Story of being seduced by my neighbor

Story of being seduced by my neighbor

Hi, there, readers! Today I’m going to share a story with you guys about how I was seduced by my neighbor and enjoyed fucking her in our flat. I ended up in an affair with my hot neighbor.

Let me introduce myself first. I am called Rakesh. We moved to the up-market newly made flats recently. I’m a guy working in the IT industry and am from Hyderabad. I have lived all my life in Hyderabad so far. I’m married and have children studying in middle school.

My neighbor Prashanti is a beautiful married woman. Fair in complexion. Whenever we both ran into each other in the lift or corridors, she used to stare at me as if I’m her crush, and she wants to suck everything out of me. Her look used to be so piercing that I felt some strange senses in my penis and testicles.

She has beautiful and round breasts used to move in a nice rhythm from left to right when she walked. I got to know from my wife that Prashanti was married and is a mother of two children. She comes from a district near Hyderabad and is from a financially sound background.

When we both ran into each other, she used to look deep into my eyes and my body as if I’m a cake that she bought. She has a very sexy midriff, and her hips were really curvy. All in all, she looked like a sex goddess to me who God sent to me for a deep and penetrating fuck for many nights.

I normally shave off my mush as I believe it doesn’t allow me to kiss the woman when making love. I use the best shave kit, so my lips and cheeks become very smooth. My wife likes it that way, so I guess other women like it that way too.

There are perhaps some women who like a lot of hair and rough sex. But most women like it smooth, slow, and steady.

I like fucking married women because they wouldn’t have any hesitations or emotional reservations. They are already experienced and can generally be ready to repeat the act for their physical satisfaction.

One day I was returning from Mumbai. I asked my wife if she would be at home by the time I reach home. As her mom was not well, she made her travel reservations to go and see her mom. She informed me that she’s leaving the keys at Prashanti’s home and asked me to collect them.

I came home at 10 pm and found her waiting like a sexy princess on our floor. As soon as she saw me, her eyes lit up, and she walked up to me with a big smile. She was shy, too, with happiness. Her husband and children were not at home. I took the keys from her and asked her to step in.

I made sure she sat in the first room and came inside for a quick fresh-up in the washroom. I walked out to the room where she was sitting and sat on the sofa. Initially, I looked at her for a few seconds and noticed that she was staring at me in excitement.

Just the two of us were there, and our families were not at home. I felt a strange sense of excitement down my spine too. She was staring at my fresh body from top to bottom (although I was in clothes after bathing). I started looking at her from top to bottom. I was getting a hard-on in my innerwear.

There was silence for a few minutes. We both were trying to change seating positions on the sofa to become comfortable. I tried getting closer to her as I moved on the sofa, and she was trying to do the same as well. After we juggled on the sofa a few times, we finally sat closer to each other.

When I turned towards her, I saw her being very close to me. In fact, our thighs were touching, and our arms were rubbing against each other. I grabbed her left arm into my right and squeezed her fingers with mine. She was smiling and feeling very shy in the nightgown.

Her nipples became erect under the beautiful nightgown. It looked like she wasn’t wearing a bra. I slowly touched her hard breasts with my elbow and pushed her breast towards the other breast. She noticed my hardened penis, too, and leaned on it with her elbow.

She slowly rubbed her elbow all over my penis for 15 minutes. We both got up from the sofa and started slowly kissing on our lips. Her lips were soft, her tongue was probing all corners of my mouth, and her lips sucking every bit of mine. My lips were harder and sucking more than she could.

I started bending towards her breasts and cupped, squeezed, and sucked the breasts. I took her to my bedroom and removed her nightgown. She was appearing like the goddess of sex and lovemaking for my eyes. I kneeled next to the bed and started licking her vagina hard and deep.

Her body was shivering in excitement. I didn’t stop sucking her vagina for the next 20 minutes. My act of licking completely shook her up. She liked it so much that she pulled me up to her face and licked my lips to taste her own pussy.

I then pulled open my penis from the under pant and then inserted it into her vagina. My 6-inch tool was so hard that she moaned in excitement for the next half hour. My semen and her juice from the pussy got completely mixed like the chicken and the starch in a Chinese soup.

My penis was rubbing across her vaginal walls on all sides as she cried softly in excitement for 15 minutes during the fuck.

Later we both lay on the bed naked for about 10 minutes without touching each other. We then drew closer to each other and touched our bodies everywhere passionately. I truly love this woman for her passion. Even now, if we both get a chance, we plan a date in a nearby 5-star hotel.

The most exciting in the whole of our fuck session was my foreplay and pussy licking.

If you like my story about my sexy neighbor lady, please write your feedback to me on [email protected]. I strictly advise people below 18 years not to reach me as this is not permissible per Indian laws.

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