Story of hot sex with my mature teacher

Story of hot sex with my mature teacher

This is an erotic story about the best sex with my hot mature teacher, Meghana ma’am, and I. This is an incident that happened during our farewell.

Meghana ma’am was a perfect milf. She was aged 32 and had 32-28-30, a height of 5’6 feet, light complexion, big brown eyes, and long brown hair.

I, Anirudh, was studying in junior college. I was 19 years old. I was of medium height of 5’9 with a brown complexion. I had an athletic body. I did have a decent academic background after I scored 89% in my grade 10.

This incident happened at the end of our academic year at our farewell. Our college organized a DJ party with the help of our juniors. Our college had all facilities needed. We had a big playground, basketball court, swimming pool, badminton and table tennis courts, and a big library.

The DJ party would happen in the college playground beside our building. That would be the most awaited event of the year. I did not like such events, but that was the end of my college journey, so I had to participate.

There was a teacher named Meghana. She would take English classes for our grade. She was very beautiful. I had a big crush from grade 12. Still, other teachers were like her, but I liked only Meghana, ma’am. I dreamt of her many nights jerking off to that beauty.

As I was pretty good at English, Meghana would ask me to write articles for the college magazines and edit them. Eventually, we had become close to each other during the end of the year. When I used to visit her in the staffroom, I would usually stand beside her while editing my essays and articles.

During that short period, I was able to see her cleavage. Just to see her cleavage, I wrote articles only to visit her. I watch her deep cleavage and those tight bra holding them together, and tonight I would jerk off her thinking about her. One day she caught me looking at her cleavage.

She gave me a stare and asked me to leave. That whole night I did not sleep thinking about the blunder I had made. From that day onwards, I stopped going to her and even stopped writing articles. Even she did not ask me about it. But still, I would jerk off to her photos.

During our farewell, before the DJ party had begun, I saw Meghana ma’am coming towards the ground with her fellow teachers. Fuck, she was looking like a goddess. She had worn a tight full sleeves pink kurta. She hadn’t worn any dupatta. She had a messy ponytail, dark red lips with gladiator heels.

She looked fabulous. I got a hard-on as soon as I saw her. I looked away from her so that I couldn’t see her. I was with my friends. Meghana came beside us and asked us to enjoy ourselves as this was the last day of college. I did not even look at her. If I looked at her, I would get a hard-on.

Later on, the party began, and everyone was dancing with madness. I saw Meghana dancing beside me, and she had gone insane. She was dancing her mind out. I stopped dancing and was only looking at the hot lady dancing. She spotted me not dancing and looking at her.

She came towards me, pulled me towards her, started to dance. She asked me to do the same thing. I was very happy. While dancing, her boobs were pressing against my chest, and I could feel them. I got a hard-on. But I made sure that it isn’t seen.

In the heat, she, by mistake, touched my dick and felt the hard-on. She turned towards me and asked, “Is it because of me?” I pretended not to understand and asked, “What is because of you, ma’am?”

She hit my dick and said, “Is your boy hard because of me?”

I didn’t know what to say and said, “Yes, ma’am.”

She gave a naughty smile and went away from there. I followed her, she went to the college building away from the ground. There was no one inside the college building. Meghana went on and climbed the stairs. I followed her. She climbed to the 2nd floor and went inside an empty classroom.

It was vacant for a long time as the CCTV camera was not working there. I followed her still and peeped inside the classroom. No one was there. I was shocked. I slowly entered without making noise.

Meghana from behind the door came and locked the door. I was surprised. She came to me. Before I said anything, she kissed me and readily accepted it. She quickly removed my pants and made them fall. I stopped kissing and asked her, “What if someone sees us?”

She said, “Still, there is 1 hour of the party. Why would anyone come to the 2nd floor to this classroom?” I was very happy. I pulled her towards me and kissed her passionately, and removed her dress by unzipping her kurta.

She took out her dress. She was wearing a black lace bra. Those boobs were waiting to come out of the bra. Her nipples were hard. I massaged the boobs on the bra, and she moaned softly. She unpinned her bra, those brown boobs popped out.

She put my face on her boobs and asked me to suck them. I happily sucked them. While I was sucking the boobs, I squeezed her other one and rubbed her pussy with the other hand. She started moaning loudly. Then I had become very horny and wanted to lick that lady’s pussy.

I pulled her leggings down, made her sit on the table beside her. Her panty was dripping with her juices. I sucked the pussy on her panty. She was very horny, she moaned very loudly, she ran her hands into my hair. I removed her panty.

It was a bushy pussy. I licked that wet pussy intensely, and she put her legs on my shoulders while I fingered her wet pussy. Meghana was very horny by then. She pulled out my dick, it popped out. She started jerking it at a slow pace while looking into my eyes.

Oh man, what a feeling it was. I never even imagined getting a handjob from my teacher. She slowly increased the pace. I was getting aroused. I told her if she does more, I would cum. Then she stopped. She spat on my dick and licked it all over. I hoped she would give me a blowjob, but she didn’t.

I was completely horny by then. I made her stand. I put my hard dick inside her wet pussy and fucked her by holding her one leg up. I started her pounding hard and spanked her. Her pussy was getting tighter. She shouted my name with pleasure, “Anirudh, go on, fuck her harder, make your ma’am cum.”

I got excited and did so. I kissed her so that she could not shout. Her hot steaming saliva flowed into my mouth and mine into her. She then told me it was her turn and made me lay down and rode my dick in cowgirl. Her boobs and necklace were bouncing all over her body.

She was riding my dick with pleasure and moaned every time my dick got deep into her pussy. She was getting crazier as my dick hit her spot. She slowly got tired and lay down on me. Her boobs were pressing my chest. I took it on from there. She looked into my eyes and kissed me, and ran her hands into my hair.

I started fucking her slowly and gradually increased my speed while squeezing her big ass. She had an orgasm within seconds. Even I told her I was about to cum. Then suddenly, she wanted to return the favor and wanted me to try anal. Oh man, what a chance. I always dreamt of fucking the big ass. I agreed immediately.

Her asshole was too tight. I spat into her asshole and fingered it, making it a bit loose. A slowly penetrated her ass, fuck, it was so damn tight, my dick was getting squeezed every time I penetrated more. Slowly I became comfortable and fucked her asshole. It was a heavenly feeling.

Her ass was wrapping up my dick with pleasure while I enjoyed it. I was about to cum. She got off me and told me, “Not so early, babe.”

Meghana came and sat on my face facing towards my dick and bent down to suck it. I felt like I was in paradise. Her juices were dripping on my face from her pussy. I started licking and sucking it while she blew my dick. This time, I was about to cum and told her again.

She asked me to leave it all in her mouth, but I wanted to leave it in her pussy. I told her that. She happily put my dick in her pussy and was riding it again, very hard this time, and I came in seconds. She whispered in my years, “You naughty boy.”

I smiled, and she got off me, and we both got dressed. She said, “This should only be between us, fine?” I agreed. She asked me to carry on with the party, and she would join me in a few minutes.

She went to the bathroom to wash her face and put her make-up on. She joined me at the party. I looked at her and smiled, and she smiled back. I never talked about that to anyone or her, nor I ever met her again. We both had real fun and satisfaction that night.

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