Story of enjoying roleplay with my hot and sexy Mona darling

Story of enjoying roleplay with my hot and sexy Mona darling


Hi friends, Rohit here. This is the third part of the story ‘Sati Savitri Mona Darling.’ Today I will be going to narrate the third part of the story. But before that, I suggest you should read the previous part of the story. Now coming to the story about the roleplay.

After around half an hour, I said bye to them and came back to my house. Next 3 to 4 days, we were talking on the phone. Sometimes our talk became naughty.

Me: What gift will I get when I come to attend the reception party?

Monika: Nothing.

Me: What?

Monika: Don’t be naughty. If you talk like that, I will never call you and also not receive your call.

Me: How could you tell me?

Monika: I told you, I can’t cheat my husband.

Me: Then why are you releasing your juices that night?

Monika: It was an accident.

Me: Don’t tell a lie to yourself. You also know that you need me.

Monika: Stop, Rohit. Enough. I don’t want to listen to anything like that.

Me: Okay, next time you will be craving for my love, I will teach you a good lesson.

Monika: Haha, in your dream.

Me: Don’t push me.

Monika: Okay, okay, I was just kidding. What do you want?

Me: I want to make love with you.

Monika: Not possible. Anything else you can do. Why don’t we do roleplay in our chat?

Me: Really? You don’t want to cheat your partner, and now you are asking for roleplay?

Monika: That’s why I want you to play with my mind, not with my body. Can I tell you something?

Me: What?

Monika: If you capture my mind, I am all yours.

Me: Only mind?

Monika: I should be fond of your words… your words should make me cum.

Me: You tell me what the situation is.

Monika: You decide.

Me: You come to meet me in my hotel room.

Monika: What I am wearing?

Me: Jeans and a formal shirt. You entered my hotel room. I locked the door and immediately and hugged you tightly. You are not feeling comfortable. The first time any other man hugs you.

Monika: No, please. I want a bit of a love bit of teasing, a bit of blackmail – everything which makes you conquer me.

Me: Oh, really? I pushed you on the wall and grab your hand and pin down on the wall above your head.

Monika: Aaah, please no.

Me: I moved my face close to you. Just an inch gap between our lips. We both can feel the hot breath. You are trying to push me out. But my hot breath makes you weak. I licked your lips with my tongue softly.

Monika: Please, Rohit, leave me. Please, I am pleading. You are holding me very tight. I am feeling the manly pressure.

Me: I am licking your entire face, lips, and neck with my lips. You can’t stop me. Your shirt went high, and I can see your fair waistline.

Monika: No, please, no. I am resisting to you, but not much. My voice is very low.

Me: I placed my face on your neck now and kissed and licked and sucked there. I gave a small bite on your neck.

Monika: You can see I am starting breathing heavily.

Me: You bite your own lips to control your moan. Your boobs are moving up and down with your heavy breathing.

Monika: You still don’t leave my hands you want that I should ask myself. You start teasing me.
Me: I again close my lips to your lips. I lick your lips again with my tongue. But still not kiss or smooch. You involuntarily move your lips forward to kiss my lips. But I playfully move my lips.

Monika: Leave me, please.

Me: Again and again, you try to bite my lips, but I can’t allow you. You try to free your hands. But I held them tightly. I blew some hot air from my mouth on your lips and teasing you. You are now desperate to meet my lips. I again licked your earlobe and kiss on the back of your ear. I lick that place also.

Me: You are now very high. You are gasping for breath. I told you, What happened ‘Sati Savitri’ Monika, why you become so restless. Do you want to kiss me? Do you want to suck my lips? Monika, you told me that you are an obedient wife, why do you want to kiss me?

Monika: I breathing heavy…

Me: I know every women’s hidden desire. Where is your modesty? I pull one button on your shirt. You didn’t oppose it. I will take you to such a condition, that you will tell me on your own, Rohit fuck me. It was just starting, a long way to go. Now tell me, you want to kiss me, or I tease you more. Tell me.

Monika: I kept silent.

Me: I again lick your neck and earlobe. Tell me, you bitch. Give me your answer. You want to kiss me or not?

Monika: Rohit, please leave me. Please let me go. This is wrong.

Me: I know very well your hidden desire. And I don’t feel wrong. Okay, I will see how much you can control your emotion. I took one button of your shirt in my teeth and pulled. I hold you by my one hand now, and my one hand is free. Immediately all your buttons opened.

Monika: I am shivering, and you can feel that.

Me: Yes, You are wearing a black lacy bra. I hold your hand in my one hand and move my one hand in your front. I pushed your shirt away. Now I can see your bra covered boobs. Lacy designer bra.

Monika: Please, Rohit, don’t do.

Me: I put my finger on your lips and rubbed skilfully.

Monika: I am biting my lips.

