Story of gigolo service given to pleasure a client

Story of gigolo service given to pleasure a client

Hi, I am back with another one of my experiences with my gigolo service.

I am a gigolo from Pune and would like to share my experience. So this time, I got a message from one of my old clients regarding my service. She had called me at her home this time for a night over after two days.

So after 2 days, I went there, I rang the bell, and she opened the door in a bathrobe. She was 5’4, fair, had big boobs, and was thin. About me, I am 6’2, lean, and dusky.

As I went in, she asked me to get changed in a bathrobe, which I eventually did. Then we sitting and talking. She was telling me about her previous sex experiences and how every woman needs good sex. How she had a very high sex drive and needed continuous sex.

After talking, she got up, got oil, and asked me to massage her. I got up, held her from her face, and gave her a kiss. Then I slowly opened her bathrobe, pressed her boobs sucked them a little.

Then I asked her to lie on her stomach. I applied oil on my hands and slowly started rubbing her shoulder, then her back, and slowly rubbing her ass. While rubbing her ass, I took some oil on my finger and started rubbing her asshole. She moved a little.

I then started rubbing her pussy, to which she started moving her hips out of pleasure. I then started massaging her legs and licked her feet, to which she shivered. I then turned her around, took oil, and applied it on her boobs. Then I licked them.

She, out of pleasure, held me tight from the shoulder while I started licking her nipples with the tip of my tongue. After some time, I kept the oil aside, went down, spread her legs, and licked her pussy. I was licking her clit too, which was shaking her upper body out of pleasure.

I then took my middle and ring finger, put them in her mouth. Then put them in her pussy. She was so wet that they slipped in without any effort. Now I was fingering her while licking her clit. She has held my left hand and dug her nail out of pleasure.

With her right hand, she was pressing my head against her pussy. As she was about to squirt, I stopped. She let out a huge gasp and was not happy about it, but I had different plans. I took out the blindfold and put it on her eyes. I took out the rope and tied her hands to either end of the bed.

So she was practically handicapped as she couldn’t see or moved her hands. She got very excited and was very wet. At first, I kissed her pressed her boobs, and asked her where the ‘dildo’ was. She told me I took it out from her cupboard. I opened her mouth, put the dildo deep inside her throat made her gag on it.

After the dildo was wet enough, I put it in her pussy. I started moving her legs out of pleasure. At first, I went slow and put the whole dildo in and took the whole dildo out. I suddenly increased the speed, and after a short time, she squirted.

I then kept the dildo deep in her pussy. I got up, went towards her face. I took my dick out and asked her to suck it, which she did very fondly. I then went down on 69 position with my dick in her mouth.

I knew she liked anal a lot. So I took the dildo from her pussy put it in her asshole, after which she stopped sucking me. I then slowly started moving it, and she started moaning. I then put it deep inside her, to which she gasped loudly.

I then lifted her legs, put my dick in her pussy, and was fucking her with the dildo still in her asshole. She was breathing heavily and moaning. She was continuously moving out of pleasure. I had stuck the dildo deep inside her and was fucking her hard.

I started pressing her neck while fucking her in a missionary position. After some time, I had to get up because she was squirting with a lot of pressure. She was moaning in pleasure. When I stopped, she lay down lifeless. I turned her and made her lie on her stomach.

I took the dildo out and put my dick in her asshole, and she let out a loud scream. I started slowly at first, just putting in the tip, and then I suddenly put the whole thing inside. She lifted her upper and then went back down. As I was humping, her moans kept getting louder.

After some time, I stood up, went behind her, and made her sit on my dick. While she was jumping on my dick, I started rubbing her clit, and she squirted soon after. I then made her lie sideways, put my dick in her pussy. I started humping her while pressing her neck.

I was increasing and decreasing the speed of my humping. When I was about to come, I took my dick out and came all over her ass. I then finally opened her hands and removed her blindfold. She then hugged me, and we had three such sessions before sleeping.

When we woke up, I tied her up. I tied both her hands at the corners of the bed and then teased her a little by gently rubbing my finger on her pussy and made her beg me to fuck her.

I put my dick on her pussy and gently started rubbing her pussy. With every stroke, she was getting more and more desperate. After 14-15 strokes, I put my dick in her pussy. She was already so wet that it just slid in. We did the doggy style and the missionary in this second exotic sex before I finally came. After that, I opened her hands.

Then she paid for my services. I then kissed her neck and left. If anyone has any queries or wants to hire me, you can mail me at [email protected]

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