Story of cheating on girlfriend with her friend

Story of cheating on girlfriend with her friend

Hey guys! This is Aryan Kapur from South Kolkata. Friends can call me Abhi too. I hope the lockdown hasn’t been too hard for you all. Hoping everything recovers soon and our sex lives resume with more vigor and fervor.

So I am 30 now, and can be called a later bloomer. I’m 5’6″, good looking and blessed with a 6.5″ dick, which is enough to please any girl, woman, milf, etc. All my stories are real-life events. I want to share my experience anonymously about cheating on girlfriend.

So Mary and I had been fucking like rabbits. Whenever we were home alone, we fucked everywhere, bathroom, dining table, kitchen slab, balcony(late night). She was down to fuck anytime, anywhere.

I had also joined a gym and now, combined with the fucking I was looking sexy to any woman. All my chubbiness was gone.

I became friends with her roommates too. Eli, I told you about in my previous story and Jenny, a Thai milf. Jenny looked like the Latina pornstar Bianka, with her caramel skin and big enough titties and ass.

Eli and Mary did not work in the same place. Eli, in fact, worked close to my office. We had been exchanging glances, and I had noticed her giving me mischievous smiles. We exchanged numbers once when Mary wasn’t around. We started texting casually with memes and stuff.

One night I entered their house as I had an extra key and walked into the washroom to pee. I had been driving for a while, and my dick had become big, trying to hold the pee. Mary was on her way home.

I started peeing, and suddenly Eli moved the shower curtain to check who it was and was shocked to see me. She looked at me and then at my cock, smiled, and was about to say something. But then we heard someone in the staircase. She gave me a peek of her boobs before I went out of the bathroom.

That night when Eli was sleeping on the bed, Mary and I fucked very hard. Mary was now comfortable with fucking me while Eli was present in the room. So she didn’t stop herself moaning. I fucked her harder since I wanted Eli to hear her moaning and know it was because of her.

Eli texted me the next day while I was at work.

Eli- So what happened last night? You ran extra kilometers in Mary’s pussy I heard.

Me- That’s what happens when you leave something incomplete. Your friend gets punished.

Eli- I don’t think she was being punished. I think she was losing her mind.

Me- That’s still because of you.

Eli- I wish when David (her bf in merchant navy) returns and punishes me like that.

Me- Then you’ll have to do with hearing Mary being punished every night.

Eli- What to do? Not like you want to punish me.

Me- Who said I don’t want to?

Eli- Who’s stopping you?

Me- I’ll pick you up after work.

Eli sent me the lipstick kiss emoji. I texted Mary that I will be going home after work as I have some projects to complete. Eli made some excuses. Eli asked me to park my car in the parallel lane as her friends also knew Mary.

Small things like the thrill of trying not to get caught turn me on. I saw Eli coming towards my car. She was wearing a tight top and knee-length skirt. I immediately thought of her tits from last night and got a hard-on.

I opened the door for her, and her hand brushed my hard-on while entering the car. She gasped! I got in the car, and we started driving. I had booked a room at Novotel that night. She started talking

Eli- It seems you’ve got your ready, all ready to spank me with.

Me- It’s been ready since last night.

Eli- Punish me hard then.

Saying that she put her hand on my hard-on. She slowly unzipped my trouser and whipped it out.

Eli- OMG! He (my penis) is even bigger in my hand than I thought after seeing him last night.

Me- Give him a kiss then. He has been thinking about you for a long time now.

Eli bent and gave it a kiss, then sucked the top. My eyes almost closed due to pleasure. I told her to wait till we get into emptier roads. When we reached Rajarhat, I grabbed her tits with my left hand, and she started blowing me.

People saw what was happening in my car once or twice when we got stuck at a red light. We just didn’t care. We reached Novotel and checked in. She kept grabbing my crotch in the lift and was now getting out of control.

As soon as we locked the room, she pushed me against the wall and started kissing me, and her tongue was exploring each inch of my mouth. She ripped my shirt buttons and opened my trousers and started blowing me. I was now raging hard.

