Story of an unusual welcome at the sorority party

Story of an unusual welcome at the sorority party

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Kalyani opened the USB and found one long video among some other videos. She opened the video dated the same day she played it. The video ran, and she saw the video has recorded her sexual foreplay with her husband. She slowed them down and saw it in slow motion.

She always found it so kinky and horny whenever she saw her sexual play in a third-person view. It aroused her every time. She slowly put her hands in between her legs and slowly pressed it and felt horny.

Suddenly she heard Pooja’s voice. She closed the laptop and looked at her standing near the doorway. Pooja stood there and told her that she had finished the exercise Kalyani gave. Kalyani was relieved that Pooja didn’t see what was happening a few seconds ago.

Kalyani said, “It’s alright, today’s tuition is over. You can go to have your supper and sleep.” Pooja thanked her and said that she was going to her friend’s house for a combined study and sleepover. Also, her mom Deepika told her to bring Kalyani to kick start the party.

Kalyani gave a sigh and said she was in the middle of something and will be back in a minute. But Pooja insisted her so much to come down. Kalyani saw her closed laptop and said to herself, “A few more minutes, baby.”

Then Kalyani came along with Pooja to Devi’s house. Pooja stood before the entrance and said, “My mom told me to make a blind eye during these parties. So I’m going to my friend’s house.” She went to the main gate, and a girl wearing purdah on a scooter picked her up, and they went away.

As soon as Kalyani entered Devi’s flat, the power went out. Kalyani sighed and thought that the signs are bad. And it was pitch black. Kalyani called Devi and Deepika in the dark. No reply came. She thought maybe they were all playing with her. Suddenly someone spanked Kalyani’s ass.

She jerked a bit, and she saw the power came as soon she was spanked. Kalyani turned around and saw it was Deepika. She laughed at Kalyani and said, “Welcome to the sorority.” Then all other ladies came out applauding.

There was Mahima, Devi, Kamala, Deepika, and Ayesha. Kalyani smiled and asked Deepika, “Is this the way you welcome a new member?” Deepika said, “Not usually. But it was Devi’s idea, and she said you liked spanking.”

Kalyani, with an evil grin, looked at Devi’s face. She was also laughing out. Kalyani saw how these women are liberal when no cultural chains were restraining them, and she felt happy.

Then each of them opened the beer except Kalyani. She had to be sober if Ravi showed up in the middle of the night. The whole house was decorated with some led lights, like a party house. All women started drinking the beer.

Deepika told them, “Let’s dance to some music.” They turned on some cinema songs, and it was an item song. Mahima stood up and started dancing. She was a little high, and she was dancing to the beat, and she looked hotter.

Devi went inside her bedroom. She changed her saree to an above the knee length silky chemise and looked like a honeymoon bride. Her hair was untied loose, and her milky thighs were exposed. It made Kalyani transfixed to her thighs. Devi was also a little drunk and joined Mahima to dance.

Devi danced as real as an item dancer, and Kalyani couldn’t believe her eyes. Such a homely lady has turned into a sexy item dancer. Mahima was dancing as the male lead, and Devi was dancing as the item girl. Kalyani couldn’t believe her eyes and was enjoying every bit of the scene.

Kalyani even forgot that she has to find the culprit. Now Deepika, Kamala, and Ayesha started dancing. Thank God, the nearest house is 150 meters apart. Otherwise, someone would have filed a noise complaint.

Devi was even twerking her ass to the song. Kamala removed her saree now and was just in her blouse and petticoat. Kalyani could see her cleavage, her jumping breasts. All women are high now. Deepika removed the saree and also the upper two hooks of her blouse.

Ayesha wore a full-hand long white shirt and track pants to the party. Now she was left with only her shirt with only three buttons holding it. Revealing her bra, cleavage, and panties that are almost invisibly hiding behind the ends of the shirt. She looked as if she was bottomless. Their jumping movement made their boobs jiggle all the way.

Now Kalyani was the only one sitting still on the sofa. Deepika’s eyes turned towards Kalyani, and now slowly, everyone turned towards Kalyani. Kalyani knew what was about to happen. She chuckled and jumped and tried to leave the house. Deepika grabbed her pallu and pulled it away.

This made Kalyani spin and fall outside the door in the enclosed inside the corridor of the floor. She felt like a heroine trying to outrun a group of villains who were about to grope her. She was left with just her blouse and petticoat.

She was laughing and told Deepika, “Are you happy now?” With a devilish grin, Deepika said, “You are a new member of the sorority now. So you are supposed to contribute more than this.” Kalyani understood her intention and started running around the corridor.

Deepika said, “Let’s get those clothes, girls.” and they started chasing her. Kalyani loved this scene, and she missed such fun for so long. All the ladies were somehow half-naked and were chasing Kalyani. Kalyani was laughing and outrunning them.

