Story of enjoying sex with maid servant of the neighbors

Story of enjoying sex with maid servant of the neighbors

Hello readers, I am Ankush. I am a 23-year-old typical Indian Bengali guy. In this story, I am going to describe one of my experiences about sex with maid servant. This happened during the lockdown period.

My background: After completing my graduation, I had to look after my family business. So my boring office job started at home, with my dad being my boss. I’m 5’9″ tall. I am not muscular, but I have a slim and well-built body. I have a 6 inch long and thick dick. That’s nothing to boast about, but I’m happy with it.

The heroine of this story is a pretty girl of 20. She is a full-time maid working for our neighbors. She has a curvy 32-34-34 figure with little fats at perfect places. She had a light brown complexion but had a pretty face.

Now coming to the story. This incident took place in April. Our neighbors have a pretty big mansion-like house with many rooms. They have 2 sons, and both of them are well settled abroad. Our family had a very cordial relationship with them. Mr. and Mrs. Sarkar live here.

It’s like a bungalow where the boys come once a year during Durga puja to spend their parents’ vacation. And once in a while, the parents also visit them. This year they went there on 11th March and had a plan of staying for 20 days. But after 13 days of their visit, the lockdown was announced in India.

So they decided to extend their visa and stay for more time. During their stay, it was arranged that I will be staying at their house at night and also will be having my dinner there. They had their flight at 6 pm, so they left for the airport at 4 pm.

So after finishing my job, I left my office, went home, and freshened up. I changed in shorts and went to the neighbor’s place.

I know Sangita from her childhood when she used to come with her mother. As she didn’t have any schooling or education, she had now taken her mother’s job. She stayed with the Sarkar couple.

I rang the doorbell, and after a few minutes, she opened the door with a smile.

Sangita: Come inside, Anu da.(my nickname)

Me: Hi, how are you?

Sangita: Fine.

Then we went inside the living room, and I sat on the couch. She asked when I will have dinner. So I replied that my usual time of having dinner is 10:30 pm. So she sat down on the floor and started watching the TV. I didn’t have any ill intentions regarding her or any wish of banging her.

But as she sat down near my feet, I had a clear look at her 32 size boobs. I couldn’t keep myself from staring at those for some time. After some time when I regained my consciousness, I said, “Why are you sitting down on the floor? Sit on the sofa, there’s so much space.”

She: I feel more comfortable down here.

Then I insisted, and after some arguing, she agreed with a smile and said, “Ok, ok, I’m sitting on the sofa. You are really, very stubborn.”

I smiled and again started watching TV. She was watching all those boring Bengali TV daily soaps. I browsed Facebook for some time and then thought of taking a nap on the large sofa. So I slowly lay down. She was watching TV sitting on the single sofa. And took a glance at me.

As I dozed off, I had a pretty strange and horny dream of Sangita’s boobs. Slowly my 6-inch dick took its full shape and made a tent with my cotton shorts. After some time, I woke up and slowly opened my eyes. I saw Sangita continuously ogling at my hard dick. She didn’t even notice me watching her.

I then quickly shut my eyes. I started thinking of her boobs and pumping my dick with blood. It began to jump inside my shorts. I didn’t know what came to her mind. But as I opened my eyes a little, I saw her standing beside me, bending down and watching my dick.

I knew she wanted it and decided to take it far. Then I twisted my body a little bit and opened my eyes slowly. She rushed to her seat and almost fell off.

I asked her, “What happened?”

She replied that nothing, just some mosquitoes. I acted normal and asked her to serve dinner. We had dinner together and was going to sleep. She showed me my room. It was a large guest room with a queen-size bed and a separate toilet. I asked her where she will sleep at night. She was not expecting this question.

She said, “As usual, in the servants’ room.”

I said, “No, sleep in this room, I don’t like wasting electricity.” (I had some other plans in my mind) She was shocked and replied, “Ok,” as she also wanted that.

I went inside the bathroom, removed my boxers. I came out wearing only shorts so that my dick would be more visible. She came and lay down beside me. I laid facing the ceiling. And after a few minutes started making snoring sounds slowly. And my dick was rock hard thinking about everything going on.

