Story of an amazing wedding night during the lockdown

Story of an amazing wedding night during the lockdown

Hello, guys, this is the first story here. I am sharing the story of my friend’s wedding night. If it gets some good responses and reviews, I will share mine as well. So let’s start.

I’m Shreya, a girl full of lust, and I got to satisfy this slut in me after marriage. So let me tell you about myself, my looks, god gifted me a good figure. As a virgin, I was fair white with 34 for boobs, 26 for waist, and 33 for my ass. And all this in a 20-year virgin girl.

So I am a lusty girl full of dirty thoughts, but I never got to be satisfied before marriage. When my parents got to know about my nature, they started searching for a boy for me. They got me married, as a typical Indian parent would do. The reason behind my early marriage is a story by itself. I will tell you later.

So my parents were in search of a boy for me, and their hunt ended with Harsh. He is a nice, cute, 21-year-old boy who knows how to impress a girl very well. But he was still a virgin.

We both use to chat with each other but never got to know about the naughty side. My marriage got shifted to our bad luck due to some reasons, and after that, this lockdown situation came. Initially, I didn’t want to get married. But after knowing Harsh, I was into it. Finally, our family decided to go for a ‘lockdown’ wedding.

On the next day of marriage, my hubby and I were sent to our family farmhouse. So we both could spend some time and have our 1st night, suhagraat. This was the moment I was waiting for – my 1st night. I thought it would be easy to do sex.

But the moment he entered the room, my heart started beating. I was nervous and was sitting there on the bed wearing a lehenga and pallu covering my face. On the other side, he was wearing his sherwani. He came towards me, sat next to me, and lifted my ghoonghat.

I was very nervous, so I closed my eyes. He said, “I am very nervous.” I replied, “Me too,” and there was silence in the room. To break the silence, he said, “You can change if you are uncomfortable.” I nodded and went to the changing room.

Now the slut in me got on my mind. I decided to wear a chain crop top of black color that only covered my boobies and left everything exposed. With this, a short pink pant that was just covering my upper thighs a bit. My hourglass shape was totally exposed, and I removed all my make and was in a ponytail.

In the meantime, Harsh also changed and was in sando and shorts. He was looking sexy in that. But the moment he saw me, he got shocked. His expression told me everything that I was successful in seducing him. Then I sat on the bed.

We both chatted for a while, during which he was continuously admiring my body with his eyes. We decided to sleep as we both don’t know how to make the 1st step. After half an hour of acting of sleep, I said, “Are you asleep?” He replied, “No.”

We both were now lying in bed facing each other. Then he held my hand and asked, “Are you ok?” I nodded, yes. Then we both started coming close to each other. We both closed our eyes, I leaned a bit towards him, and our lips met for the 1st time.

It was an amazing feeling, and we started to kiss each other by sucking each other lips. We both got lost in the moment and was enjoying the feel I hugged him. We were in a deep kiss, then he came upon me and started to kiss my face, neck, shoulder, and again kissing my lips.

Then he inserted his tongue inside my mouth, and we had a tongue fight deep lip-locking kiss. While kissing, he started to touch my boobs. This was the 1st time someone else was touching them, and I was enjoying it. Then he broke the kiss and pressed my boobs over my top. I was enjoying all this.

Then he took off my top. But being my 1st time, I held my boobs and covered them with my hands. He started pressing them from my hands, and then I gave him access. He began to lick my pink nipples, sucking my boobs and squeezing them and giving me love bites.

From all this, I was getting wet down there and enjoying his actions. He then moved a bit down to my navel and started to lick me there and insert the tongue in it. It made me hornier, leading to my 1st orgasm through his foreplay skills.

I then decided to give him some pleasure too. I came on top of him and started to kiss him passionately. I took off this Sando and started to kiss his chest, and while doing so, I touched his dick from above his shorts. From the 1st kiss till now, I was able to feel his boner touching my parts.

Hence, I took off his shorts, and my hubby was nude now. This was the 1st time I saw a dick in real. I held his dick in my hand and felt his hot and hard dick. I started to give him a handjob to which he was moaning. He said, “Keep doing it. It feels good.”

Then I gave him a naughty smile and kissed the tip of his dick. He sat, and we started kissing again while I was jerking his dick. He was playing with my boobs. Then he made his move towards my wet cunt and started rubbing it over my shorts.

He felt my wetness, then he came upon me, kissed me. He started to go down to my neck and then kissing and licking my boobies, my stomach, and navel. He finally took off my shorts and panty together, and I lay there nude in front of my hubby.

This was my 1st time when someone else saw me nude and was about to give me immense pleasure. Then he started to rub my pussy. I lost control and started to moan loudly, “Ahh, umm.” Then he kissed my pussy and started fingering me. I was enjoying, and my moans were proving that as well.

H: Are you enjoying it?

S: (with a loud moan) Yeah.

The level of my enjoyment was on top of my head. But then he did something I always imagined – mouth fucking. He started to lick my cunt, which was so pleasurable that it made my moans louder and faster. Then he inserted his tongue inside, which gave me a shiver inside my body.

I started to breathe heavily. His tongue was continuously fucking my pussy. His motion made me arc my back and scratching the bedsheet. The whole house was filled with my deep, loud moans of satisfaction. Then peek of my pleasure was hit.