Me: You bite my fingers. I move my face again in front of your lips. This time you just jump and bite my lips. You are sucking my lips. We are smooching each other with full intensity. I parted my lips and ask, what happen?

Monika: Rohit, please leave me.

Me: Now, only you are pleading me to leave you, and now you are sucking my lips? Where is your modesty? Where is your ‘Sati Savitri’ type? I pulled your shirt out from your body and throw it.

Me: I put my one hand in your jeans button and opened it. You tried to stop me. But it was a very weak protest. I opened the zip and pulled your jeans down. I took you in my lap and took out your jeans completely.

Monika: Yes.

Me: You are trying to free from my clutch.  I bite on your upper boobs and give a red mark. You are now moaning. I wrapped my hands around you and opened your bra hook. You left me and try to cover your boobs with your hands.

Me: I took the opportunity and pulled your panty in one go. You are now completely naked. I take all your clothes and throw them in the corner. I left you and watching you from a distance. You try to hide your boobs with one hand and pussy with the other hand. I take out my mobile and start recording.

Monika: Please, no. Don’t record.

Me: Then be a good girl and come to me. You slowly come to me. I take you in my arms and lay down on the bed. I move your hands and hold your soft juicy melons in my hands. I fondle them with full force. You are screaming and moaning. I placed my mouth on your boobs. I licked the valley.

Me: Then I kissed and licked and sucked every part of your boobs. Your entire boobs are glistening with my saliva. But I didn’t stop. I pour some chocolate cream on your boobs and belly and lick them with my tongue and lips. You are going crazy. I put some cream on your clean armpit and lick there, suck there.

Me: Your all protest has gone. What Monika baby, now what to do? Leave you or fulfill your hunger? I am moving towards your cunt and give a kiss on your pussy lips. Your pussy became wet. You are telling me to leave, and your pussy is dripping wet with your love juices.

Me: I put my face on your belly. Licked cream from your belly button. Finally, put my lips on your pussy. I sucked and licked your pussy with full intensity. I take your clit in between my lips and suck them with full force.

Me: I pushed my middle finger in your pussy and tickle your g-spot and, at the same time, suck your clit. You are trembling with pleasure. I pour some chocolate cream on your pussy.

Monika: Yes, Rohit, please fuck me. Don’t do this. Please enter.

Me: Now, I am eating chocolate from your pussy. Chocolate mixed with your pussy juice becomes tastier. I pushed my tongue inside your pussy and give you a tongue fuck. I am rubbing your clit. You can’t control it anymore. With several jerks, you release your juices for the first time.

Me: You are lying on the bed like a dead log. You release a huge amount of pussy juices. I eat every drop and make your pussy clean again. My continue licking and sucking on your pussy and clit make you horny. You now need a good fuck. You said my name, Rohit, please fuck me.

Monika: Fuck me? Yes.

Me: Are you sure?

Monika: Fuck me, Rohit.

Me: I placed my cock on your pussy lips but didn’t push inside. Tell me, you want me to fuck you or leave you. If you want me to fuck you, then tell me, Rohit fuck your bitch. Beg me to fuck you. Come on, beg me.

Me: I am rubbing my hard dick on your pussy entrance and clit. You are going crazy. Tell me should I fuck you or not. You want to take other’s man dick instead of your hubby.

Monika: Fuck me, fuck your bitch. Make me your slut. Your whore. I am your keep.

Me: Okay, Then guide my dick to your pussy with your hand. Do it now. You placed my dick on your pussy entrance. I pushed my hard dick. It goes halfway. Again I pulled it out and pushed with full force. After 4-5 tremendous push, my dick enters completely.

Me: I, again and again, took it out fully and pushed inside with full force. You are screaming with pain. Slowly after 2 to 3 minutes, my cock adjusted to your pussy hole. I am pumping you with maximum speed and full force. I hold your juggling boobs in my hand and pumping your cunt.

Me: You are moaning with pleasure. I bent down and take your lips in my mouth. Only muffling sound is coming. After 10 minutes of continuous fucking I change position. Now you came upon me and riding on my dick. I hold your bouncing boobs with my hands.

Me: You are moaning loudly with pleasure. Almost 5 minutes, you jumped on my hard dick and then again came on my dick. You are tired and collapse on my body after your second orgasm. I give you some time to catch your breath. Then make you doggy style and pushed my dick from behind.

Me: I hold your waist and fuck with tremendous speed. I bent down and grab your boobs from both sides and lick your back while fucking you from behind. After 10 minutes, you can’t be like that and lay on the bed. I turned you and again come into a missionary position. I hold your hands above your head.

Me: Take your lips in my mouth and fucking you at full speed. Now I am reaching my climax. I am grunting and moaning with pleasure. You try to say to release my juices outside, but I am not in a mood to listen.

Me: I hold you tightly, and with a final jerk, I pushed my dick deep inside you and release my hot thick juices inside your fertile womb. You also release for the last time. We both collapse on each other and panting for breath. Now tell me like our lovemaking. Your panty soaked with your love juice? Tell me, na?

