driving, and then we started talking.

Ahmed – So madam tell me in detail what happened?

Me – My bf cheated on me today. I saw him kissing another girl before college.

Ahmed – Oh, I see. You did the right thing. You should dump such guys who cheat on their partners.

Me – Yeah, true, I was shocked. I did so much for him, and in the end, what did he do? Cheat on me! All men are the same.

Ahmed – No, madam, not all men are the same. Some are different too.

Me – Let it be. I know how it is. By the way, it’s fine if you call me Rucha.

Ahmed – No, madam, you are my boss. How can I call you by your name?

Me – It’s ok, you can call me by my name when we are alone.

Ahmed – Ok, Rucha.

Me – Yeah, that’s fine now, so tell me about your girlfriend.

Ahmed – Well, I never had any girlfriend.

Me – Oh, why so? You are such a good guy and handsome too, then too, you are still single.

Ahmed – What can I do now? Well, Rucha, don’t get it wrong. But if I would have proposed to you, would you have accepted it?

Me – Well, maybe, I would have.

And then suddenly, out of the blue, he proposed to me.  I was confused. I was like – What? I started laughing and then Ahmed stopped the car and suddenly kissed me. I was shocked. I got furious and shouted at him.

Me – What the hell did you just do? Are you serious?

Ahmed – Sorry if I did something wrong, but I really like you.

He made a sad face. Looking at his sad face, I took pity on him and said, “It’s ok.”

Listening to this, Ahmed smiled, and he said.

Ahmed – So do you love me too?

Me – Well, ok, but my parents must not know we are in a relationship.

Ahmed – Don’t worry, I will take care of it.

And then Ahmed again started the car, and he asked me.

Ahmed – Rucha, do you watch porn?

Me – Yes, I watch sometimes? But why?

Ahmed – Just out of curiosity, darling.

And then he again kept his hand on my thigh and started rubbing it. He started to seduce me. At first, I pushed his hand. But he still kept it on and gave me a smile and said its ok don’t worry.

We reached our destination, and I saw around it was a small village. I asked Ahmed where we were. He told me that it was his village. He then took me out to his house. No one was there in the house. So I asked him where all were.

He told me that his roommates were all at work. We sat on a sofa. He brought me a glass of water and gave it to me, and sat beside me. After that, he started looking at me. I got shy.

He said, “Rucha, today, you are looking so beautiful.” He came near me to kiss. When he was about to kiss me got up, he asked, “What happened?” I said, “I am going to keep this glass.”

I stood up. He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him. He started kissing me. I also started to kiss. Seeing my support, he pushed me on his bed and lay over me, and started kissing whole over my body.

I was getting mad and was pressing his head. Then after some time, he took off his shirt. It was for the first time I was seeing him shirtless. His body was perfect. Then he again started kissing me.

He made me sit and took off my shirt. Then he started pressing my boobs over my bra and then took off my bra. After taking off my bra, he started sucking and biting my boobs hard. he was lying over me. I was feeling his hard dick on my jeans. It was too big.

After a lot sucking and biting, he pulled me out of bed and made me kneel down. He asked me to take off his pants and suck his dick. At first, I denied it. Still, he was not in the condition to listen to my denial. He took his pants off and slapped me with his dick.

Seeing his dick, I was terrified. It was more than 8 inches and around 2 -3 inches thick. He pressed my mouth and pushed his dick inside my mouth, and started jerking it. As he started jerking it, I slowly got into I started to like its taste.

Then I started to lick his dick like a child licking his favorite lollipop. After nearly 15 – 20 minutes of sucking, he was about to cum. At that moment, he grabbed my head. Before he was about to cum he pushed his dick deep inside my mouth and gave all his load inside my mouth.

It tasted a bit sweet and salty. I was about to spit it when Ahmed said, “Drink it, Rucha, don’t let it go waste.” After he came in my mouth with my boyfriend’s experience, I thought now it was over. But Ahmed’s dick was still tight.

He lifted me up, pulled my jeans and panty, and started licking my pussy. I began to moan loudly. Then he took a piece of cloth and put it inside my mouth so that my voice doesn’t go out. After licking for a while, I was about to cum, and he stopped.

And that moment, when I was at the peak of my desires, I started begging him. He said, “No, I am done.” But looking at his dick, I knew that he wasn’t. I started pleading with him to fuck me. After a lot of pleading, he got on me and placed his dick on my pussy lips, and started rubbing it over.

Then, with a push, he filled my horny pussy with his big dick. But being too big, it didn’t go completely. Not even half was in. With few more pushes, his dick was inserted completely inside and started pounding me like a wild animal. The whole bed was jerking so badly that it felt that it would break at any moment.

He ruthlessly pounded me in different positions. Then after a long session of merciless fucking he was about to cum. I was completely into sex. I didn’t realize that he was about to cum. At the same moment, I was also about to cum.

I came for the first time, and immediately after a few more strokes, Ahmed came in me. My insides were feeling hot, and as he took his dick out, my pussy started dripping. He then lay beside me, and both of us slept kissed each other.

He got up and wore his clothes. I was completely tired and was unable to get up but somehow I got up wore my clothes. Both of us left for my home. During the return, I was completely silent. Then he dropped me home.

At night he called me and asked how it was. I told him it was my first time experiencing something like this. The next day too, I took half a day and went to his house and had sex. This erotic pleasure in paradise continued for nearly two weeks.

One day shockingly, there was someone else driving my car. I was shocked, I tried calling Ahmed, but he didn’t pick my call too. I was too sad. But I didn’t know that something more was left further ahead in between me and Ahmed.

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