Story of an erotic date I had with my mentor in Bangalore

Story of an erotic date I had with my mentor in Bangalore

Hi guys, this is Shiva back again with another interesting and hot sex story with my mentor. I am 21 and 5.11ft tall with a slender athletic body, fair and genuine.

After a few months of my stay with Charika and Lekha, we had many great midnight adventures. But as the days progressed, they both started falling in love with each other. But that didn’t stop me from having a threesome on many occasions and many nights.

But things changed later. I got a job, and I had moved out. Charika and Lekha were in a relationship, and I left them to it. I moved to the inner part of Bangalore for my new job.

On the first day, every fresher was given an orientation, and their mentor was introduced. Unfortunately, my mentor didn’t show up on that day. But I got to know the name, Nisha. And at the same time, I also noticed many other colleagues were jealous of me for having Nisha as my mentor.

I didn’t understand it then. The next day, my mentor showed up to work. She sat nearby my cubicle. The jealousy of my colleagues was justified by her looks.

She was 5.7ft tall with wavy dark brown hair till her shoulders, and her physique was alluring. Her figure ranged from 34-25-34. Her smile with her scarlet soft sexy lips brought the cutest of dimples on her cheeks. She looked like Disha Patani in simple terms.

She was wearing a tight white shirt tucked into a formal pant. Her breast stood firm. I was lost in the world of a dream by the look of hers. (Who wouldn’t get hard for such a beauty like Disha?)

“So, you must Shiva?” she said, extending her arms, “I am Nisha, your mentor for the next 2 months.”

“Hi, yes, I am Shiva,” I said. I couldn’t resist complimenting her, “It’s not wise to say this on the second day itself, but the truth is told, you are gorgeous.”

She was so nice to me, she often placed her hand on mine while using the mouse. The touch from her soft hands felt like a volt of electricity passing through my veins. We even had to do some fieldwork together. She preferred a bike over a car in terms of work.

Lucky me, I had a bike. I picked her up, and purposefully I would stop near coffee shops. She was such a foodie, and so was I. That brought us more and more close. I would recommend her hotels and restaurants. We used to try different foods during work hours. And we went to dinner many times.

We became way too much closer. We weren’t just a fresher and mentor anymore. We behaved like best friends, sometimes more than that. One such day, I suggested a restaurant which was on the outskirts of the city. She hesitated due to the distance. But we were so lucky that the following Saturday was declared a holiday.

As it was dinner and considering the distance, I thought of renting a car, and I did. I picked her up by the evening near her house. She stayed all alone as her parents were in Delhi.

That evening she was wearing a sky blue sleeveless party wear, with a matching thick blue high heel shoes. Her walk and her smile gave me an instant thought of pecking her soft lips by making her sit on my lap. But I didn’t want to spoil the evening. She sat in the car and gave me a gentle hug.

“You look handsome,” she said with her soft voice like a nightingale.

“You look…adorable multiplied by gorgeousness and added by the beauty of the moon – squared,” I said. She gave a cute smile. I was trapped in her dimples that evening.

We drove to that restaurant and had all that we desired. After dinner, we were talking and sharing stories. I lied to her, saying that I have never been with a woman. And she told me that she was engaged and showed her ring. She told me that the engagement happened on my first day of the job.

She also told that was why she didn’t show up on the first day. That broke my heart. I decided to take a walk. The restaurant had a beautiful lake behind it. The view comforted my heart for a bit. Shortly she came searching for me, she stood near me. She slowly held my hand.

I was confused. I pulled my hand out from her grasp. She looked at me and pulled my collar and made me meet her soft desirable lips. I wanted her. So I didn’t restrict any further. I started kissing her, gently biting her lips and her tongue. Suddenly an old couple passed by. We were interrupted by them.

“Shall we go back to the car?” she asked. I didn’t say anything. Instead, I grabbed her hand and went to the car. We sat in the back seat. The car was quite spacious. We sat in, closed the door. I pulled her over me and made her sit on my lap.

I started kissing all over her face and her lips, ears, eyes, forehead. Finally, my mouth was locked with her mouth, our tongues were twisting and playing with each other. It was hard. My boner was giving me the uncomfortableness underneath my innerwear.

She sensed my hard-on, and her hands started squeezing my dick over the pants while kissing hard. Her other hand grabbed my hands and placed them on her breast. I started pressing and squeezing them. My hard-on was causing me pain. I unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out.

“I can’t bear the pain,” I said between kisses. She grabbed my dick and started stroking it gently. “You got a big one,” she smiled while kissing. Her smile made my dick harder. I grabbed her closer to my body, and her breast was rubbing against mine. We were kissing in the face of the position

We kissed for a few more minutes, and meanwhile, my hands crawled up under her skirt and pulled her panties down slowly. Once her panties were below her thighs, she stood up for a second, and I removed her panty completely. I kissed her neck, her shoulders, her arms, and her fingers.

Then she grabbed my dick and tried to insert it in her pussy. Once my dick was inside her pussy, she slowly started to hump on me, riding my dick. My hands were groping her ass. Her boobs while she was slowly riding my dick. I kissed her once again on her lips. I bit and pulled her lower lips.

She started gasping and started letting out silent moans. Her warm breath hit my face. It made my dick harder than ever. I felt my ball sack was getting wet by her pussy juice.

I started unbuttoning her top and pulled her top down till her waist. She was wearing a white bra, compressing her pair of soft sexy boobs forming the sexiest cleavage ever. I unhooked her bra and started kissing her neck. My right hand went for her boobs and started squeezing them.

Meanwhile, I was sucking her right boobs, kissing, and gently biting her perky brown nipples. And my left hand went for her pussy. I was rubbing and pinching her pussy lips while my dick was fucking her pussy. A few minutes later, I felt like cumming. She got from my lap and bent down to meet my dick.

I was lying on the seat as she kneeled. She took my dick in her mouth. She was sucking my dick while her hands were massaging my ball sack and stroking my dick. I came in her mouth, she absorbed all my cum in her mouth and drank it in a gulp.

She leaned forward and gave me a peck on my forehead, cheeks, and started kissing. Her tongue was in my mouth, sucking my tongue. She sat on my lap and kissed and talked for some time. Justifying that this sex was not wrong and expressing her how the sex was.

Then we got dressed. But she didn’t wear her panty, and I didn’t wear my innerwear. We drove back and dropped Nisha in her home. It was around 12 in the night when we got back.

She asked me to stay at her house for the night. I didn’t hesitate. It was an opportunity for me, I accepted her offer. And the night went deliciously.

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