Story of Manusha tranny’s wedding night!

Story of Manusha tranny’s wedding night!

My dear fans, I am very happy to inform you Indian sex story all that I got married on Saturday, 3 October 2020, to Mr. Ranjan.

My hubby is a bank officer. My hard-core fan, an admirer who has been following me as a tranny for years, proposed that I get married to him just a month back. I was not really convinced by the idea of getting married to a person and be a loyal wife to him.

He promised me that he will not restrict me from any of my activities and won’t stop me from pursuing my current lifestyle. Wow! I was so glad and relieved after hearing that and happily obliged to his proposal. Ranjan is a person who knew me very well, knew my passion and profession as a pornstar.

I watched all my videos more than 100 times. He was madly in love with me. From the day I told him. “Yes,” he kept on buying gifts for me. Every day, Ranjan sent me pics of what he bought and kept for me. I was eagerly waiting for our wedding day to shower me with those gifts.

As usual, I keep meeting my clients every weekend. I was in the hotel room from 1 October itself. With the idea of getting married 2 days after, I was feeling really horny to get fucked by multiple men before my wedding date. On day 1, four men fucked me from morning till evening.

I didn’t want anyone for a full night. On day 2, I had with one guy in the daytime and had a booking by the CEO of an IT company for a full night. A sweet person who had a good time with me. I wished me all the best for my wedding the next day by 11:30 AM.

CEO left on Saturday morning by 9:30 after having breakfast with me, and I came back to my room. After returning to my room, I got a call from Ranjan. He told me that he would reach the hotel room in the next 30 minutes. I took a bath, applied makeup and dress, and got ready for him.

I was feeling so excited about the mere thought of getting married in the next hour. I was feeling shy as a bride. I knew that my fiancé is coming with a lot of gifts, including a newly purchased saree, underskirt, blouse, bra and panty, sandals, necklace, bangles, waist chain, perfumes, nail polish, makeup kit, flowers, and all those required to dress up as a bride.

I had never tried a saree before but had learned some tips and tricks from YouTube videos. Soon after, I got a call from him again, stating that he is down at the hotel. My heart started beating faster, a feeling that I never experienced before. I asked him to come up to the room, open the door, and just come inside.

I was wearing a girly top and skirt with my makeup on, all ready for my future hubby. He just came inside in 5 minutes, wearing a grey T-shirt and blue jeans with a backpack. The moment he saw me, he hugged me and said, “Baby, you are looking so beautiful. I was waiting for this day for a long time. I love you, baby. I want you to be my wife.”

I whispered in his ears, “Oh, yeah, baby, I am all yours. Marry me.” Ranjan made me sit on the bed and opened the bag. He carried all those he bought and kept for me and took those out one by one. I was literally surprised that a fan shows so much for the love and care for a porn star like me.

I just couldn’t believe my eyes. He displayed all those items on the bed (see pic) and asked me to change to a bride’s attire. Though I was a bit shy, he encouraged me to undress in front of him and put the clothes one by one. With a bit of hesitation and excitement, I removed my top and bra.

I was nude from the top in front of him. He looked all over me, but he was gentle enough not to touch my body before he literally tie the knot. Ranjan helped me to wear the new black bra and blouse. The blouse was a bit tight for me from the front, but he managed to adjust the hooks for me.

After wearing the upper part, he asked me to undress from the bottom. As an obedient fiancée, I removed my skirt and panty and turned around to hide my she-cock from my fiancé. He passed the panty and asked me to wear it. I was sure when I bend down to wear the panty, he would have got a sexy view of my tiny cock.

I wore the yellow underskirt and tried to drape my yellow saree. As I didn’t have any experience in draping a saree before, it was quite a task for me to drape to at least some satisfaction. He patiently waited and helped me drape the saree. It took almost 45 minutes for me to complete my dressing as a bride.

Once my dressing was done, he opened another packet, which contained red roses and jasmine flowers. He took a hair clip and wanted to put the jasmine flowers on my hair. I turned around for his convenience. Soon after that, when I turned around, I saw Ranjan kneeling down with a red rose flower in his hand.

He was saying, “Baby, will you marry me?” It was such a romantic moment in my entire life. I was surprisingly shocked. But accepted the flower, saying, “Yes, baby, I will.”

Ranjan got up from his kneeling position and told me that “I am going to tie the Mangal Sutra now.” I was in 7th heaven! I am getting married. Ranjan tied the Mangal Sutra and put sindoor on my forehead, and literally married me. I touched his feet and went closer to him to give him a sexy kiss.

All his patience broke off. He was waiting for the wedding to get over to grab my sexy flesh. I could feel his warm tongue all inside my mouth, and it was a long, lasting lip lock. His hands were all over my belly, waist, and butts. My big butts were pressed hard and squeezed, turning me on to surrender to him.

I lifted my neck for him to feel me more. While he was kissing me deep on my neck and ears, his right hand started pressing my boobs, and left hand was all over the belly and buttocks. I was melting like ice and felt really like a newly wedded wife being loved by her hubby on her first night.

We were both standing position, kissing, and feeling each other. The jasmine flower-spread bed was inviting us to sleep on it and mate like snakes. I lay down to the bed from the standing position, inviting him to come all over me. My yellow saree was totally misplaced from my body.

