Story of how Rohit was favored by the God of lust

Story of how Rohit was favored by the God of lust

My friends, this story is not real. It just came to my mind, and I wrote it down. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the story created by the God of lust.

Rohit was a 25-year-old guy average built man. He was born and brought up in Pune and completed his post-graduation studies in management. He was thankful to God that he achieved this level of education. He got a job in Mumbai. When he told his aunt, she told him, “Why don’t you come and stay with us in Chembur?”

Unfortunately, his aunt did not have any children. She stays with her husband. She was a government school teacher. Her husband was working in government bus transport. Rohit, in his childhood days, used to visit his aunt’s place, and he had made a lot of friends there.

That was the first day of Rohit in his office. He got a job as an ad campaign analyst in an online advertising company. In his team, there was a girl named Monika, a cute 24 years old young girl. Rohit’s team leader named Priyanka introduced all team members to Rohit one by one.

Monika’s role was as an ad planner. When Priyanka introduced Rohit to Monika, Rohit just realized that just something moved inside him. We can consider that lord of lust shot an arrow at him. Their introduction did not affect Monika. But she was happy that she could work with Rohit and try to learn something new.

Rohit realized he is having something for Monika and hoping that he will get what he wanted. The next day, Rohit tried to have a conversation with Monika. He came to know that Monika stayed in the same area where Rohit stayed. Rohit took this as an opportunity.

As he had a bike, he started giving Monika a ride from home to office and office to home. Slowly conversation went on increasing, and relations from office colleagues went to friendship.

One day in the board room, Monika gave an advertising campaign presentation to one of the clients. Suddenly she missed the link of the point she was explaining and got nervous. Rohit realized that Monika is in difficulty.

As all of them prepared the presentation, Rohit stood up and continued the point Monika could not explain. Monika realized that Rohit saved the whole presentation by getting in between. Thanks to Rohit, their team got the ad campaign contract.

Monika was impressed by the maturity and the responsible attitude shown by Rohit. On a normal working day, Rohit asked Monika for a movie on coming Saturday at 7 pm. Both of them went to the theater.

Both of their hands were on the armrest of the chairs. Rohit tried to touch the soft and smooth hand of Monika with his little finger. Monika felt it, and she immediately pulled her hand back. Monika’s touch made Rohit imagine the pleasure he will get when Monika’s nude body touches his body.

He made a second attempt to remove his shoes and tried to touch her feet. Now Monika straight away looked towards Rohit in the eye. Rohit thought that now he has invited trouble. But Monika said nothing, and they continued watching the movie.

Rohit got scared and was thinking about what Monika will think about him. Monika, somewhere felt what Rohit is looking for. She smiled secretly. Maybe God of kama came and blew a soft air in her ears. Rohit made up his mind and decided that it is ultimately “Yes” or completely “No.”

Rohit wanted to make Monika believe that he is interested in her. They left the theater and, as usual, started the journey towards home. While coming home on the bike, Rohit was purposely applying brakes and bringing Monika close to him. Monika’s soft breasts were colliding with the back of Rohit.

Now Monika was sure that Rohit wants to get intimate with her. It was a cold evening, and both were on the bike. So Monika signaled Rohit that she had accepted his proposal by hugging him from the back and holding him tightly. Rohit received her nonverbal message, and he got a confirmed, “Yes.”

But still, Rohit also wanted a verbal confirmation. Rohit and his advertisement team completed and delivered the ad campaign of the client. This client was happy. The team received a lot of appreciation. So, Priyanka (team leader) decided to give a party to her team in the lounge.

It was a Saturday evening, and everything was at its best. All team members were on the dancing floor, energy, drinks, and dance. Everything was on a high. On the floor, there was an area where it was dark. Rohit thought this is the best chance. He went ahead, grabbed Monika by her wrist, and took her in the dark.

Monica got a hint of what is going to happen next, and she was ready for it. Rohit took Monika there and started dancing, and he first kept his right hand around her waist. Monika was already looking forward. She went closer to Rohit and grabbed his left hand and kept it on her waist.

The sound was going on, and darkness was already there. Rohit gathered all his strength and said, “Monika, I …” Monica stopped Rohit by pressing her index finger on his lips, said, “Don’t say anything, I know.” Monika went closer to his face and kissed him.

Monica’s strawberry flavor lipstick made Rohit mad. He felt the wetness of her tongue and went crazy. Rohit’s heart stopped beating. He was unable to think anything. Both wanted to get lost in the sea of lust but cannot do anything as people were around.

Monica told him that she wants to leave. Rohit said, “Let me drop you.” They informed their team members and left for home. As usual on the bike, this time, they both were not talking to each other. They reached Monika’s place at the gate of her complex. They both were quite.

Their heartbeats were at the peak. Rohit was thinking, “How can I take this to the next level?” Monika looked at Rohit and said, “Tell your aunt that as you’re late from the party, you will stay at your friend’s place.”

Rohit got the message from the lord of lust that he is blessed by him today, and tonight is going to be interesting. Monika also called home and informed that she is going to be at her friend’s place. Monika’s father owned two flats in the same complex but different wing. Monika had the keys to that second flat.