I had a pleasurable orgasm through which I filled my hubby’s mouth full of my juice. I was in immense pleasure and wanted some rest. But my hubby went hungry for my pussy and didn’t stop after this heavy orgasm. He continued his licking. Now, this was on a different level.

Both my legs were on his shoulders, and his face was fixed between my thighs, into my pussy. I enjoyed it more and more. He was pushing his face inside my pussy, his tongue was going deeper and deeper. I was feeling the pleasure which every girl dreams for.

He was so good at this that I got my third orgasm in no time. And he took all my juice again in his mouth. He then came up, kissed me, and made me taste my own juice. Now the whole of my body was shivering due to how he satisfied me till now.

So he decided to wait for the real fun and started kissing me while lying beside. He was playing with my boobs while doing so. Then while kissing, I started to handjob his dick. He understood my moves and asked.

H: Are you ready?

S: I have been waiting for this day for a very long time. Please, baby, I want you. I love you.

And I kissed him. He fondled with my boobs for a while and then parted for a condom. I stopped him and said, “I am your wife. Why do we need condoms?” He threw away the condom and kissed me.

Then the moment has arrived. He fingered me a bit and fixed dick onto my pussy and asked me, “Ready?” and I nodded. And he pushed himself, but it didn’t work. He was not going in. He then again made a move. This time it went in a bit.

But that was so painful that I couldn’t control myself. I screamed very loudly. He instantly took it out and asked, “Are you ok?” I said, “Yeah, it’s a first-time pain you go ahead, don’t stop.”

He then again pushed it in. It went in a bit more with an increase in pain. But I locked him between my legs so that he can’t move out from there. Then he pushed it more, and finally, it went in full.

Tears started rolling out of my eyes, I was full of pain as my pussy was bleeding. Then to decrease my pain, he started kissing me. After a while, my pain decreased, and I asked him to move now. He started doing it slowly.

It was still painful, but now there was more pleasure. He started to gain the pace and was fucking me. Now I was enjoying it and forgetting my pain and pleasure took its place. Now we were enjoying it in missionary, and after a while, my hubby said he is about to leak.

He took out his dick, jerked it a bit, which was red in my blood. Then he sprayed his hot and thick load over my belly. I was now lying in bed, fully tired that I didn’t even realize when I slept. After a sleep of about 2 hours, I woke up and got my sense.

I turned on the lights to see the mess I created. But to my surprise, it was all clean. The bedsheet was changed as the earlier one was fully messed up with my juice and blood. I was lying in a blanket. Then I checked my belly area, which was also cleaned (as he cum there).

Then I also checked my pussy, which was also cleaned. Everything was done by my hubby, and I realized what I did to him. I left him unsatisfied without giving him the real fun he deserved. I threw away the blanket to see my hubby’s nude body. I saw that he was still hard.

I guess he was still fucking me in his dreams. I then decided the give him the pleasure as well. So I sat on him and tried to get his dick inside. After a bit of trying, I managed to get him inside. But I moaned very loud as it went in, and listening to this, he woke up. I kissed him to get him in his senses.

I said, “Sorry, baby, main tumhe bina satisfy kare hi so gayi thi. Kya tum taiyaar ho satisfy hone ke liye?” He just pulled and kissed me deeply. I started to move my ass over to begin. Now I was feeling comfortable and decided to take it to the next level, the real fun.

I began to jump over his dick and taking it deep inside. I was enjoying and moaning at the same time. My hands were lying on his chest, and I was jumping over him. My ass was creating a thumping sound, and my boobs were swinging crazily as I was jumping. He was enjoying the view.

He sometimes pressed my boobs and sometimes held my waist and helped me fucking and sometimes kissing. I was jumping faster and taking him deeper. Now we both reached out peak and was ready to burst out at any moment. We synced it and did it together.

This was the first time I felt a male cum inside my pussy. It felt terrific, and it was hot as well. I lay down on his chest. We both were kissing and waited till his dick regained his strength in my pussy. While kissing, I felt it going hard again inside there. I was enjoying that as well.

Then I stood and got on my fours. I started swinging my ass in front of him and seducing him. He also stood on his knees just behind me. He held my waist and started rubbing his dick over my ass and pussy. He slapped my ass and said, “You naughty girl.”

I was still swinging it.  He then inserted shaft into my cunt held my waist, and started to fuck me harder. I was enjoying his deep thrusts and moaning in satisfaction, “Fuck me, baby. It feels so good,” were some of his words.

While banging my ass, he also played with boobies, which were swinging with his thrusts. He also fucked me holding my hair. I was enjoying this all. After a while, some amazing fuck, I had another orgasm. But my hubby still has some charge.

So I lay down on the belly without disturbing him. I placed a pillow near my belly area so that my pussy still remains easy to be fucked. He didn’t stop and was fucking me in this snake position. His thrust was now slower, but deeper. I understood that he is about to get discharged.

He increased his speed for the final showdown and ended up leaking his hot load inside me. He took his dick out, now both of our juices were flowing out of pussy. And then he lay beside me and was playing with my nipples. We both slept after that cuddling with each other.


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