Story of how the last 2 of the human race get married

Story of how the last 2 of the human race get married

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We were lying on the bed, with my aunt in my arms, looking at the sea. My aunt was slowly swaying her hands on my chest while my fingers played with her beautiful hair. Then she said, “So, Suraj, are you ready to marry me?”

I felt a bit shy because the thought ‘get married’ was a bit different. But I realized that it did not even matter since we were the only humans left. I said, “Yes, Maasi, what are we going to do?”

She said, “Well, we both know that we are doing this just for our own satisfaction, and it doesn’t have to be a big deal. So I wondered if we could just go get ourselves some nice wedding clothes and quickly finish up some of the main rituals.”

I said, “Okay! sound’s good to me.” She then said, “Yeah. And what matters more is what we do after it. Since that will be the main fun part.” I asked her, “What do you mean?”

She gave me that naughty smile of hers and said, ” Our first night as a married couple! I know we have already had many nights together in bed but not as a married couple!” I laughed and said, “Yes, masi, I understand. But does that mean we can have real sex without using a condom?”

Maasi was silent. I said, “You know it! We are the only people left. We would have to do it.” Maasi said, ” I know beta. I have been thinking about it for a long time. Since you told me about Adam and Eve.”

I held her hand tightly and said, “So Masi, will you be my Eve?” Maasi blushed. After some time, she said, “Yes, my Adam! I am ready to be your Eve.” I was filled with joy and picked her up. I asked her, “So, how should we make this happen, darling?” Maasi smiled and told me everything.

We spent the whole afternoon picking up dresses for each other from various stores and finally finished by evening. We then went to the marriage resort. It was extremely beautiful. It was well decorated just like all marriages since numerous marriages kept happening there all the time.

We dressed up. Masi wore the traditional lehenga in which she was looking very beautiful. She was not able to get a blouse of her size, and that’s why it was looking really tight on her. It looked like her boobs would not fit in, and the dress would blast.

I was laughing at that while Maasi laughed as well. Then, we performed some of the main rituals together by ourselves. It didn’t matter if we were doing it right. We were just doing it for our love. After finishing everything, we both returned to our room.

We both sat on the bed, looking at each other. I said, “I’m so glad to have you as my wife!” Maasi held my hand and said, “Me too, darling! I love you so much.”

We both were staring at each other’s eyes for a lot of time. Then I decided to break the silence and slowly approached her lips. She simply closed her eyes, and we had a gentle kiss. It started slow, but I knew it was going to get faster.

We both started breathing faster and faster as our kiss started getting harder and hotter. I went for her petticoat’s hook on her back and opened it. Her blouse fell, revealing her bra. Maasi started unbuttoning my sherwani as well. Now we both were breathing really fast.

Our kissing was getting more intense. Maasi was still in her lower lehenga, but at the top, she only had her bra. While my abs were already out. I was just in my lower pajama. I quickly removed it and threw it away, revealing my huge dick.

I went for masi’s lehenga now. I pulled the lace that kept the lehenga attached to her waist. It fell down, revealing her wet pussy, which was hungry for my cock. I was so into it that I didn’t even wait to remove her bra. I simply held it, and with all my power, I tore it into two halves. Her boobs bounced out.

Maasi was amazed, looking at this. She said, “Wow, Suraj! You are really getting wild, aren’t you?” I laughed while she bent down and went for my cock.

She said, “Come on, my Adam, tell me what you want?” while sucking my balls. I said, “I am all yours, my Eve, do whatever you want. I love you.” She said, “I love you too!” And then completely took my dick in her mouth. She was sucking it really hard.

I then picked her up and threw her on the bed. She was giggling, and I jumped towards her. I held her legs tightly and opened them wide. I shoved my face inside her pussy as she moaned loudly. I was licking her clit and could feel the heat. She was really horny as well.

She was really enjoying my tongue inside her pussy and was shouting. She was close to an orgasm. I could feel that this was the best sex we had ever had! Masi reached the G-point, and suddenly, a lot of her pussy juice showered on my face as she laughed with extreme joy.