But her body wanted them to catch her and remove her clothes. Finally, the dusky bottomless beauty Ayesha launched herself to catch hold of Kalyani. She grabbed her petticoat and lowered it a bit. Now Kalyani’s panties and some upper thighs are visible.

She was laughing and panting heavily and fell down. She tried to release her skirt from Ayesha’s grip. But Mahima came around and caught her hands. Ayesha held her legs tight and waited for Deepika to come. All of them were panting and laughing.

Deepika started removing her petticoat and lowered it to her ankle, and removed it completely. Devi, on the other side, unhooked her blouse and removed it off her body. Kalyani was enjoying every bit, which is happening.

She doesn’t have to be afraid of exposing to outsiders cause everything is happening inside the inner corridor. Kalyani was left with her white bra and blue panties. All of them paused to take a little breath. Deepika was grinning again

She told Kalyani, “Since you cost us some energy, we are sentencing you whole night in terrace without a single thread of cloth in you.” Kalyani was shocked to hear such punishment. She has always dreamed of getting such a bold punishment.

Kalyani acted as if she hated it. But Devi grabbed her panties and pulled them in one swipe. Mahima removed her bra and released her perfectly shaped boobs with pinkish nipples. The ladies admired her hot and slim body with perfectly shaped boobs and shaved pussy.

Mahima threw down all her dresses from the corridor to the empty ground floor area enclosed in the building. Kalyani’s hands were still held by Kamala. Devi grabbed her left boob and felt its softness and said, “Ravi is one lucky man.”

All of them carried Kalyani to the roof. Kalyani tried to escape their grip as if to show her disapproval. But her mind wanted it more than anything. They left her on the open terrace and locked the door, and left her alone. She tried calling them but in vain. She then turned around to take a look at the moon and stars.

She had no fear of getting caught naked by a passerby. The nearest building is 150 meters away, and that too a two-story building. So Kalyani was enjoying her fantasy. As it was a hot season, she never cared for a blanket. She thanked God for such a wonderful opportunity to be naked on the terrace at night.

She can only hide in the water tank room, and that too had no doors and an open window with nothing to close. There were two water tanks. One was a PVC, and another was a rectangular cement tank. She always had a fantasy about swimming naked in the cement tank since she arrived at the apartment.

The only things she wore were a mangalsutra, a pair of anklets and jhumkis, and two bangles. And every time she walked, her anklets were jingling. She went near the tank and grabbed the ladder, and she felt the heat dissipating from the metal.

She leaned on it, placed her breasts over them, and felt the warmth. She was almost ready to fuck the metal ladder. She was kneading her nipples against the warm metal ladder, satisfying her sexual urges. She even moaned a few times

Then she started climbing the ladder. Slowly she looked around to see if anyone was near her building. She made sure no one was around. She climbed the tank and sat on its edges. It was an open tank. She softly touched the water with her fingers and felt it was so warm.

She slowly got into the water and felt a heavenly pleasure. She was skinny dipping after a very long time. Though it was a very small space, she swam to and fro and started dabbling the water and enjoyed every second of her pleasure.

She then moved to one corner and rested for a while with her arms resting on the corners. She was also enjoying the clear sky and stars. She slowly grabbed those titties and gave them a slow massage. She was having the time of her life. She could still hear the songs playing downstairs from the party.

It was a seductive night song playing on a stereo. She was wondering what those five angels could have been doing right now. She closed her eyes, massaging her breasts in circles and sometimes pinching and pulling her nipples softly. She gave out soft moans and fantasized about a lesbian orgy going on down at Devi’s house.

It was around 9:30 pm, and she felt a little hungry. She then went to the terrace door (it was a sliding grill gate), shook it, and called the ladies louder. With just shorts and a black bra with a fuzzy head, Mahima came up to the door after some time.

She asked Kalyani, “Hey, what are you doing here? Naked, aren’t you suppose to be sleeping.” As her words revealed that she was so high and even forgot that she and the girls put her there.

Kalyani thought of using the situation. She told her that she accidentally locked herself up and asked her for the key, which was usually hung on the wall opposite to the gate but inside.

Mahima, with shaky hands, grabbed the key on her fourth try. She could not insert the key. She dropped it near the key and fell down due to dizziness. Kalyani reached for the key, grabbed it, and unlocked herself. She opened the door and threw the passed out Mahima’s arms on her shoulders.

She dragged her downstairs. She cannot drag her all the way to Devi’s house, so she took her to her own house and dropped her on the sofa. Kalyani was still naked while she did it. She paused a moment to look at the sleeping beauty.

Her shorts were a little above her thighs. Her hot thighs and soft legs made Kalyani so horny. Mahima was just in her bra and on the top. Her cleavage would make anyone kill to fuck her. Then Kalyani left her to go downstairs to take her clothes

To be continued.

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