Story of an amazing boob sucking session with my aunty

Story of an amazing boob sucking session with my aunty

Hi, I am Karan, 21 years, living in Bangalore. I am here to tell you about my boob sucking experience.

During my initial days on XIS, I enjoyed and was addicted to the stories. But after some days, I started feeling that these stories are just made up, and not all stories are true. The writers are just writing their fantasy over here. But when a sex adventure with a hot ex-neighbor happened to me, I felt not all stories are fake.

Coming to the story, I recently attended an entrance exam in Bangalore. The examination center was far from my house. My exam was during the afternoon session. So I finished it. While going back home by bike, I saw a lady who was about 100 meters from me. I thought that the lady was so familiar to me.

When I approached her, there you go, I finally found my dream aunty. Her name is Pratima, about 40 years old now. Actually, when I was in 10th standard, she was living in our area/locality. That is when I started being attracted to a woman, even started masturbating, thinking about her.

After some days, they shifted to another place which is far from the present one. I felt devastated when I heard about this. But the thing is, I couldn’t stop imagining her while masturbating (even now).

Coming back, I finally saw her while going back home after my exam. When I approached her, my heartbeat increased as to how to talk to her. But I finally made it.

Me: Hi aunty, how are you?

Pratima: Hi, you are Karan, right?

Me: Yes, aunty, thank God, you still remember me.

Pratima: Yeah, how are you?

Me: I’m good, aunty. How come you are here?

Pratima: We are living in the nearby area. I came here to buy groceries. How about you?

Me: I had an entrance exam in a nearby college.

Pratima: Why don’t you come home and have a cup of tea?

We reached her home on my bike. Her house is a 2BHK. When we reached home, it was almost 6 pm in the evening. I entered, and I saw her husband.

Pratima: Do you remember him?

Uncle: Yeah, he must be Karan, right?

Me: Yeah, uncle.

Uncle: Cool, you have grown up and look fit as well.

Pratima: Karan, please have a seat, and I’ll make tea.

Aunty came with tea and sat with us. Then we were just chit-chatting. During this time, I asked about their children. They have two daughters.

Pratima: As you know the situation now, they don’t have school. So we left them at my parents’ house.

Then I just looked at the time and was shocked. It was already 7.30pm. I told aunty that I want to leave as soon as possible or else my parents will become tense.

Pratima: Chill, you can stay here for tonight, and you can leave in the morning.

Me: No, aunty, I cannot stay. My parents will scold me.

Pratima: Shall I inform them?

Me: No, aunty, don’t. I will somehow manage.

Then I called my parents and informed them that I got late. I will stay at my friend’s house tonight and will start early in the morning. For that, they agreed. I informed this to Aunty.

After some time, I saw aunty was packing bags. I was surprised and asked aunty whether they both are going somewhere.

Pratima: No, not both. But uncle is going to bring back our daughters and stay for 2 days over there.

Me: Woah, okay, aunty, is he leaving early morning?

Pratima: No, he’s leaving now. He has a bus at 9pm.

Then around 8:30 pm, we all had dinner, and uncle was about to leave. I dropped him at the bus stop on my bike and returned home by 9:30 pm. I parked my bike and rang the doorbell. Aunty opened the door and told me to lock the door while coming.

Then we both sat on the sofa and aunty started watching TV. She was watching some serial, I guess. About 10:00 pm, she turned off the TV.

Pratima: Then, what’s up? How’s your life going?

Me: Nothing interesting, aunty. How about you?

Pratima: Mine is, as usual, a boring life. I didn’t get a break during lockdown also.

Me: Why, aunty?

Pratima: What else a housewife will do? Only cooking, washing, and so on.

Me: Why, aunty, didn’t you spend quality time with uncle?

I was indirectly asking about her sex.

Pratima: No, Karan, nothing. Okay, it’s already 10:30 pm. I have arranged a bed for you in the other room you can go and sleep.

Me: Thanks, aunty. At what time will you sleep?

Pratima: I usually sleep between 10:30 and 11:00. But today I’m not feeling sleepy, yet so I will watch TV for some time.

Me: Even I’m also not feeling sleepy yet, can I join you?