Monika: Shall I say something?

Me: Yes.

Monika: For the last 30 minutes, I was lying beside my husband and chatting sex with you. That was giving me goosebumps.

Me: Really? Your panty gets wet or not?

Monika: My panty is all wet.

Me: Hmmmmm. Kiss me then. I want a kiss on my lips.

Monika: Mwah.

Me: Do you like to roleplay?

Monika: That was great. I got all wet, my lower also. I had to rush to the washroom. And I lingered for one more. Now I am putting the phone down. I am very tired now. I want some rest.

Me: But before that, I want my gift.

Monika: What gift?

Me: I want your nude selfie.

Monika: Okay, but not completely. In my bra and panty.

Me: Okay.

Monika sent one of her pictures, wearing a matching bra and panty. She was looking very sexy. I just wanted to have her in my bed. I understood that Monika was sexually depressed. But her modesty and loyalty to her husband didn’t allow her to sleep with me.

I knew she needed a push. I had to push her and helped her to cross the line. Then she would be mine, no doubt. I was planning and thinking about how to take that sexy goddess to my bed once.

I cut the phone and waiting for Wednesday. In between, we talked so many times. We texted each other, but I never raise the topic. We were kissing on the phone and text.

Finally, Wednesday came, and I went to attend the reception party. Suddenly her uncle came and saw me. He was very glad to see me. He welcomed me and took me to the reception hall. He handed over a juice glass and went away. I was standing in a corner, searching for my Monika darling.

A few gents and ladies were dancing. I saw a woman who was wearing an orange color sari with a matching blouse. Her blouse was backless. Just one string was holding her blouse and boobs. I knew that type of blouse. It was made in such a way that the blouse came with bra padded.

If by any chance, that string opened or tore, that lady’s upper body was completely revealed. Then, suddenly that lady turned towards me. Oh, my God. It was my Monika darling. She tied her sari 2 to 3 inches below her belly button. She was looking like an ‘Apsara’ of heaven who just came down in the earth.

I remembered that night on the train. I got a bulge in my pant. I was watching her and getting horny. I knew everybody wished that her string got open. After around half an hour, the music stopped. Monika looked at me and smiled. I winked at her. She held the hand of a man and came to me.

Monika: Vishal, he is Rohitji. Rohitji, my husband, Vishal.

We shook hands.

Vishal: Thank you, Rohit ji, for all your help. Monika told me how you helped them to come here safely.

Me: Mention not. The pleasure is mine. You are most welcome.

I winked at Monika. She blushed, and her face became red. Suddenly, someone called him. He excused himself and went. I was standing with Monika.

Monika: Why are you watching me always?

Me: Not only me but every single man is also watching you. You look like a sex goddess.

Monika blushed. Her face became red. She pinched on my back playfully. I held her hand and gave a small press. I whispered in her ear, “I think you didn’t wear any bra inside. Right?”

Me: Your blouse and boobs were tied with only one string. What happens if that string gets open or tears?

Monika: No.(with a panicked voice)

Me: Haha. It just a matter of time to pull the knot of that string.

Monika: No, Rohit, please don’t do anything stupid. I am going.

Me: If you move a single step, I will pull the knot. Just stand here and answer me.

Monika: Please, Rohit, don’t do this.

Me: I am doing nothing? I will ask you some questions, and I hope you will give me the right answer.

Monika: Okay, ask.

Me: Did you enjoy that night on the train?

Monika: Yes.

Me: Do you want to enjoy the same again? I want the truth.

Monika: Yes.

Me: Do you imagine making love with me?

Monika: No.

Me: That’s a lie.

Monika: Yes, I am imagining. Then what? I told you I can’t cheat my husband. So it will remain in my imagination only. (her face became red with anger.)

Me: Hmmm. So you want to enjoy it but don’t want to make love with me?

Monika: Hmmm.

Me: When will we meet again?

Monika: I don’t know.

Me: I want to meet you in Kolkata only. When are you going back?

Monika. Vishal will go tomorrow. We will go next week.

Me: Very good. After your husband has gone, you meet me. Promise me.

Monika: I will try.

Me: Today is Wednesday. Coming Friday, we will go for lunch. Only you and me. Nobody else.

Monika: Okay, I will come.

Me: And don’t be in a hurry. You will be back in the evening.

Monika: No, it is not possible.

Me: Make it possible.

Monika: Okay, I will. Can I go now?

I pinched on her butt. She jerked and looked at me. I winked at her. She gave me a naughty smile. Monika went away. I had my dinner and finally said goodbye to all of them. I came back to my home and waited for Friday.

Friends, that’s all for today. In the next episode, you will know what happened next in the Kolkata when we meet alone. Did we have sex? What I got from Mona darling?

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