Story of how a 40-year-old ripened fruit was satisfied

Story of how a 40-year-old ripened fruit was satisfied

This is casanova369 back again with yet another sex escapade to share and make you all horny and wet by the end of the story. I am a person who needs erotic sex and not just sex. You can also read my previous erotic sex story.

I am writing this story on behalf of Anshu aunty, a ‘ripened fruit,’ who has got in touch with me after reading my stories. She asked me to pen down her sex escapades as well.

Hi to all the beautiful women and beautiful girls. My name is Anshu, and I am from Delhi. I am 40 years old, but I am still very hot and active in sex. I am a very romantic lady, and my stats are 36-34-38. I hope all of you can imagine me now. Yes, Big boobs and big butts also.

So, for all those who love big boobs to play with and love to spank big butts, I am the ripened fruit for all. This story is between me and my friend Rashi’s son, Guddu.

This has happened 2 years back. But after reading stories of casanova369 on XIS, I felt I can also share my stories through him. Guddu has finished his class 12th exams and has celebrated his 19th birthday recently. I had seen him from his childhood.

He’s also just like my son and had seen him grew up in front of my eyes. Both our families are so close that we plan outings every weekend or get together at someone’s home. One such weekend, both our families decided to go to the theater.

In the theatre, both our husbands are sitting on the extreme left. Rashi was sitting in the center, Guddu, and then myself to the right corner. The movie had started, and Guddu’s hands were touching mine once in a while. I thought it was by mistake and I also didn’t mind.

After an hour, Guddu placed his head on my shoulder. I thought he fell asleep, and I let him sleep as any mother would do. But after 15 minutes, he placed his right hand on my left breast. I was shocked initially but then thought it was by mistake.

But again, after 5 minutes, he slowly started pressing my boobs and was trying to feel my nipple area over my top. I understood that this boy is here with a plan. I was waiting for the interval to blast him properly. During the interval, I called him outside and asked him what he was doing in the theatre.

Guddu replied, “Aunty, please don’t judge me. I am attracted to your body. You look super-hot, and you make me horny with your big boobs.” By then, the movie has resumed, and we had gone back inside.

Now he lost his fear and kept his hand on my boobs. I couldn’t do anything because we are in a theater and allowed him to do whatever he wanted. Taking advantage of the situation, he slipped his hands into my jeans. He was rubbing his fingers on my pussy over my panty.

I was slowly losing my balance and started enjoying it. I slowly started cooperating with him and allowed him to move my panty to one side and directly touch my pussy. It was cleanly shaved and was already wet. He rubbed my clit. Then I was trying hard not to moan in the theatre.

But then I was moaning, “Ah, Ah,” in a shrill voice. After a few minutes, he just inserted his fingers into my pussy and then put it in his mouth. He tasted my juices and came close to my ears and said, “You taste awesome, aunty. I am waiting to see you naked and enjoy your body.”

The movie was over, and we left for our homes. He then sent a message to me at midnight, saying, “I hope you also enjoyed and want me to satisfy you, aunty.”

The next weekend we all decide to meet at Guddu’s home and have some dinner party. I was wearing a crop top and leggings. He was ignoring me and was not looking at me. I thought he must be feeling guilty for his actions in the theatre. I wanted to bring him back to a normal mood.

We were all sitting in the main hall, watching some random stuff on T.V, and both our husbands were having their drinks. My friend Rashi was in the kitchen, getting dinner ready for us. The weather was too cold, and Guddu and I covered ourselves with one woolen blanket.

After some time, Guddu placed his hand and was moving it on my thighs. I also kept calm to see where will this finally lead to. After a few minutes, he slid his hands into my leggings. There was something in his hand. All of a sudden, there was some vibration on my pussy.

I just got aroused and wanted to moan loudly, “Ahh.” But then cannot react because both our husbands were sitting in front of us having their drinks. But nothing was visible because lights were off, and it was happening under the blanket. But at a point, I couldn’t control myself and just pulled his hand out.

Rashi came and invited all of us for dinner. We had our dinner, and our husbands were already off because of the drinks and fell asleep immediately. Rashi told me that she also wants to go and sleep as she is also very tired.

I cursed my fate on one side and was also excited on the other side about what will happen to me that night. This thought itself started making wetness in my panty. Now only me and Guddu were left alone in the hall. Guddu kept his hands around my shoulders and started pressing my boobs.

As I told you earlier, I was wearing a crop top. So, it was easy for him to pull down my top and tube bra also. He saw my erected nipples and looked into my eyes. I didn’t have an answer. He then started playing with my nipples, pinching and pulling them.

This aroused me instantly, and I started moaning. I couldn’t control any longer and pulled him close to my boobs and made him suck my nipples. He was sucking my nipples like a baby, and I kept moaning, “Suck them, Guddu. Bite them.”

After sucking my nipples and biting them for around 10 minutes, he told let’s go inside my bedroom. My heart wanted me to say NO, but my mind forced me to get up and walk behind him. After entering his bedroom, he locked the door and started kissing me.

I also cooperated, and we were now exchanging our saliva and playing with our tongues. We kissed for 5 minutes, and now Guddu started stripping my clothes. He then took me near his big size mirror, and we both were fully naked in front of the mirror.

Trust me, guys, it’s kind of erotic when you are getting fucked by someone else other than your husband and watching yourself in the mirror. He then made me sit on my knees and asked me to give him a blowjob. I started doing whatever he told me.

I sucked his cock for 5 minutes, and he loaded all his cum on my face. Now Guddu told me that he will return the favor and asked me to lie down on the bed. He started kissing my navel. I started moaning again. He then started playing around my pussy.

My pussy was already wet, and was badly in need of his cock inside my pussy. He started kissing my pussy and was licking my clit. I was totally lost in this play and was going out of control. I was moaning his name. I was pushing his head deep inside my pussy to lick all my juices flowing out from my pussy.

Guddu was also enjoying doing all that. After a few minutes, I released a huge load into his mouth. Now Guddu inserted his dick on my pussy entrance and pushed it inside in one push. I just gave a loud moan. “Guddu, fuck me harder.” He started pumping me in missionary posture for 5 minutes.

I widened my legs fully and was taking his dick deeper and deeper. But he loves doggy style, and he now asked me to turn into the doggy style. He inserted his cock from behind and started pumping me deeper, harder, and faster. He was spanking my ass and was fucking me very wildly.

He fucked me in the doggy style for 5 minutes and released his load on my butts. Both of us were tired and were sleeping naked on the bed, and we didn’t know when we fell asleep. That’s how I enjoyed with my friend Rashi’s son Guddu.

I hope everyone got aroused and horny and enjoyed reading this story. Please give your feedback at [email protected] Any aunties/girls from north India would like to get in touch with Anshu aunty, please feel free to ping me. I will pass on your email ids to her, and she will get in touch with you.

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