Story of how Sohini tricked the watchman to suck her navel

Story of how Sohini tricked the watchman to suck her navel

Hi, I am Sohini, a girl from Kolkata. I am a girl with an intense navel fetish. I get very aroused if someone touch, poke, or lick my navel. I am having a busty figure, a 36 sized big pair of boobs with a big deep navel in a big tummy. And big ass too, which guys rub a lot taking advantage of the crowd in buses or trains.

Today I will narrate a story seven years ago aboutour watchman. I was just 19 years old then, Uh? So you are calculating my age, well you are free to do that. I was very young but curvy. My boobs were almost 32 or a little more then. But my navel fetish was the same, just like today.

I used to go to a coed college and had many boys as friends. They gradually came to know about my navel sensitivity. Soon they used to grope my belly, sometimes finger my navel. I moaned like a bitch. So it was our final year, and everyone was adult, and everyone had lots of lust inside themselves.

But the thing is what you readers are assuming now that did not happen. You must be assuming my friends kind of gangbanged me. Everyone in part sucked and enjoyed my navel, while someone was groping my breasts and biting my nipples with light, sharp teeth. No! That is not the case.

Yes, many of them individually poked my navel. There were two guys Roshik and Varghav, who sucked my navel with their heart’s content. Roshik pulled down my bra and sucked my boobs too. Then he wanted to fuck me, but I was too young and afraid. So I did not allow him to do so.

One day, my three boyfriends planned a dinner at my house when my parents were out for a three-day trip. There was just one obstacle – a watchman at my house. He was newly hired as our old watchman was too old. Hence, he recommended this guy for work.

This guy was good, but he was also of my father’s age, almost 40 years old. He was given clear instructions by my mom not to allow any boy into the house. Still, we were too excited to execute our dinner plan as my two girlfriends were also coming. Actually, we were planning an orgy kind of thing.

But this man was a little mad kind of, keeps on staring at one place just like he is lost his mind into something and living in some other world. So it was difficult for me that how I can tackle him. I had only 48 hours in hand, and after that, my parents will be back.

That day was Saturday, and I went to college. While leaving, I asked the watchman uncle, “Uncle, do you drink at night? I saw you sleeping last night on duty.” He hesitated and replied,” I was a little tired, so maybe for some moments. It won’t happen again.”

I said,” I did not mean that I meant if you fell asleep, lock the gate well and sleep inside.”

“Inside? Where?”

“In our guest room, you can.”

“No, no, Your parents will be angry.”

“Who will tell them? Chill, come inside tonight.”

He nodded. On the way back, one boy took me to the backside of our college. He sucked my navel and chewed my boobs like anything. Then we kissed, my full dress was looking imbalanced. I started to come back home. Before entering my house gate, I took my shirt out of my skirt, loosening the belt.

I made a knot and kept my deep navel exposed. As soon as I took the last turn before the house, I was already breathing heavily. I did not know if he will fall for it or not. I entered, and his eyes went big, just like he saw some ghosts. He kept on staring at my navel, my deep, sensitive navel.

I saw his eyes fixed in my navel. I intentionally put a finger in my navel and circled it. He mumbled, “What are you doing, madam?” I went near him and asked him, “Do you like my navel? You were looking at it like a hungry creep.”

He got a sweat on his forehead and mumbled, “Sorry, I won’t look again, please, I don’t want to lose my job.”

“You will lose your job if you don’t tell me what I asked!” I said in a sharp tone.

“What did you ask?”

“Well, I asked you ( while exposing more of my belly ) Do you like my navel or not?”

“Yes, I like it. It is so deep and…”


“Too sexy, but forgive me, I won’t look at it again.”

“You have to look at it. Otherwise, you will lose your job.”

He got scared and confused. He was into a tensed mindset the whole day. In the evening, I wore a blue-colored bra and denim. In that dress, even my 32 size boobs were looking so prominent. I went to the watchman, and as soon as he saw me, he took his head down.

Maybe seeing my dress, or I should say seeing me wearing no dress? Hehe. I asked him, “Look at me, tell me, how am I looking?”

“Very erotic.” (in a low voice)

“What are you feeling like seeing me in this dress?”

“Nothing.” (in a low tone again)

“Tell honestly. Otherwise, I can take better steps by calling my parents.”

He hesitantly told, “You are like a young sexy chick, we men desire you. I am sorry, but your navel is too hot, anybody will die to suck that.”

“See, I am very horny, and I love to get my navel sucked. Can you help me?”

“How can I?” (shocked)

“Come inside.”

I held his hand and pulled him. He came, I locked the room door, I told him, “See, I am a virgin, so just do what I tell you to do. Don’t cross any limit.” He nodded with that old shocked face. I took him to my bedroom, made him sit on the bed, and stood in front of him. I just did bend a little and kissed his lips. He started to kiss very fast.

It was my first time kissing someone other than my age. He now took a move forward. He grabbed my head and put his tongue into mine and kissed passionately.  My hairs were coming on my face. He aligned them to sides and kept on kissing me.

I asked him, “Did you ever kiss someone of my age?”

“No, but I like it, your lips are so smooth and soft, felt like doing it wildly.”

“Go ahead.” (I winked)

He showed me the beast inside him and started to suck my lips just like I am a pornstar. He has paid for enjoying it with me. While kissing, he pressed my ass, I gasped. Then he lifted me and threw me on my bed, I was feeling so aroused, he jumped on my face.

He again kissed me in that same force while in the middle was pressing my growing breasts. The way a mature man presses the breast that is too good. It feels like he knows how to grope and when to. He kissed my neck for 5 to 7 minutes, left lots of kisses, ever bit me.

Then he once roughly pinched my right boobs and slapped me in my left one. Then started the navel part. He circled my navel with his index finger. I let out a soft moan, eyes got semi-closed. My deep navel is now in front of a man that to my watchman.

He kissed my navel and then kissed my whole belly. My belly was buttery white and full of flesh as I was quite chubby. Then he drilled my navel with his middle finger, or better, I say he finger fucked my bellybutton. I moaned and moaned. He dug deeper and roughly pinched my navel skin.

He was on fire, his eyes were full of lust. He just jumped in my tummy and sucked my navel, burying his head in my belly. I pulled him up, but he kept on sucking my navel, which made me wet. I kept on moaning, and I was getting hornier.

He then jumped on my bra and released my naughty boobs and started to suck my melons. I closed my eyes, I felt like I satisfy a man’s need and he is doing mine. He pulled my nipples with his teeth and rolled tongue on those, and as a result, it got erect.

Uncle then kissed me for another 5 minutes and asked, “Can you suck my dick?” I readily untied his pant and started to suck the penis. It had a dirty smell. Still, it had an addicting flavor. I kept on sucking and then he asked me to jerk that, I obliged. He cummed at my handjob.

He was satisfied, but I wanted more, So he took me to the bathroom and sucked my pussy, making me lie on the floor. I cuddled him, and in the end, he kissed me, or I better say he smooched me.

After all, I managed him to not tell mom and arranged our new adulthood’s first orgy party. He sucked my navel often after that. The thing he liked the most was how I suck his dick.

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