Story of how we enjoyed sex during her husband’s phone call

Story of how we enjoyed sex during her husband’s phone call

Howdy people, I am James. How is everything going? I am kind of a new author, so please pardon any slip-ups. Along these lines, I have chosen to share an encounter of mine about a phone call!

A little prologue, I am 23 years old, and I live in one of the growing urban communities of India, Bangalore. I am a consultant for an American based organization. I am a typical charming guy with quite a fit body physique and 6ft tall.

This story is the second part of my previous one, Quarantine Notes For The Newly Wed. I know a lot of enjoyed the first part. Thank you for the feedback and comments. And now for what happened next.

I stay in a colony of apartments in Bangalore about 10 km from my workplace. I had a neighbor in the adjacent Apartment named Supriya, a newlywed. Her husband was stuck in Pune for the lockdown period. She was a gracious, beautiful woman, whom I used to converse with.

One of these days, our conversations deviated and lead to a saga of balcony teasing. She started throwing her own worn clothes, which she was wearing at the time, onto my balcony one by one with a note. The saga ended with me ringing the bell on her house, standing nude in the corridor.

She opened the door wearing my loose white shirt. After a bit more teasing, I grabbed her and laid her on the dining table. I leaned her over the dining table. I then opened the shirt buttons with my mouth and saw her boobs bulge out. I then kissed her again in delight, seeing her big boobs.

I took each of her boobs and gave a deep kiss on her nipples. I then looked at her and said, “You are hot, Supriya.” Supriya placed her finger on my lips and said, “Not Supriya, Suppu, that’s what my husband calls me. You are in his place till he comes.” We gain started to kiss passionately.

Then her phone started to ring. It was her husband calling to check on her. I broke the kiss and kiss. I started to kiss and lick the nape of her neck, tilting my head to the side and sucking on her neck. As she cut the call, hugging me tight, she bites her lower lips folding it inside in a sluttish way.

I started to squeeze her neck skin between my lips. I sucked on it, oozing the juice out. I drove my head to the other side, as I bite the flesh party of her earlobe. Pulling the skin with my teeth. She titled her head onto my side and curling her shoulders and produced a gasping sound.

She rubbed her head, bumping hers into mine, as I bite her earlobe. The phone rang again once again. I reached for it this time and gave her a wicked smile and took the call. I placed the phone on the nearby sofa, on the loudspeaker. I placed her on my lap and started to kiss her wildly.

Husband:-Hi, Suppu.

She broke the kiss to answer.

Suppu:- Hi, honey.

I bite her lips as she replied. She wrapped her hand around my neck, dropping it on on my back and interlocking both her hands. I kept on feeling her back on my fingertips, running my fingertip along her spine, as we once again kissed.

Husband:- How is everything going? What was for dinner?

I groped on her ass cheeks, then gave a hard grip on them, driving my nails into her soft bubbly ass cheeks. My head tilted into her neck, biting her neck skin.

Suppu:- Ouch. It’s Chapati and curry, as usual.

Husband:- What happened?

Suppu:- It was (blowing her air away, gasping) a knife, I cut myself.

Husband:- Be careful, da.

I laid her on the dining table as she smiled at me. She was conversing with her husband, asking about how his stay was there. I lowered myself and raising her legs one by one, licking it around her toes. Then diving my tongue closer and closer to licking into her thighs. I did it to both her legs.

Husband:- Is everything ok there? You aren’t feeling lonely, are you?

I then sucked on and bite her inner thigh skin, squeezing and pinching her plumpy every bit of it. She wiggled in pleasure.

Suppu:- No, it’s ok. I just miss you, honey. I miss you (as she gave me a flying kiss ) a lot.

I then again kissed her and grabbed on her boobs, groping it, squeezing it in my hands. Our bodies wrapped in the heat, our head tilted to sides as our head, and our tongue felt the inevitable tug of war of lust. Our saliva was mixed. Her navel and belly button was exposed by the shirt.

I lowered my head on her belly button, grabbing her navel on both sides, gripping on tightly. She let out a gasp. I deep kissed her navel and lick her belly button. She felt a shiver and chill through her body. She wriggled her body in excitement, turning her head to the side and gasping.

Husband:- Well, I miss you a lot too. I wish I could be with you.

Suppu:- Ahhh… I wish so too, I wish you were here to touch me all over.