I slowly opened my eyes and peaked. Sangita was sitting and was trying to catch my jumping hard dick. I quickly sat up and asked her what she wants (angrily).

Sangita: I’m sorry. Nothing. I don’t want anything.

I kept my left hand over her shoulder and, calming her down, I said, “Don’t be afraid. It’s normal. Do you have a boyfriend?”

She answered: No.

Me: What do you want?

She: I haven’t seen a full-grown man’s dick, so I just wanted to see it.

Me: That’s it? I can show you, but I also need something in return.

She excitingly replied: I will give you anything you want.

Me: Anything?

She gave a naughty smile and replied: Yes.

I opened my shorts, and my dick jumped out to its freedom. She was amazed by it. And looked at it carefully. I saw the thirst in her eyes. I said, “You can touch it if you want to.” She grabbed it really hard, and I gave a little moan. She thought that maybe I got hurt and immediately left it.

I again took her hand and started to stroke my dick gently with her hand. I asked her to suck it like a lollipop, but she refused. So I pulled her closer to my body. She smelled awesome from the recently applied shampoo. I took off my top vest and was fully naked in front of her.

She looked at me, passionately. I landed a kiss on her lips and started sucking her juicy lips. At first, she didn’t respond. But slowly, she learned and co-operated with me. After 10 minutes of passionate kissing, I started undressing her. I unzipped her kameez from the back and pulled it from the top.

She also helped to get rid of it. I again started kissing and unhooked her bra. I was now kissing and massage her left boobs. She started moaning and breathing heavily. Then I slowly came down, kissing her neck and biting a little. As I reached her left boob, I continued massaging the right one.

Her nipples were hard. I kiss at first and then started liking it. I tried putting the whole boob in my mouth. I sucked it vigorously and bite her nipple. The did the same thing to the right one. Then I looked at her and kissed her again. Then kissed her navel.

Then I started opening her salwar and pulled it down with her panty. She had a bushy vagina. I kept one hand over her pussy hair and started eating her, licking her clitoris and tongue fucked her. She moaned loudly, which made me hornier. Then suddenly, she stopped me, took my hand, and made me follow her.

We were alone in the entire house and were walking fully naked. She went to her room, brought a pair of scissors, and asked me to trim her pussy hairs. I was overjoyed and went to the bathroom. I made her seat on the closed commode and trimmed her bushes nicely and her underarms hair.

Then she washed, and we again came into the bedroom. I picked her up and laid her on the bed and started pounding her. She got hurt and asked me to lubricate my dick with cream. But now I insisted on giving me a blowjob and lubricating with her saliva.

She understood my intentions and started licking my dick. I guided her, and she gave me a pretty nice blowjob considering this was her first time. Then I again put my dick and pounded her first at a slower pace and slowly increasing the speed. She moaned loudly.

Oh man, what a tight pussy! It milked my dick as I pounded her. That virgin pussy was made for my dick.

She: Fuck me harder.

I continued fucking her more vigorously.

She: Destroy my virgin pussy.

I enjoyed her words.

Me: Take this bitch, take it, take it.

After about 20 minutes of fucking, she wanted to ride me in cowgirl position, as she has seen in porn videos. I agreed. She moaned continuously.  After 10-15 minutes of riding, I asked her to pull out. But she hugged me tight, and we both cummed together. I felt like all my cum was milked out.

We both were tired, and she laid on me while both our juices were flowing out on the bedsheets. We were sweating. Our naked body was sticking with one another. I looked at my phone. It was 1:20 am. She got really tired, as this was her first time. She slept over me.

After some time, I slowly laid her down on the bed. I took a shower and then slept beside her, naked.

In the morning, I woke up with a sweet blowjob. Now she understood the fun of a blowjob. I gave a load of cum inside her throat, and she swallowed it. Then I got up, freshened up, and went to my home.

This continued until the Sarkar couple returned, before the complete lockdown. She didn’t get pregnant because her periods had just ended before those incidents.

We still have sex once in a while. But how and where that’s for a different story.

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