Eli- Fuck! I’ve wanted this dick since before I saw you also. The first night you fucked Mary, her moaning had made me so horny, and I wanted you inside. Finally, you’ll fuck me.

She blew me for a good 15 minutes like that at the doorstep. I picked her up in arms and threw her on a big soft hotel bed. She was already naked and took off whatever was left on me. I pulled her to the edge of the bed and kneeled.

Her pussy smelled very inviting. It was as if her pussy had been made for me to stick my tongue in right then. I started licking it.

Eli- O! Fuck! Fuck I’ve never felt like this before!

Me- David doesn’t lick your pussy?

Eli- That motherfucker doesn’t do anything. I’ve been jealous of Mary ever since the first night you fucked her in our room.

Me- David may not like seeing us like this.

Eli- That bastard’s dick isn’t half of yours. I’ll marry him only for his money.

Me- And for sex?

Eli- I’ll be yours anytime, anywhere.

I smirked, “Are you sure?”

Eli- I would make David watch us fuck right to teach him how I need to be treated!

Me- Yeah? And how should I treat you?

Eli- Like your personal slut!

This was getting too much. I had eaten her out for 20 minutes now. She was dripping hard to leave wet spots on the blanket. I picked her up and made her sit on the writing-table. She was facing me and breathing hard.

She was looking into my eyes till I started pressing her tits. She closed her eyes then and started moaning. I set my dick on her pussy entrance and started rubbing it.

Eli- Do it, put it in!

Me- Put what in?

Eli- Put your dick in.

Me- Put it in where?

Eli- My pussy!

Me- Who does it belong to?

Eli- You! My pussy belongs to you

She was staring into my eyes as I thrust it in her wet pussy. It felt like an oven, and honestly, it felt amazing. It was tighter than Mary’s since she hadn’t been fucked in months. She hugged me tight started moaning. I took my dick out and thrust it in again. She couldn’t control herself.

Eli- Fuck, I’ve wanted to feel this good for so long! Now please take me to heaven that Mary visits 3 times a night!

I started fucking her and pressing her soft, delicious tits. She was getting wetter and hotter. She bit my chest and shoulders to try to control her moaning but finally started moan loudly

Eli- Goddammit bastard! What are you making me feel! I haven’t felt such a dick ever. I feel like a virgin again.

After fucking her for 15 minutes, I picked her up and started fucking her against the glass window. The cold AC and glass made her feel the chill. And she scratched my back and shoulders. I let her down and turned her around after 20 minutes of fucking her like that.

She held the glass pane and spread her legs. I penetrated her from behind and started fucking her. We could see our reflection on the glass and the night-time cityscape. There was something about having absolute control of this soft, little fair girl.

Her face gave away that she had submitted herself to me. She was now lost in carnal ecstasy, which gave me immense pleasure. Every time she tried opening her eyes to look at our reflections, I fucked her harder. She got lost in ecstasy again.

I grabbed her and made her stand straight. I started fingering her clit while fucking her and squeezing her tits. She was losing it, and I knew the end was near for her. I pulled her on top of me and sat on the sofa chair. She started riding as her life depended on it. She came hard and let out and loud yelp.

I picked her up and let her rest awhile on the bed. I was yet to cum, but our bodies were tired. We rested a while and fell asleep in each other’s arms with her drenched pussy rubbing my thigh and stomach.

After a while, I felt something warm on my cock. I woke up to Eli, giving me a blowjob slowly. I got hard in no time. She didn’t waste time and started riding me again. This time my dick felt like it was going deeper in her pussy. I knew she was feeling it too because of how she was touching herself and moaning.

She rode me for a good 25 minutes tirelessly, and I found that amazing. Then she was close to cumming herself. She squeezed her pussy so tight that I had to give in, and we came with each other. She collapsed on me and started smooching me. We had melted in each other’s arms and fell asleep.

We woke up in the night again and fucked missionary and in the shower also in the morning. We fucked regularly after that, and before she shifted out of Kolkata, she gave me a huge surprise. I will write that in my next story.

If anyone wants to send me feedback or call me an idiot for writing such a long story, write to me at I shall share my FB, Insta details there if we hit off. Also, don’t ask me for more information about the girls in my stories.

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