Story of an after- party hangover – crazy and confusing

Story of an after- party hangover – crazy and confusing

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As Kalyani was getting down the stairs, her assets were jiggling, and she loved them. She reached the ground floor, grabbed her clothes, and wore them (except the bra and panties). Kalyani climbed the stairs and found Kamala on the corridor passed out due to alcohol.

Her saree was absent, and her petticoat was rolled up to her thighs and exposed those dusky hot thighs. Her blouse was unhooked but not entirely removed. She never wore a bra, and her tits were in the air. Kalyani came near her and touched her boobs.

Kamala’s skin tone with her sweat smell filled Kalyani with erotic sensation. She slowly massaged them and pulled her dark areolas. But Kamala was so drunk that she never felt those. After that, Kalyani entered Devi’s house. The music player was playing, and nobody cared to switch it off.

She saw the clothes scattered over the hall, including bras, panties, track pants, and t-shirts sarees. She saw Deepika lying on the sofa with just her petticoat raised and tied up to her breasts. She must have been dancing for some item song, thought Kalyani.

She went near her and untied the petticoat knot. She slowly pulled her petticoat down and exposed her big boobs. Her wheatish-toned boobs were round and big. They were chubby and felt soft. She kneaded her boobs with her left hand one after the other and felt their softness. She went near her boobs and kissed them both softly.

Then she searched for the other two. She entered the bedroom. To her surprise, Devi was lying on her bed with just her white panties, facing up, and no tops. She was sweating a lot, as the fan was off. Her boobs had pink nipples, just like Kalyani had.

She wanted to do the same pinch. So she went near her and pinched both her nipples. She felt as if she was living in heaven. Kalyani couldn’t find Ayesha anywhere and thought that she must have gone home. Kalyani then came out of Devi’s house and thanked God again for such a hot neighborhood.

She just wanted to tease them a little that night. She also planned on seducing them for sex in the future. Kalyani then grabbed Mahima and took her to Devi’s house. She made her sleep along with Devi in the same bed.

Kalyani then thought something kinky. She slowly removed Mahima’s bra and threw it on the floor. She took a glance at the pair of fine boobs in the same bed. She made her want to join them in a threesome. But she felt she does not want to cheat on her husband.

These women were not lesbians, and this party was just like any other girls’ party. She controlled herself and then went to the terrace to continue her pleasure. All the fuss made Kalyani forget her ultimate goal. She took the pillow and blanket and went to the terrace.

She removed every bit of her clothes and kept them under her pillow. She slept naked with just a single layer of blanket covering her nudity. She had a sound sleep that night, and she woke up in the morning. It must have been around 7 am. Her blanket was up to her waist, and her boobs are exposed.

She gasped and stood up and saw her boobs are exposed. She saw no one was around. She drew the blanket around and went near the tank room, and wore her clothes. She then heard a bhakti song and some smell of agarbattis. She looked over the edge of the terrace.

She saw Devi was wearing a silk saree she always used to wear and had a towel tied up her hair. She was holding the mini bells and ringing them and was blowing smoke in the corridor. She was chanting some shlokas. The whole air was full of agarbatti’s pleasant smell.

Kalyani came down the stairs to the second floor and searched where Kamala was lying half-naked and found no one. She saw Deepika also was out on her side of the corridor watering the plants. She was wearing a salwar kameez, and she looked fresh and clean.

They both were so fresh and clean, just like any other orthodox housewife. Kalyani couldn’t believe her eyes for a second. She thought she must have had some dream last night about the party. As Devi kept ringing the devotional bells and chanting shlokas, she turned towards Kalyani and gave a smile.

She said nothing cause she was in the middle of her morning prayer. With her head full of doubt, Kalyani was standing on the inside balcony in front of Devi’s house. Devi was finally done with her prayer. She came out and removed her towel knot from her head and was using it to dry her wet hair.

Deepika also saw them grouping and came towards them. With a dubious look, Kalyani turned to them both and asked, “How was the party yesterday?” Devi replied with a sudden giggle, “Yeah, it must’ve been fun. But I couldn’t remember a thing. It was all blacked out.”

Kalyani understood that she was suffering from a hangover. But Devi also replied the same that she can’t remember the events yesterday. Then Deepika asked Kalyani, “I remember you were there with us at the start. But I couldn’t remember when you left. What happened at the party, and where were you?”

