Story of how a dusky desi girl became my fuck buddy

Story of how a dusky desi girl became my fuck buddy

Hey all, I hope you are all safe and sound in this covid affected world. This is a pre lockdown incident.

Neha (name changed for privacy) is my colleague from my previous workplace and my fuck buddy. She has been my friend since I left work at the old office. She’s currently 28, 5″4 and has a bombshell figure of 36b-28-34. She has a dusky skin tone.

She only wears a saree or kurti with legging for some reason, but she looked damn sexy. She is a desi shy and well-mannered girl outside but likes to be wild in bed. You cannot guess that this girl who’s cautious about her kurti not being a deep neck was sucking a dick as her life depended on it.

Anyway, we became good friends in the office and always used to go to movies, cafes, lounges, etc. For some reason, she never had many friends at the office, just some school girlfriends who were mostly married by now.

We never had any sexual tension before, but we were good friends. Now coming to the first time, our intimacy saga started. She asked for my Amazon ID as I had Prime. She wanted to order some stuff that was prime exclusive deals. And later, she texted me.

Her – Thanks for sharing the account. I will log out once they are delivered.

Me – Anytime, babe. Let me know if there is an issue with the orders.

Her – Sure. By the way, how’s your girlfriend?

Me – Girlfriend? I’m single.

Her – Single? Then who do you order so many lingerie for?

Me – Oh! They are for my dates.

Her – You make them wear this?

Me – Yup!

Her – But? How? Don’t they feel awkward going out in public wearing such clothes?

Me – Who said I let them go out wearing these?

Her – Then? What kind of date do you have? Makeout date?

Me – Yeah, if they want to. It makes them wild and slutty and do stuff they won’t in normal clothes!

Her – Great going! They don’t mind it?

Me – As long as they are happy and satisfied.

Her – Aha! One night stands?

Me – No, just casual friends.

Her – friends? Do you have sex with friends?

Me – Yup.

Her – Damn. I used to think of you as so innocent. But you’re buying ‘friends’ lingerie and having fun. Do all your friends get one?

Me – You want one? I’ll get you at the next meet.

Then she left me on reading for a few days. Probably a week. But then she texted.

Her – Hey, Aman! Free this Sunday?

Me – Sure. Where to?

Her – CP? KFC?

Me – Sure.

We meet up on Sunday and have fun in KFC and then in the beer café. There we order one pint each, and she finally asks me.

Her – So, where is my lingerie?

Me – Which lingerie? (I almost forgot about the conversation as she never replied.)

Her – I thought you said you’ll bring it at the next meet. Sorry, I must be overthinking.

Me – Huh? You? And lingerie? Okay, so let me ask you again. You want one?

Her – Yes. I want one. It’s always been my fantasy. But I don’t know what to buy, so I was counting on you.

Me – Anything I want you to wear?

Her – Yes. (she was blushing hard)

Me – For a lucky guy?

Her – Maybe, I want to try.

Me – Sure, then. I know a shop in Palika. Let’s head there, and we’ll see what we can get you.

We enter Palika and then we went to the lingerie shop. She bought all lingerie I selected, from babydoll to school girl uniform set and some sexy bikinis.

Her – I’ll try them at home, finally.

Me – No. You’ll try them now.

Her – Now? Yaha, trial room bhi nahi hai. (there is no trial room here)

Me – We’ll get a room then.

Her – Are you mad? I know what you are thinking. It’s not gonna happen. No, I’m not looking to get fucked by you, Aman. I just wanted to try the lingerie.

Me – I want to see if my choice is right. No sex.

I booked an Oyo right there in a nice 4-star hotel. After her many denials, she finally agreed upon the promise if I won’t fuck her. We checked in, and then she went into the washroom while I waited on the bed.

At first, she was shy, but she tried a black deep neck babydoll with her own bra and boxer panty.

Me – Wasn’t there a thong with this!?

Her – It’s too small, Aman. Kuch cover nahi ho raha. (It’s barely covering anything.)

Then she changed into the schoolgirl dress. A mini skirt exposing her smooth thighs and bubble butt. White stocking and a matching tight blouse with a front center knot with a huge deep cleavage hiding behind her bra and panty again.

I asked her to come close, and she walked towards me. I held her waist and pulled her panty down.

Her – Ye kya kar rahe ho? Tumne kaha tha no sex. (What are you doing? I thought you said no sex.)