They both were going via the lift. The lift had a mirror on one side. Monica was not facing Rohit, she looked in the mirror, and she was staring at Rohit. Rohit was shaking from top to bottom but was hiding the same. They both entered the room. The lights inside were perfect.

Monika asked Rohit will he eat something. Rohit said no because he was hungry for something else. Rohit turned on the TV and, no one was luckier than him on this earth. The song played ‘Aashiq banaya aapne.’ What a coincidence! Rohit will be thankful for the universe.

Monika went inside did not come out, so Rohit went inside. Monika was serving ice cream for both of them in the kitchen. When she saw Rohit, she had one spoon of ice cream and purposely kept a little bit of ice cream on her lips. The drop of ice cream was moving down from her lower lips towards the chin.

Rohit was unable to stop himself. He went running towards her, grabbed her, and licked that drop moving away from her lips and gave her a passionate kiss. Some drops of cream also fell on her breast. Rohit proceeded to lick her breasts, but she pushed him away.

But Rohit was unstoppable now. It was like the tiger has tasted the blood, and no one can stop him from eating full flesh. There was a distance of 6 to 8 feet between both of them. Both were thirsty for each other.

Monika removed her bra strap from her left arm. Another from the right arm and then unhooked the bra and removed her bra without removing her top and throwing it on Rohit. Rohit again went near her and lifted her. Monika tied her legs around his waist and lifted her top.

Rohit pushed his head inside her top. Monika said, “Drink them, they are yours.” Without further delay, Rohit started sucking those pink areolas. As soon as his wet tongue touched them, a sudden dopamine blast was released in her brain. She was pushed into a deep valley of lust.

Rohit was sucking her left boob and slowly squeezing the right boob. After that, Rohit removed his, and her shirt and top threw it away. She placed her bum on the kitchen dining table. He again started sucking her mangoes as this was the first time he held someone breast.

Monika got naughtier. She took chocolate syrup from the dining table and poured it on her breast. Rohit was licking the whole chocolate on her breast. Monika started laughing and said, “You’re eating them like an animal.” As she was laughing, Rohit saw her white teeth like a pearl and lips like strawberry.

He grabbed her face and kissed passionately and was not ready to leave her. Monika had no choice but to bite his lower lip. Rohit pulled himself back was a bit angry and happy, and in return, he pulled her hair back and gave her a hickey.

They removed all their clothes. Now they both were naked. For Rohit, this was once a lifetime opportunity. He wanted to leave no stone unturned. He lifted her and took her to the bedroom and made her lie down on the bed.

Monika was actually a lean girl, but her skin was smooth and super soft. Her silky thighs were irresistible. Rohit started licking it from bottom to top everywhere from toes to the clitoris. Monika has completely lost herself in lust, and now there was no way back for her.

Rohit slowly started playing gently with her clit. She wanted this to continue forever. Monika also wanted to give some joy to Rohit. She stood up and made Rohit lie down on the bed and started sucking his cock as if it was choco ice cream candy.

The wetness of her tongue made Rohit reach in heaven. Rohit felt like that his juices have started moving, and the main show was still remaining. Rohit pulled her in the middle of the bed. Monika had already lubricated his tool, so no more waiting.

Now he inserted his key in her lock. And started stroking her gently as he wanted to last long. She started moaning. Rohit has waited to hear this sound for years. Rohit was trying to insert as deep as he can. He wanted to make Monika realize that there is no better deal than him.

Monika’s words, “Yes, baby, right there,” made the atmosphere even lustier. This went on for around twenty minutes. Rohit used to start and stop technique. After some time, he thought that he was getting slow, and Monika felt that.

She took the responsibility to drive it further. She stood up and sat on his tool, Rohit was beneath her. Monika was riding on him hard, giving him experience that both will never forget. Rohit said, “Baby, I am about to come.” Monica was not willing to get pregnant

She said, “Please don’t spill your seeds inside me.” Then Rohit said, “What to do now.” Naughty Monika immediately moved and made him stand on the bed and took his tool in her mouth. She started moving her head back and forth. Rohit said, “I am coming, baby.”

Monika wanted to make him reach a peak, and she increased the pace. Rohit was trying not to come. He was pulling it back, but now it was too late. And finally, Rohit shot his juice in her mouth. Monika, for the first time in life, tasted this ice cream. She wanted to experience every drop of it.

Rohit saw Monika’s mouth filled with his juice. He did not wait and went ahead and kissed her. They both kept playing with his sticky juice by rubbing lips with each other.

Finally, the climax happened, and now they both were breathing heavily and were sweating. Monika’s body was shining due to her sweat. Both were sitting in front of each other. Rohit saw a drop of his juice on her lips. It traveled down towards her chin, then neck, breast, and towards the tip of her nipple.

Rohit thought that really he has done some good deeds in his past life due to which he was able to see this view in this life. They smiled and hugged each other and went to sleep.

The next morning, Rohit felt like he is in heaven. Losing his virginity was such a beautiful experience for him. Monika was beside him on the bed sleeping. He thought this was the first experience for both of them. Rohit got freshen up and wore his clothes till that time Monika was awake.

Monika said to Rohit, “Your vanilla ice cream was really nice. I will like to have it again.” Rohit replied, “Don’t worry, baby, you will get one, give me a few days to recharge my tank.”


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