As she asked, both of them were so anxious about her reply. Kalyani wanted to use this as her cue and said, “I left the party floor as soon the inauguration ended. I wasn’t here all night. All I heard was the party songs.” Devi gave a big sigh, and she relaxed.

Kalyani asked as if she doesn’t know anything. “What’s the matter? Did something interesting happened last night?” Devi replied with a little hesitation, “No… No…Just like any other party, you know?” Deepika was also blushing when Kalyani asked her the question.

But Kalyani knew that they are blushing because they must have found themselves topless in the morning. They must have concluded things must’ve been wild the previous night. Then Kalyani left them and was climbing upstairs to her house.

She went in and removed her saree, leaving her with just her petticoat and blouse. She jumped on the bed and called her husband. The phone rang, and her husband took it and said, “Honey, I’ll be back in the afternoon.” And he hung up.

Kalyani was yearning for her husband to come home. She threw the mobile on the bed. She then went inside the bathroom, washed her laundry, and hung them on the terrace’s clothesline. Then she took a bath, and with just her white towel wrapped around her, she sat on the sofa.

She took Mahima’s hairdryer and was drying her hair. Then she saw the laptop and realized that she almost forgot her mission. She opened the laptop, and she saw the video was paused. She then eagerly played the video. She saw herself lying on the floor and was sleeping.

When she forwarded the video, it stuck suddenly. Kalyani was so shocked then her video hung for a second. But the video didn’t play even after some minutes. Then some unspecified error was prompted on her screen. Kalyani was dumbstruck.

She was replugging the cam, again and again, to seek the point where the culprit shows his face. But she couldn’t see it up to the specified point. Kalyani was so furious and saddened at the same time. She just lost the only chance where she could find the person.

Out of frustration, she laid on the sofa with just her bare towel. Her mind was buzzing, and negative thoughts flooded her mind. She then slept on the sofa. She drifted back to her dream. In her dream in the same third-person perspective, she saw herself sitting on her sofa and watching TV.

She was switching the channels with the remote. She was wearing a black with white flower designed saree and black blouse, with her usual accessories. Her eyes were open and had no expressions. Then slowly, the black-dressed stranger came and stood behind her. And as usual, he was wearing black gloves.

He placed his hands over Kalyani’s shoulders. But she didn’t react to that touch and was still watching the TV. He started slowly massaging her shoulders. Then to her surprise, there approached another similar stranger with the same attire. He came in front and sat to her left and held her left hand, and massaged it.

A third stranger with similar attire appeared. He sat to her right and held her right hand, and massaged them. But Kalyani didn’t react to them. She was in a petrified state. Then another appeared and came in front of her and sat down on the floor in front of her.

All of them had no visible face. They were all masked. The 4th one slowly placed his hands on her knees and put a little pressure on them. The first one was no touching her bare neck slowly. The 4th one slowly moved his hands to her thighs over her saree and pressed them soft and slow.

The one from the left slowly placed his hands on her exposed hips in the side and caressed it. The one in the right slowly took her pallu and dropped it down. Now in her dream fantasy, she exposed her blouse and navel to the neighbors in her apartment.

The one in the back slowly took her mangalsutra’s pendant, which was hidden in her blouse cleavage. He left it hanging outside, and he slowly moved his hands to the lower neck and caressed her upper cleavage.

Both the side ones now grabbed either side of her navels and pressed them, pinching them and massaging them. The 4th one slowly raised her saree and petticoat and exposed her hot white legs. He slowly raised them up to her upper thighs and her panties were visible.

The one in the back grabbed both of her boobs over the blouse and squeezed them softly. Then he started unhooking her blouse slowly and from the top. There was no bra, so her perfectly shaped melons jumped out of her blouse. He grabbed them both and started massaging them in circles.

The ones on the sides have now taken each of the breasts and started massaging them and pinching them. Kalyani was still in her petrified state. Now the 4th one inserted his hands inside, grabbed the panties, and lowered it to her ankle. The one from the back bent her neck and was ready to kiss her mouth to mouth.

Now here came the shocker to Kalyani. The 4th one removed the mask. It was none other than the dusky beauty Ayesha. She turned and grinned at her and went between her legs and started sucking her pussy.

The ones on the sides removed their masks. They were none other than Deepika and Devi. The one from behind removed the masked and revealed it was Mahima. The three grinned at her and began sucking and kissing the boobs and lips.

Kalyani now started moaning louder along with kissing. She was on cloud nine. Suddenly a thunder hit louder. Kalyani woke up from her dream, and she actually heard the thunder.

To be continued.

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