Pratima: Yeah, why not.

We were watching a movie, also were chit chatting in between. Meanwhile, I was kind of staring at her boobs from the side. She usually wears a saree all the time. Our conversation continued, and she directly asked me whether I have a girlfriend.

Me: No, aunty, not yet.

Pratima: Oh, why?

Me: I am usually attracted to mature women than girls.

Pratima: Why so?

Me: I don’t know.

Pratima: Okay, (in a lower voice) do you have any desires?

Me: What do you mean?

Pratima: Don’t feel bad, usually guys of your age will have desires for their enjoyment, so I asked you.

Me: (in shying) Huh yes, aunty?

Pratima: (with a smile) What is that?

Me: Nothing, aunty, leave it. I cannot say in front of you.

I didn’t tell her this. But she forced me many times and told me that she will not tell this to anyone. Finally, I told her about my desire.

Me: Aunty, I actually want to taste mature women’s breast milk.

She was fully shocked and didn’t talk for some time.

Me: Aunty, sorry, I shouldn’t have told you this.

Pratima: Are you a virgin?

Me: Yes, aunty.

Pratima: Why still? (with a laugh)

Me: Aunty, I am waiting for the chance. (without hesitation)Aunty, actually, as I said, I am more attracted to mature women rather than girls.

Pratima: okay, I hope you will get the chance as soon as possible.

After some time,

Pratima: What if you get a chance right now?

Me: I don’t understand.

Pratima: Come with me.

She switched off the TV, held my hand, and took me to her bedroom. She made me sit on the bed. She locked the door and stood in front of me. Then she removed her pallu.

Me: Aunty, what are you doing?

Pratima: The wait is over for you, and I’ll fulfill your desire today.

Me: Aunty, please don’t joke.

Pratima: Why should I joke about this?

She then removed her blouse. Meanwhile, her nipples got erect over her bra. She was wearing a light blue color bra. Then she turned around and told me to unhook the bra.

Me: Aunty, seriously?

Pratima: Do it if you want the milk.

I did as she said, and she turned towards me and removed her bra, Wow her boobs are just awesome. It’s neither big nor too small but perfect boobs to enjoy. She just held her right boob and signaled me with her eyes. Wow, that signal was ultimate.

I kissed her nipple and started licking it. Meanwhile, my right hand went to her left boob. But she resisted it and said, “Only milk and no pressing.” Then I continued licking both the nipples. I did this for 10 minutes.

She then stopped me and held my head and said, “My boobs don’t give you anything by only licking.” Then I slowly started biting her nipples and then started sucking them. I sucked it for some 5 minutes and said, “Aunty, I am not getting milk.”

Then she just laid on the bed and said, “Try this way.” I happily went on top of her and started sucking her boobs like a baby. During sucking, she was giving moans, and she was enjoying it. I was enjoying it more than her. Actually, she was closing her eyes and enjoying my sucking.

Then I went to kiss her neck and made it. She didn’t resist me. She was like, I went to kiss her lips. She resisted this and said, “Ahh, only milk.” I was a bit sad and continued sucking her nipples.

The truth is I didn’t get a single drop of her milk. But I enjoyed her boobs. After some time, I moved my hand to her pussy over her saree. But now, she stopped me and said, “You are crossing the limit.”

I said sorry, and that was the end of my sucking session. Aunty stopped and told me to sleep. I was about to go to another room. But aunty stopped me and told me, “You can sleep here only.” She wore only the blouse and slept. I slept next to her.

After 10 minutes,
Me: Aunty, why I didn’t get milk?

She turned towards me holding her head with the support of her hand, and was laughing.

Pratima: You will get milk only during a woman’s pregnancy and after delivering a baby.

Me: Ayyo, aunty, you could have let me know.

Pratima: Anyways, I enjoyed your baby like sucking.

Me: I too enjoyed it, aunty. I really liked your boobs, and thank you so much for this opportunity.

She just winked at me and slept.

I literally lost a chance of losing my virginity but had the best time with my sexy, hot aunty. But what happened the next day was really something else and a day to remember in my whole life. I will share this story in the next part.

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