Story of losing my virginity to my widow customer

Story of losing my virginity to my widow customer

Hello readers, I am Ankush. This is my first story, and I hope you like it. I am a 23-year-old typical Indian Bengali guy. In this story, I will describe my first experience with a widow who was one of my customers. This happened a year ago.

After completing my graduation, I had to look after my family business of building materials. I’m 5’9″ tall. Though I am not a muscular guy, I have a slim and well-built body. I have a 6-inch long dick, though, and I’m happy with it.

Now coming to the story, we had many wholesale and retail customers. One of our wholesale customers suddenly died of a stroke. He had a 5-year-old daughter. His wife (the heroine of my story) was around 25-27. He died with a heavy debt from us.

After 8-9 months, my dad told me to visit the widow and tell her about the debt. When I went there and saw Ragini for the first time, I was mesmerized by her beauty. She looked 20 years old only in her kurti. Her big melons of 34d were bursting out. And her ass, I can’t explain!

I had an erection immediately. Even now, thinking and describing her had given me an erection. I controlled my eyes and virgin dick from jumping. We sat at her office and talked about business and debt.

She said that she would love to continue doing business with us and slowly repay the debt. After that, we both had tea, and then I left in my car.

So after some days, I went on to another revisit to many of our sub-dealers and her office. There she was looking elegant as always in a nice saree. That day we shared numbers and talked on WhatsApp. She was very witty – beauty with brains.

First, we chatted about business, and slowly our conversations were getting personal. She asked whether I had a girlfriend or not. I said no. She asked why. I replied that I like mature girls rather than young chicks, which is true. She was amazed by my reply.

Then one day, I asked her if she feels uncomfortable working around guys and men. She asked, “Why?” I replied that I had many men ogling at her. To my surprise, she replied, “Men ogling at me as you do?”

I was shocked and didn’t see that coming. I was tensed and couldn’t reply. But there were more surprises left. Again she said, “No, I enjoy that,” which paced my heartbeat even faster.

Me: No, actually, I didn’t mean to ogle at you. But I couldn’t stop myself. You are so beautiful. I’m sorry.

Ragini: As I said, don’t be sorry, I enjoy that.

Me: I need to confess something.

Ragini: Don’t propose to me, don’t forget that I am married.

Me: But…

Ragini: Can we meet today?

Me: Evening at 7 pm.

Ragini: That’s great. Can you come to my house?

Me: Ok. Please send me the location. I will be there on time.

So she sent me her house location, and the whole day, my heart pounded like a hammer. I didn’t know what she was up to. I was scared, excited all at the same time. When I reached her home, it was 6:45 pm. I always love to be punctual.

I parked my bike. And I was going to knock on her door when suddenly it opened. I was surprised. She said that she saw me coming from a window. And then I glanced at her, there she was, standing like a queen in her petticoat. Her whole body was craving for a dick. Again my dick started to rise.

She invited me inside and said that she was taking a nap. She then asked me to sit in the living room and went inside to change. Leaving her door slightly opened. As she started changing, I tried to peak and glanced at her. She was standing in front of the mirror.

She had a slight fat fold near her waist. That made her sexier. Those curves made my dick hard like a stick. My heroine, my dream princess, was standing there fully naked, facing backward. I can’t imagine that. I put my hands in my pockets and started wanking my dick.

Oh, it was hot and hard like red hot iron. She put on her bra and her panties. Then slowly dressed up with a peach-colored top and blue jeans. As she was finishing, I very swiftly got back to the sofa. After a few minutes, she returned, looking like a teenager. And I couldn’t take off my eyes from her.

I asked her where the toilet was. She showed me the way, also noticing the huge bulge in my pants. First, I thought of jerking off, but it would take time, so I pissed, washed my hand. I came to the living room, where she was waiting for me.

Then we went out. She locked her house and sat behind my bike with her two legs on each side. And we started our journey. There was not much traffic, so I knowingly pushed the brake hard near a speed-breaker. Her boobs crushed my back. So I stopped and apologized to her and said to hold me hard.

Now she was holding me like husband and wife. Hugging me from the back. I was on cloud nine – nothing much happened after that. As we reached the mall, she said she needs to purchase something. As I followed her to my amazement, she took me to a lingerie shop.

