Story of how I enjoyed passionate sex after a long time

Story of how I enjoyed passionate sex after a long time

Hi readers. This is an experience shared by one of my followers on Instagram. She sent the story and asked me to post it. So it is expressed in her words how she enjoyed sex after a long time.

Hi, I am Vandana. My age is 27. My home is located in a rural area. I am a software engineer, so I shifted to a metro city for my job. When the pandemic broke out, I went back to my home. In my home, only 2 of us are living, me and my mom. My father died when I was a kid. After that, my mother grew me up, educated me.

Now, I come to the major part. Near my home, there are not many houses. The next house after our house is about a kilometer away. One day, my mother had some meetings with her self help group in the next village. So she was going there.

She asked me to go to the house that is located a kilometer away from our house. She said she will be back by night. I went there. I knew them from my young age. We used to go to their house, and they used to come to our home. The owner of the house was Gopal Uncle, his wife was Shraddha aunty.

They had 2 children. The elder was a daughter, Smita. She was older than me and was married some years ago. The younger was a son Suresh. He was younger than me. I think he was 22 or 23.

When I went to their house, they welcomed me. I told them the matter. I asked Gopal uncle to drop me home at night. So we chatted for some time. After some time, Gopal uncle asked me whether I know playing cards. I loved playing cards. So we played cards for some time.

Suresh was a shy kind of a boy. He was hesitating to speak to me. But he was a handsome guy. Well built as well. I thought he was working out. He wore a t-shirt tighter to his body. He was looking sexy. While playing cards, I noticed that he was staring at my boobs.

I was wearing a loose, light pink t-shirt. But my boobs were big enough to attract any man. When I leaned down while picking up the cards, he was staring at my cleavage. I noticed his body. Wide chest and firm biceps looked charming.

After some time, I could know that his dick is erect! I understood his feelings about me. I was away from boys for many days. Since when I returned home, I didn’t have sex with anyone. So I decided to somehow have sex with this boy. It was 7 in the evening, the time my mom said was 8.

I decided to ask Suresh to drop me home and get his dick. So I told Gopal uncle that I wanted to go. I asked Suresh to drop me. Suresh and I went to my home on his bike. He didn’t speak to me a single word on the way. I was also silent. But sitting behind him, I could smell his body. It was making me horny.

Suresh dropped me at my home. But he understands that no one was there inside as the doors were closed. He said, “Your mother hasn’t returned yet, what will you do?” I said, “I have another key.” Then I told him that I am afraid to be here alone. I asked him whether he can stay till my mother returns.

He agreed. I made him a cup of tea, we both drank it speaking. While speaking, I told him that I saw him peeping at my cleavage. He blushed and bent his face down. But I told him there is nothing wrong with it. I also told him that he looks handsome. He blushed again and smiled.

I told him that I will change my clothes and come. Saying this, I went inside my bedroom. I told this purposely to make him think of my naked body and arise. I went inside and changed my cloth. When I opened the door, Suresh was standing there.

I gave him an erotic smile as an invitation. He came inside and closed the door. We smiled at each other. He hugged me and started kissing me all over my neck. Then gave me a lip kiss. He bit my tongue and drank my saliva.
While doing this, he inserted his fingers through my night pant and panties.

He started to finger my pussy and kiss and bite my lips at the same time. It was arousing me too much. After fingering me for five minutes, I knelt down and removed his jeans and underwear. His dick was bigger than any other dicks with which I had played that far.

I started to suck it. I sucked him to cumming. Then he made me sit up on the bed and removed my pant and blue panties. I had the habit of shaving pussy regularly, and so it was clean. He became mad, seeing it. I thought it was his first experience. He started to lick its surrounding.

Slowly he started to lick the clit. I couldn’t stop myself from moaning. I started to play with his hair using my fingers and started moaning loudly. My moaning made him hornier and started to insert his tongue inside. He was playing with my pussy, giving a tongue fuck. Then he ate my pussy cleanly.

He took my t-shirt and bra off. Pressed both boobs. I moaned in pleasure. Then he started to suck my left nipple. It was pink and clean. He was pressing my right boob so hard that it was turning red. He bit and licked my boob while I moaned in joy.

Finally, he made me lie down, and he laid over me, slowly inserted his cock into my pussy. My pussy was already wet. So it went inside easily. In the beginning, he fucked me slowly. I asked him to increase the speed. So he increased the fucking speed. It was a great fuck.

Then he made me bend down and started to hammer me in the doggy style. He was riding so fast and spanking my white ass. Every time he spanked, I screamed in pain. After that, he made me stand next to the wall. He lifted and held one of my legs up and fucked me from the front.

I was moaning. Every time my moan became louder, he was biting my lip. I used to moan louder in pain. Finally, he gave me the orgasm, which I was missing for months. I also released some amount of fluid. He asked me again to lie down and fucked in the missionary position.

After fucking me like that for minutes, his face showed the sign that he is going to cum. He tried to pull his dick out. But I asked him to cum inside. He filled my pussy with his hot thick cum. We lay down there on my bed till my mom rang the bell. We had our deep kisses and lickings till than.

When my mom came, we both were sitting in the hall outside. My mom thanked him for staying with me till she came. She asked him to stay that night. He looked at me and smiled.

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