Story of an investigation by a lesbian housewife

Story of an investigation by a lesbian housewife

Previous Part: A Lesbian Housewife’s Investigation – Part 1

If anyone had missed part 1 about the lesbian housewife, just read it before you read this part.

As Kalyani was lying on her bed, her confused mind slowly drifted her to dream. In the dream that happens on her terrace, a guy whose face was a little blurred was wearing a black hoody.

He was sitting near a sleeping woman, and the woman is her own self, but in a third-person view. The man was wearing a leather glove in his hands and slowly removing the sleeping Kalyani’s pallu.

After completely removing her pallu, he caressed her lower neck. He took her mangalsutra and threw its pendant to the side. Her breast cleavage and her navel show were making him hot, but still, Kalyani didn’t move. Kalyani tried to wake herself up, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t even open her mouth to shout.

The fingers of the gloved hand started touching her upper breast cleavage and played over them. And now, the hands grabbed the top button of her blouse and unbuttoned it. Followed by the second, and it seems she hadn’t worn any bra. By this time, her boobs were almost out of the blouse.

Kalyani’s heart was racing to her throat. All she can do is shout in mute. Then after a pause, the hands unbuttoned the third one slowly. Suddenly Kalyani woke up with a gasp. She was sweating heavily due to the absence of a fan. She was panting a little, and she was relieved it was just a bad dream.

But she didn’t finish her investigation yet. She checked the clock. It was 4 pm. She decided to ask Kasturi if any maintenance services were going on the terrace early in the morning. She refreshed herself and went downstairs and knocked on her door.

Kasturi opened the door with a yawn (must have been sleeping). She greeted Kalyani into her house, and Kalyani sat on the sofa. After a chit-chat about her apartment, Kalyani asked her the question. Kasturi paused for a second to think and replied that there was no such maintenance done early morning.

‌Kalyani left her apartment with a head full of frustrated thoughts. Just then, Kasturi’s granddaughter Mahima (18) entered the apartment. Kalyani took a sudden look at her. Mahima was 5,5. Her structure was a little hotter than even Kalyani with a stat of (32-26-32).

Her skin is so fair, and her body had curves and bulges in the right spots. Her face was a little chubby, which made her the cutest and hottest babe. Kasturi introduced Mahima to Kalyani. Mahima greeted with a smile, and Kalyani was stunned by her beauty and structure.

She paused a second and introduced herself. Kalyani shook her hand. She felt the softness and comfort. After a little chat, Kalyani left the apartment. On her way to the third floor, Kalyani recalled her college years’ memories where she experienced her lesbian love.

As she was climbing the stairs filled with memories, a call of her name brought her back to reality. She turned around to see Pooja (daughter of Deepika). A petite whitish girl an inch or two shorter than Kalyani walking towards her with a smile.

She called her Kalyani sis. Kalyani greeted her with ‘Hi!’ and Pooja introduced herself shaking her hands. Pooja told Kalyani that she was having difficulty in mathematics. Someone has to teach her math, even if it is for a considerable fee.

Kalyani recalled she already told Deepika (Pooja’s mother) that she has a master’s degree in mathematics. Kalyani accepted her proposal and added she will do it for free. Pooja joyfully thanked her and hugged her, saying, “Thank you, sis, I love you so much.”

Kalyani found Pooja is an attractive girl. With a smile, Kalyani went to her apartment. She could see the time was almost 6 pm. She realized Ravi will be home around 7 pm, so she was about to get his dinner ready.

Around 7:30 pm, Ravi entered the house a little tired. Kalyani hugged him to show her love. Ravi refreshed himself and was ready to have his supper. Kalyani served him. In the meantime, Ravi asked her how good the neighborhood is? And whether she likes them or not.

Kalyani replied positively and told him the whole day events (except the early morning incident). After having supper, Ravi realized that he forgot to buy the tools to install the ceiling fan and apologized for that. Kalyani said, “We’ll do it tomorrow, then don’t worry.”

She added that it is much comfortable on the terrace. Kalyani had a plan to catch the culprit by setting a trap. She took her own pen cam, which she used during her college days (what she did will be revealed in the following parts). They both took their pillows, mat, and blanket and then locked the house.

Kalyani planned on setting up the camera only after her hubby left in the morning. Both slept over the night. Ravi had a sound sleep. As he usually grabs Kalyani’s breasts over her blouse and sometimes her ass during the middle of the night. Kalyani enjoys it a lot.

Kalyani felt disturbed as the person in the black hoody was again trying to molest her in her dream. This time, she completely exposed her breasts and was caressing her breasts and nipples.

It was 5 am and Kalyani, without waking her husband, took her pen cam and set it on the right position about 6ft from her inside a flower pot facing her. She switched it on and went back to sleep.

Around 5:30 am, Ravi got up and checked the watch to see. He still had 30 minutes for his usual timing. Ravi saw his wife beautiful wife lying beside him. He saw her uncovered blanket and saw her hot navel. (She was wearing a pink saree with a maroon blouse) and some cleavage.

Kalyani could feel what he was doing. But still, she was lying without opening her eyes. Ravi touched her exposed hips. Kalyani felt his chill hands. As he softly pinched her hips, Kalyani shook let out a little gasp.

Ravi went near her and whispered, “Oh, darling, you are the most beautiful creation of God.” She smiled, keeping her eyes closed, and turned herself facing the sky. Ravi removed her pallu to reveal her cleavage. Kalyani could see where things are going.

With her lazy voice, she told him, “Stop it, honey, we’ll do it in the evening inside the room, not in the open terrace.” Ravi said, “It’s ok, baby. I will not do it completely.” Kalyani, with a little hesitation, let go of his hands. Ravi started massaging her breasts with his two hands, one for each over her blouse.

He also kissed her navel and licked the belly button. Kalyani was moaning a little and was already wet underneath. After some minutes, Ravi took Kalyani’s hand and put them inside his track pant. As Kalyani understood his needs, the teasing housewife inserted the hand inside his briefs.

She held that already hard cock, and stroked them slowly. Now Ravi is enjoying her acts. Kalyani slowly went down near Ravi’s crotch. She tried giving him a blowjob. But Ravi stopped her from doing it. He brought her back to the top and gave one last deep lip kiss.

He told her, “Let’s do the rest in the evening, angel.” He left her to start his daily routine.

Kalyani laid facing the sky. She covered herself with the pallu and was getting ready to set a trap for the culprit. She closed her eyes to go to sleep. In the meantime, she realized the cam has already recorded her sexual play with her husband. She felt kinky and giggled a little.

She unconsciously slept so deep as the night was so disturbing. She woke up after 8:30 am and cursed herself for sleeping so soundly. She was so shocked to see her blouse is now completely unbuttoned. Her white bra was out of their place (above her breasts) and exposed her pinky nipples and some under boobs.

Kalyani was so shocked and covered her boobs immediately and buttoned the blouse. She looked around, and her face was blushing red. She then walked over to the place where she placed her pen cam. She took it in her hand and felt a little wet.

Unfortunately, someone must have watered the plant and without noticing the camera in it. Kalyani felt ‘dumbstruck’ and was cursing so badly. She didn’t lose confidence yet. She found the plant is wet because someone just before 20 minutes must have watered it.

She was confident there is a chance that the culprit must have come before the cam got soaked and left his footprint. She went back to her house and called her friend Preeti. She told Preeti that her pen cam accidentally got soaked, and she needs to retrieve the data in it.

Preeti replied that it was simple. All she needs to do is to dry it completely before plugging it into the computer. She also suggested that she use the hairdryer. She should never switch on the pen cam before it was completely dried out.

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