I was shocked as I did not expect her to squirt. Maasi said, “Ah, that was so good, Suraj. I am really sorry. I don’t know why that happened! I was just really enjoying it so much.”

Her voice was breaking, which showed how hard that orgasm was. I said, “It’s alright, Maasi! I enjoyed it, anyway.” We both laughed, and then I grabbed her by her waist and turned her. Now her back and her big ass were facing me.

She said, ” Go on, you dirty little boy! Fuck your wife’s asshole! My ass is hungry for your huge thick cock!” I inserted my cock inside her asshole and started stroking really hard. She was shouting as it might be hurting her. But she was enjoying it. I spanked her jiggly ass.

Our skins were making loud sounds of clapping on every stroke. And her bubble butt was jiggling due to the movements. I was loving this and kept spanking her big ass.

After some time, I pulled my cock out and gave her pussy a nice lick. I started rubbing my cock against her pussy. I went to pick out a condom, but Maasi held my hand and stopped me.

I asked her, “What happened? don’t you want me to fuck your tight hot pussy?”Maasi said, “No, I want you to fuck me, Suraj. But now, I am ready to be fucked without the condom. I want your dick and my pussy to meet each other without anything between them.”

I was amazed, and I asked her, “Can I release all my sperm inside you?” She laughed and said, “Yes, honey! I am your wife! I am ready to get creampied by you! Make me your Eve, Suraj! Fuck my pussy! Cum inside me!” She was moaning really hard. And all this made my dick go mad.

I was finally going to feel her pussy. I slowly rubbed my dick against her pussy. It was so hot, and her pussy juice was dripping like hot water on my cock. Then I inserted it inside. Maasi shouted with joy, and I hugged her tight. I can not describe the feeling.

It felt so good, and I had never experienced this amount of joy. We were in the perfect doggy style position, and I stopped right there. It took me some time to absorb this extreme feeling. Then I started moving my dick. And in no time, I was stroking inside her pussy very fast.

She was moaning like she never had! And I was screaming with joy as well. I held her hair together and started fucking her while holding her hair like that. I bent down to feel her big boobs jiggling very fast. I quickly grabbed her ass and gave her a hard spank.

Then I told Maasi to turn towards me and told her that I would fuck her in missionary. I fucked her pussy again in that position while looking at her face crying with joy and pleasure. Her boobs were jiggling very fast.

Maasi then said, “Honey, I want to be on top of you and ride your huge dick.” I lay down, and she climbed up on me. She slowly started rubbing her pussy against my dick. It felt so good. I was playing with her boobs and holding them tightly. Then she held my dick and put it inside her.

She was moaning, and I loved it too. She started jumping up and down, and I was going mad at her beauty. Her boobs were jiggling up and down as well. She then bent down and kissed me while our fucking continued. I told her that I was about to cum.

She said, “Do it, Suraj! Fill your Maasi’s pussy with all your warm juice! Make me your Eve! I want to feel your hot juice inside my pussy Suraj! ” She kept on shouting these words in a moaning voice.

I approached my orgasm, and then I couldn’t control it and released all of my cum inside her. We both reached the orgasm together, and we both were screaming out of pleasure. Maasi slowed down the jumping and stood up, letting my cock out. She quickly bent down to let my cum stay inside her pussy.

I was gazing at her ass. I squished her ass with my hands and stretched her pussy to see the insides. I could see all of the sperm inside her. I said, “Oh my god, Maasi! I have never released so much sperm in my life! You are magical! I love you so much!”

Maasi said, “Oh, Suraj! I have never enjoyed it so much. This was the best orgasm I have ever had. I can feel all of your cum inside my pussy. It is so hot!”

I was really exhausted and fell down and slept while Maasi stayed in that position. I remember feeling her hugging me and lying on top of me while I was half asleep. I hugged her back and put my hands on her ass as she settled herself over me. Then we both slept like that.

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