I did it for some time as she pushed my head away.

Husband:- Naughty girl, are you fingering?

She looked at me, biting her lips, I kissed and bite her right thighs, smirking at her.
Suppu:- Yes, darling, I want you here.

Husband:- Hahaha, I can’t make video call now, da.

I bite around her navel. I swirled my tongue into her belly button, licking around, and kept on biting it. Her hands caressed my hair, holding a tight grip on my head. She gently rubbed through my hair. Her toes curled in pleasure, and her legs wrapped around me.

Husband:- Do you miss my dick, Suppu?

Suppu:- Yes, I want you to lick my navel, bite it, kiss my belly button.

I kissed and bite around her navel. I then lowered my head to her waist, kissing and biting her skin down to her waist. Then sucking on her skin near regions of her pussy.

Suppu:- I want you to suck on my waist down to my pussy…

Husband:- Tell me, naughty Suppu, what else you want?

She was swaying her shoulders back and forth and biting her lower lips. Her breathing pattern changed. She would swoon her navel when I bite her and caress my hair. Her breath slowly became rapid.

Suppu: (she winked at me) I want you to play with my clit, honey.

I spread her legs wide and raised her lower body, moving to her pussy and clit.I licked her clit over and over. I held her clit between my fingers, squeezing it slowly. Her breathing heaved up, and her voice stuttered as her replies came out. I then slowly raised her legs on to shoulders and kept it there. I

I then lowered my tongue into her crotch and grabbed her ass cheeks, and widened her hole. I then placed my tongue on her asshole and licked her pussy and asshole, pressing my tongue into the skin. I did it a few times as her breathing slowly increased.

Suppu:- I want you to widen my asshole more, I want you to finger me there.

Husband:- You seem wild today. I will surely fuck you anal.

I then lubricated my fingers with saliva and pushed my finger into her asshole very slowly. She suddenly stood up with a sudden moan. She kept tapping on my head and lying down more profoundly and widening her legs.

Suppu:- Suck on my pussy more, da!

Husband:- Suppu, I am hard, I want to pound you like a piston.

Suppu:- Not now, please lick me more.

She closed her eyes, bit her lips as I slowly sucked on her pussy. I blew my breath into it, she floundered her body. I separated her pussy lips, inserting my tongue into her pussy. Licking her insides aggressively, I then took my other hand and squeezed her clit.

She jumped on the table and stood up with her legs on my shoulder. She caressed my hair.

Husband:- I am going to insert it, Suppu.

She was squirming around and squealing, trying hard not to moan too much. Her asshole was being fingered with heavy strokes, and her pussy insides fiercely licked by me.

Husband:- I will pound you hard, I will lick your neck and suck your boobs one by one.

She hummed and squealed for everything her husband said, shaking her head. Her pussy insides were soaked. I knew she liked being teased.

Husband:- I want to pound with hard strokes as I bite your nipples.

I used my two fingers and inserted them into her pussy. I plugged her asshole with my thumb and moving my tongue into her clit, licking, sucking, and biting on it. She was taking in long breathes. It went for a few minutes.

Husband:- I’ll pound you hard, Suppu, I am coming.

She smiled at me, raising herself to me and whispered to me, “Now make me cum.” She twisted my chest nipples. I started to play with g-spot and finger her like anything. Her pussy walls wrapped themselves around me. She lay back on the table.

I then bit her clit as I fingered her pussy with 2 fingers from my right hand and plugged her asshole with thumb and pinched on the thigh. She held on my hairs tight. Her pussy walls crushed on my fingers as I played with g-spot.

Husband:- Suppu, I have to go. I’ll call you soon.

Suppu:-Love you too, honey.

Then the call got cut. She told me that she was near orgasm. She was moaning. I then kept on with intense fingers and playing with clit. My hands slowly went into her shirt and took her nipples and started to squeeze them tight. This didn’t go on for long. She drove her nails in to back, she was getting an orgasm.

I felt her tremble. She started to pant heavily. She raised herself to me and started to kiss me and rubbing on my crotch. Suppu then started to kiss me and lick on my neck. She smiled and asked me, “How about we order something? It is going to be a long night.”

The story doesn’t end here. Stay tuned, guys. I hope to see your good and bad reviews at my email [email protected] Consider this story as an invitation for all women out there, married and unmarried, interested in having a relationship with me.

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