Me – It’s not that! What’s the point of wearing lingerie if you don’t wear it correctly.

All while my hand was resting on her inner thigh just a centimeter away from the tight pussy.

Her – I… I… I’ll do it – just a moment.

She sprinted to the washroom with her ass in full view. Then she returned with no panty and bra.

Me – You look gorgeous!

All the while staring at her now exposed cleavage with most of her boobs on display. Her sweet tight navel and slim waist followed by her cute tight pussy lips barely covered by the mini skirt.

Her – I’m so shy!! Don’t look at me like that. Do I look this good?  (blushing heavily while staring at her feet)

Me – (come closer to her) You do, babe! (pull her by the waist and kiss her neck)

Her – (feels my fingers playing with her wet pussy, moans slightly and whispers) Don’t push it inside me, I’m a virgin, and you promised no fucking.

Me – Who said I’m gonna fuck you!? (pin her to the wall and kissed on lips)

Her – (pushed me away) Are we making out?

Me – You don’t want to?

Her – I do. Just wanted to confirm. (pulls me back, and we kiss passionately)

Our hands going everywhere, feeling each other. She feels my hardness from above the jeans, unbuckles my belt, reaches for my dick, and grabs it tightly.

Her – It’s so warm and hard.

She makes me lose my shirt and jeans. Then we get back to our kissing session. I dive into her deep cleavage. I rip the knot off her blouse, exposing the beautiful mango shaped boobs with pointy nipples.

You guessed it right. I sucked on them like a baby. Shaped perfectly, soft, and squishy. I left a lot of love bites all over her boobs and neck region. Then she tried to take my boxers off, but I pushed her onto the bed and got between her legs.

That fresh, juicy, dripping wet, shaved tight pussy was all mine now. The aroma was strong but not in a bad way, more of a provoking ‘Pin her to the bed and fuck her balls deep’ way.

I gave it a good lick from the base to the clit. Then I nibbled on her labia with my lips, and she moaned like crazy. Pushing me away with her hands.

Me – What happened? You don’t like it?

Her – No, I liked it, but it’s feeling weird and ticklish.

Me – Never had your pussy licked!?

Her – No! But don’t leave me wanting more. It’s feeling so good.

I tell her to hold both her legs and spread them for me. So she does and watches me carefully as I tickle her clit with my tongue tip, making her moan. Then I push my tongue deep inside her pussy to give her maximum pleasure and flick it a few times. I feel her hold my hair pushing me deep inside her, all the while screaming, “Don’t do it. Don’t…”

Followed by a huge squirt of hot cum to my face. She faints on the bed while I search for a towel. It basically went all the way in my nose, mouth, hair, and everywhere on the sidewall, bedsheet and carpet.

We cleaned up, and she got on her knees and removed my boxers. She looked shocked with my big hard cock in her face. I played with my balls and then my dick. Jerked it a few times, pressed on it, measured it with her palm, and then checked how much it is from pussy to naval.

Her – My god. It’s just like the videos but so soft. (kisses the dick)

Me – You know you can suck it and the balls too.

Her – Isn’t that what sluts do in porn? You want me to be a slut? (giggles and smiles)

Me – Just be my slut. Will ya, babe?

Her – Good boy!

She holds my dick firmly and licks it from the balls, all the way to the tip. Then sucks on my dick tip, taking it slowly, inch by inch, inside her gorgeous mouth. I held her hair while she rocked her head back and forth, sucking on it.

Yes, it was her first time. Yes, she used her teeth a few times. But I guided her, and she learned fast. I gave her tricks to deep throat and took the whole dick in her mouth. Then my virgin girlfriend was deep throating my big fat cock, not fully but amazing for a first-timer.

We were getting late, so she jerked me off really fast. I painted her dusky boobies with a huge load of my thick white cum. We cleaned up and got fresh. And talked about how she loved it and how she was scared to get a room with me. But knew it was her chance to experience this intimacy.

She was single, and we happily agreed to be friends with benefits from now on. She didn’t want to lose her virginity, so she promised when she’s ready, I’ll be the first to fuck her ass till she can take it all. This was not at all expected, but she planned it well.

Feedback is most welcome. I wrote this story on Neha’s request and consent. She’s committed now but still says I’m the only one who fucked all her 3 holes, which I doubt for sure.

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