Story Of An Afghan Who Seduces A Married Indian Lady

Story Of An Afghan Who Seduces A Married Indian Lady

Hello friends, I am Sulaiman, and I am an Afghan Muslim guy living in India for the past 5 years. I am 28 years old. I came to India for my Masters, and after completing my study, I moved to Delhi for work. Since then, I have toured different parts of India while living in Delhi.

Talking about myself, I am an average height guy with white-ish skin, reddish beard, and wavy hairs. My built is muscular with broad shoulders and a lean frame. Living in India has taught me functional Hindi, but I speak with an accent.

Coming to the story, I will narrate my experience of seducing and bedding a married Indian Hindu lady in the workplace. The names have been changed to protect privacy.

For some time, I was looking for a room close to my workplace and which could be affordable by a single person asI like to live on my own. Back then, I was sharing a room with other Afghan roommates. But they lived shabbily, and I felt suffocated there.

Even after continuous searching, I was unable to find a suitable room. So, I asked some of my colleagues and friends to help me. One of my colleagues asked me to approach Vaishali Gupta, one of the team leads in the office and heroine of the story. I will describe her later.

So, I asked her if she can help me. She told me that one of her acquittances was looking to rent out one BHK apartment and gave me his contact number. So, I called him and saw the apartment. It was perfect for me. To thank her, I offered to buy her tea during the break the next day.

During our conversations, I expressed my gratitude for her help, and we talked about the usual stuff. She told me that she is married and is the mother of a 4-year-old son.

About a month later, because one of Vaishali’s team member went on maternity leave. They needed someone to fill the position. Coincidentally, both our roles in respective teams were similar, so I was not surprised when my team leader agreed to trade me to Vaishali’s team.

After this, we started interacting daily, sometimes during team breaks, meetings, etc. I started noticing that Vaishali used to check me very discreetly. Like in a presentation meeting. A guy was giving a presentation, and the room was dark with every eye on the presentation screen.

By accident, I turned my head towards her, and suddenly she turned to screen. I noticed it a few more times. I decided to lightly flirt with her by complimenting her hair and dresses from time to time. It was just for fun, and sometimes she would respond with a smile, and her eyes would brighten.

Many times, we caught each other, staring at one another and would smile at each other. I could sense, she was playing the game. This continued for some time. One day all of our team had to stay late in the office due to urgent work.

When it was time to leave, Vaishali offered to drop off another girl and me from where we could find other means to reach our respective homes. After dropping off the girl at the nearest metro station, it was just her and me. Here is our conversation.

Me: My room is very close to the drop point.

She: What’s your point?

Me: Why don’t we have tea at my place? It will be refreshing.

She: It is already too late.

Me: It will take just 5 minutes to prepare and 5 more to drink, and then you can go your way.

She: It is tempting, but I don’t know.

Me: Oh come on, it’s just a matter of 10 minutes.

She: Ok.

After a short journey, we arrived at my room. I offered her seat and told her to make herself comfortable. She sat on the sofa by extending her legs to feel relaxed. And after washing my face and hands, I started preparing tea in the kitchen. After a few minutes, Vaishali arrived in the kitchen to offer help.

Despite my protests, she insisted. Since the kitchen was small, our hands and body parts were often colliding. At one point, I was just behind her, with my dick almost touching her ass. After preparation, we sat down to drink tea. I am not including the whole conversation, but only a part of it.

Me: Tell me whether you had arranged or love marriage?

She: It was love cum arranged. What about you? Do you have any girlfriend?

Me: No. I am really unlucky when it comes to girls.

She: Why? You are such a handsome guy. A lot of girls would love to have you.

Me: The girls I want are already married.

She gave me a mischievous smile, indicating she got my meaning. I held her hand and told her that I know palmistry (how to read lines on palm). I was telling her how gorgeous she was during her younger days. She was the focus of the attention of all boys in college.

I looked in her eyes, and we both leaned in for a kiss. We sealed our lips, and our tongues were mingling. The sensation was overwhelming, and we moved to the sofa, where I held her in my arms. We were kissing madly, and I moved my hands to her waist.

Thinking I was ready to do more, I unzipped and unlocked her pants. As soon as I inserted my hand in her panty to feel her pussy, she shrugged me off. She left immediately after saying that it’s too late, and she needs to get home quickly. I was baffled and thought I have lost all the chance to get laid with Vaishali.

I was preparing for some awkwardness in the office. The next day, I went to the office. She avoided all the eye contact and interaction with me, and she didn’t even stay after the office timings to complete the project. The second day was the same.

After two days, when the project was over, I texted her, saying that if you don’t mind, we can talk about that night. At first, she ignored the message. But later on, replied that she can talk only after work and we should be discreet. I asked where she would like to talk, she answered somewhere public.

So, after the office, we went to a coffee shop without being seen by any of our co-workers. During coffee, we started talking. She told me how her marriage has become sexless, and her husband just masturbates to porn. Feeling neglected, she was attracted to me because I was erotic to her.

I told her that I find her erotic too.

She: There’s something else.

Me: What?

She: I have never been with an Afghan or a Muslim.

Me: Congrats, now you can be with both of them through me.

She smiled and tried to hide her lust and excitement. I whispered in her ears, “I can’t wait to violate you, taste your juice, see my dick on your brown skin face, suck your nipples, and mark you as my slut.”

With lust overflowing in her eyes, she whispered back, “I want to taste your circumcised cock.” While going to my room in her car, I slipped my hand into her started feeling her pussy. She pleaded me to stop, but slip my middle finger in her pussy. It was wet as hell, warm, and tight.

I kept my finger in her pussy during the whole journey to my room. Upon entering my room, we started making out aggressively. After removing her shirt, she signaled me to wait for her boobs reveal. She slowly removed her bra.

I saw a magnificent pair of juicy boobs with dark brown areolas surrounded by light brown skin. I immediately attacked and started sucking them. Vaishali unzipped and unhooked my pants and started stroking my cock. She pushed my face away and went down to gobble my circumcised dick.

I asked her about the taste, and to amuse myself, I forced my cock in her mouth when she tried to speak. I heard, “Yummy, yummy.” Now was the time for penetration. I turned her face away from me and pressed her boobs on the table with both her hands behind her back.

I pulled down her pants and just put aside her panty. I could feel how wet she was. After inserting my cock in her, I pulled her hair and started thrusting. She was continuously moaning, “Aha, baby, aha, baby.” I was more turned on by her moans.

In the end, I cummed in her. In our first night of passion, we had completely forgotten about using protection. But later on, she took an anti-pregnancy pill.


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