My belly and boobs were clearly open for my hubby. He was totally in love with my sexy navel and belly and the bulges over the black blouse. Hubby’s kissed my belly, kissed all the way up to my boobs and neck, went back to the navel again, and inserted his warm tongue deep inside my hot navel.

I felt really good by the way he was licking my belly and navel. I could feel his warm breath all over my waist. He tried to remove my saree, but the safety pin attached to the blouse was a roadblock. I asked him to remove the safety pin to make him more accessible to my flesh.

He removed the safety pin and moved the upper part of my saree totally off from the body. He quickly removed the blouse hooks and opened the blouse for him to feel my boobs over the bra. He started getting the sexy fragrance from my armpits and couldn’t resist smelling there.

I lifted both my hands and allowed him to smell my smooth armpits. The sexy smell of the ‘Secret Temptation Romance Perfume’ made him crazy. He smelt and kissed my armpits deeper and deeper and started to lick all over there. He was very specific about gifting this perfume to me, as that was his favorite.

I go crazy when someone licks my armpits. Here my sweet hubby was doing the same. I lifted both my legs and wrapped him all over me. Just in 2 minutes, he removed the blouse and saree totally off from my body. Now, I was lying down in a black bra and yellow petticoat.

His hands again pressed my boobs, and he pushed my bra up to take my boobs into his mouth. He sucked both my boobs and pressed really hard. His tongue was rolling over my small tits, and he was giving me love bites. The entire area around the boobs turned into red. I could feel his bite marks on my body.

He moved down to my navel again, further down to my sexy bulge over the panty, gave me a deep kiss there. My tiny cock was throbbing inside my black panty. In seconds, my yellow satin petticoat was lifted up, exposing my legs and panty.

Hubby kissed my toes, my sandals, and came slowly upwards to the legs, thighs, and inner area of my panty. He rubbed his face on my panty and the inner thighs. He loved the smell of my body and told me, “Baby, you smell like a princess. It’s too good.”

His tongue was just playing all over my panty and inner thighs. He slowly pulled my panty down. My satin underskirt was further lifted up, and he spread my legs further. I just closed my eyes, lifted my hands, and was just enjoying his tongue all over my tiny cock and the sexy hole.

Ranjan was just in the bathroom towel, licking and sucking my cock and asshole. I further lifted my legs to feel more inside to insert his tongue deeper and deeper into my hole. He inserted his middle finger inside the hole and kept on fingering me and sucking the cock at the same time.

I gave him my lubricant gel to feel more of his fingers inside me.

Me: Baby, put some lube, and insert two fingers.

Hubby: Oh yeah, my jaan, let me insert two fingers. Oh yeah baby, it’s two inside now.

Me: Oh, baby. Finger me faster.

Hubby: My jaan, your pussy is so good! So wet and juicy.

Me: My sweetie, can you insert one more finger in my pussy?

Hubby: Yeah, my love, can I?

Me: Yeah, baby, I am so horny, put three. Apply some more lube.

Hubby: Oh, my sexy wife, I am inserting three now.

Me: Ah, I feel so good, baby. Don’t stop. Keep stroking your hot wife’s pussy.

Hubby: Baby, can I fuck you now. I wish to fuck you without a condom. I wanted to make you pregnant, baby.

Though I never entertain unsafe sex, I thought of receiving his sperms deep inside me and said yes to him.

Me: Oh, my dear hubby, I am yours. Fuck me and plant your seeds in me.

Ranjan took his towel off and removed his underwear. For the first time, I saw my hubby’s erect cock. It had a big head, looking like a ‘mushroom cock.’ He placed a pillow at my back and lifted my waist a bit more up. He then placed the cock just on my hole, and with a slight push, it went deep inside me.

I loved the missionary position we were in, and he started stroking my pussy gently.

Me: Oh yeah, fuck me. Fuck me, baby. Fuck me hard. Fuck your slutty wife, hard baby.

Hubby: Oh, my girl, what a hotwife you are! I am so lucky that I got you as my wife.

Me: Baby, do you mind me sleeping with other men?

Hubby: No, baby, not at all. I told you, na? I love to see you enjoying your life.

Me: Oh yeah, my dear, love you so much! Fuck me harder! I will spread my legs wide open for you.”

His strokes were getting really harder. He kept his lips on mine and kissed me deeper in the mouth. He supported him by pressing his butts and pushed him deeper into my hole. The big and thick head of his cock was making me feel so good inside my wetness.

He fucked me in the same position and didn’t want to change it. Even I was totally in a mood and didn’t want him to stop fucking me. After about 15 minutes of hard fuck, he sprayed his huge cum load deep into my pussy.

Hubby: Oh, baby, I am cumming.

Me: My love, cum deep inside me. Make me pregnant, baby.

Hubby: Ah, oh shit, cumming!

He lay down on me for another 5 minutes without taking his cock out. He was so happy that he could fulfill his desire. It was to marry India’s No. 1 T-girl pornstar and fucking her as a newly wedded bride. He got up from me and said, “Baby, I don’t feel like getting up from you. I am hungry for more.”

I said, “Sure, darling, let’s do again after some time.”

As soon as he got up from me, I could feel his warm fluid coming out of my hole. I touched down and felt the thick cream all over there and felt really happy that I could satisfy my hubby in the first night itself.

We had sex for another two times in the same night. I changed my dress from a saree to two different outfits for him to enjoy me in different looks.

Thank you for reading about my wedding day and first night experience.

Loads of love,

Manusha Tranny.

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