She took some of her size (that’s where I got to know her exact size). She asked me which one would look good on her with a naughty smile. So I also naughtily replied that how can I tell without seeing the product on her. To my surprise, she took me inside a trial room.

She opened her top. Her big boobs were waiting to be kissed, licked, sucked, and pressed. I instantly lip-locked her with my lips and started unhooking her bra. Then pressing her right boob with my right hand. She then opened my belt and pants, unzipped it.

She started playing with my dick like a child. Our kiss lasted for 5-7 minutes. Then she went down and started sucking my dick in the mall’s trial room. It had grown to its full size and was ready to explode. She was sucking my dick like a wild animal. It was making it hard to stand on my feet with such pleasure.

She was an expert at this, and that was the best blowjob of my life. As it was my first time, after 5-6 minutes, I exploded in her mouth. My cum dripped from the side of her lips. She swallowed the whole and even licked my dick and her lips clean. When she knew that it was my first time she hugged me.

We dressed up and came out. Everyone in that store was looking at us as we were sweating. Then I chose two sets of lingerie and gifted her one extra. Then we went to separate restrooms and freshened up. We stuck together as newlywed couples the whole evening.

We laughed and enjoyed ourselves a lot that whole evening. Then, before leaving the mall, she went to the restroom once more. I went inside and brought a pack of 10 extra-dotted condoms. I even took a male viagra as I was insecure about my performance for the first time.

We returned on my bike. While riding, she hugged me kissed me. When we returned, she went inside. I called my home and said that I would stay at my friend’s place for the night.

When I came in, she was sitting on the sofa with her pants off, just in her panties and top. I locked the door, went to her. Tore her panties off with my teeth, revealing her trimmed and clean pussy.

Man! The smell of her sweat and her pussy fluids was intoxicating. I started licking her clitoris, and she was moaning with immense pleasure. That made my dick hard again. After eating her pussy fluids for 15 minutes, she pulled up my head and kissed me.

I opened my pants and picked her up. I went to the bedroom. I lay her down on the bed and started inserting my dick while kissing. It was so tight that her insides were gripping my dick and milking it. Leaving the kiss, I started pounding her slowly at first and increased my pace.

She was shouting, ” Ankush, fill my pussy with your fat dick.” That made me hornier, and I pounded her harder. She was crying with pleasure and pain. She then suddenly stopped me and requested not to cum inside her. So I surprised her with the pack of condoms.

She took one and put it on my dick. As those dots of condom rubbed her inside walls, she moaned loudly. I started fucking her like a wild animal. After about 20 minutes, she shouted that she was cumming. Her voice echoed the whole house.

She squirted her juices out while I rubbed her clitoris. My dick was still inside her. I was all wet. Then again, after 5 minutes of fucking her tight pussy, I cum. We lay on her bed, side-by-side. I caressed her hair, and she hugged me. After resting for some time, it was 10:30 pm.

She said she wants to shower. So after a few minutes, we bathed together, washing each other off and a lot of kissing. I licked her whole body, then shave her pussy, and she did my bush hairs. We washed and then rubbed each other dry with a towel.

We came out. She then told me to wait outside the bedroom for a surprise. At that moment, I took the male viagra, which was there in my pants pocket, lying in the living room. She came out wearing the beautiful two-piece bikini that I gifted her. She was looking like a sex goddess.

Seeing her and due to the actions of viagra, my dick again rose for action. I picked her up on my shoulder and landed her on her bed. I then started playing with her tits and sucking it like an infant until she said to stop as it was hurting her. I then gave her a lot of love bites.

Then she again gave me a memorable blowjob, but this time I didn’t cum. So she got more excited and told me to fuck her pussy again. But I asked her to let me fuck her ass. She got even more excited. I fucked her ass like hell and slapped her. Then fucked her in the doggy style.

We had sex up to 2 am. Then we slept naked on each other’s bodies. The next day, she woke me up with an awesome blowjob. Till now, we often have sex with each other. One of her daughter’s teachers even got caught that led to another adventure, but that’s for the next story.

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