Story of my Dubai vacation spent with a hot married woman!

Story of my Dubai vacation spent with a hot married woman!

Hi, this is Rahul. This is my second story. The girl in the story is real. She lives in Dubai. This happened when I went for a Dubai vacation for a week. Something about her. She is a bomb, and I am sad that she lives all the way in Dubai. She is a South Indian girl who is married.

I texted her in Hangout that I have reached Dubai and am staying in the Signature Hotel, Tecom. I told her that I wanted to roam around and see places here in Dubai. She told me that she, too, was free. Her husband has gone out of the country for his job.

She told me that she would pick me from the hotel and we would go sightseeing. I got ready. Just then, she rang and said she is down. I rushed down and saw her in the lobby. She was eye candy. She was much shorter than I expected.

She wearing a white off-shoulder t-shirt and a black above knee-length skirt. Wore a pair of boots and hair tied in a pony. She was fair, and her skin was glowing. She gave me a cute grin and shook hands with me. I know its an awkward situation as we both know each other’s deep stories.

To cut the awkwardness, she said, “Let’s go.” I walked with her, and the moment I saw her car, I was like, “You seriously drive this car?” It was her husband’s black Dodge Charger. I joked, saying, “It’s way too big for your size, dear.” She replied in a double meaning, “It’s fun to ride big.”

We both just laughed and got in the car, and she drove. It was a Thursday night, and the roads in Dubai were crowded. We reached a place called Burj. She parked her car, and we got into a club there. We sat there and started to talk about random stuff.

After a few rounds of drinks, we exited the club and began to walk through the inner roads of Burj. She was holding my hands now. Maybe the drink she had, or she might have felt comfortable with me. So, at last, after the night was done, she dropped me at my hotel.

I asked if anyone stayed with her. She said she was alone. I asked her if she would mind if I stay with her. She paused for a while and then said, “Yes, sure, you can come with me.” I went to my room, packed my stuff, and got into her car, and drove to her flat.

I was so excited, and my lusty mind was expecting something to happen. My mind kept on imagining all the things I would do to her. I won’t be able to stop myself after knowing how good she is from her stories. I kept looking at her soft white thighs as she drove.

Damn, I just wanted to get between those. How would it be? Is she shaved or hairy? A lot of things ran on my mind. She caught me glancing at her thighs and asked, “Are you okay?” And smiled at me. I said, “Yeah, just sightseeing,” and smiled, thinking about the thoughts that were running in my mind.

“You like what you see?” She asked with a wink. It was a double meaning question. I, too, replied. “Yes, it looks beautiful. But only once we get deep into it, we feel the beauty.” She laughed. I started sweating despite the AC in the car. Then we reached her place.

She took me to her apartment, and it was so beautiful. Very clean and classy. She said, “Make yourself at home. I will just freshen up and come.” Saying this, she went to her room and came back with a towel and got inside the bathroom. I fetched a beer from the fridge and sat there watching TV.

After 15 minutes, I heard the door being opened. She came from the bathroom, just wrapped in a white towel. I was mesmerized and sat there expressionless. She smiled at me and said, “I will be right back,” and went to her room. I noticed that she did not lock the door.

Instead, just closed, leaving a gap to peep through. I couldn’t stop my curiosity. I sneaked and silently peeked through the gap. There she was drying her hair. That was sexy as fuck! She was drying her hair with another towel looking in the mirror. I don’t know if she noticed me, but she continued.

I stood there, watching. I was sweating. My mind was telling me to go and ravage her. But I held myself back not to spoil the night. She sat on the bed and started to apply some lotion on her legs and hands. And then it was the moment. She opened her towel and started to apply the same lotion on her firm boobs.

It was a killer sight. By this time, I had a huge hard-on, and my one hand was on my hard-on stroking it. I wanted to see more of her, but the towel was still around her waist. She had a white bra and panty on the bed. After applying the lotion, she put on her bra and then stood up, causing the towel to fall.

Now I could see her round, smooth, flawless ass. She took the panty to wear. The moment she bent to wear them, God, I lost it there! I was stroking myself but didn’t want to cum as I wanted to save it for later. Then she began to wear a white see-through shirt and pink shorts.

Then I tiptoed back and sat on a sofa and began to sip beer and watch TV as if nothing happened. Moments later, she came into the living room. She had her hair tied up in a ponytail. Bright pink lipstick and smokey eyeliner applied. She had used some soft smell perfume, which was soothingly pleasant.

Her shorts were so short that it revealed her milky thighs and beautiful legs. She sat on a single couch by folding her legs onto the sofa. I was feasting her legs and thighs with my eyes. I wanted to kiss them, lick them, and bite them. Her lips looked so juicy with that glossy pink lipstick. She looked like a doll.

Her flawless fair skin and skin texture showed how much good care she takes of her body. I wanted it all for the night. Then we began to talk about some random things. She was so talkative. She then said, “I am gonna put nail polish. You can enjoy the TV.”

Then she came with a nail polish bottle and sat on the floor. As she started to paint her nails, I too shifted on to the floor and sat opposite to her. I asked her if I could try putting it for her. She giggled and said, “Okay, give it a try.” I began to put nail polish for her. Her legs were cute and sexy.

Bright red nail polish contrasted greatly to her milky white skin. Her under feet was pinkish shade and soft. After I finished applying for her, I began to blow on her feet to dry it. I knew she was getting high with this all happening. While blowing, I began to kiss down part her feet fingers.

She smiled, and then I saw her expressions changing to a mixture of smile and lust. Her lips had a smile, but her eyes had lust. I started to wet kiss under her feet, and she was moaning softly. I took this as an invitation and began to kiss and lick her legs.

I was waiting to touch her, and now I was literally feasting on her legs. I kissed my way up to her knees and then to the thighs. I took my time in her thighs and then caught hold on her feet and pulled her to me. She was sitting before, and now as I pulled, she was lying on the carpet.

We both spoke nothing. I was above her, supporting on my hands and bend down and kissed her belly. I pulled up her shirt, exposing her belly. She had a very beautiful deep navel. I began to kiss her navel and play with my tongue in it. She was breathing heavily.

Her boobs raised and fell in her each breath. I kissed all the way up, kissing her boobs over her shirt. She gasped pretty loud and wrapped me more on to her. I kissed and licked her neck and then to the earlobes. She was getting crazy. Her legs were twisting, and she began to scratch my back with her nails.

And then, our face was opposite to each other. For a few seconds, we stared into each other’s eyes. Suddenly we began to kiss wildly. Our lips locked, and tongues clashed. We were kissing like there was no tomorrow. Suddenly she pushed me back and was gasping for air. She said, “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

We both got up. I caught her and pinned her back to the wall, and again we began to kiss. I had to bend a bit as she was very short for me. As we were eating each other’s lips and tongue, she began to raise on her toes. She put both hands around my neck.

I caught her ass cheeks and lifted her up to my chest. She locked her legs on my torso and sat on my chest. Still kissing, I walked to the bedroom carrying her. We reached her bed, and I dropped her on to it. I asked her, “Do you want it slow or rough?” She replied, “Maybe both?” And giggled.

She turned on the table lamp, which gave the room a golden shade. There was classiness in everything – the room, decors, lighting. She then stood on the bed, and now we were the same height. She immediately caught hold on my T-shirt and pulled it out, exposing my bare torso. It was all fast then.

I caught her by the collar of her shirt and pulled her close to me. In one pull, I ripped open her shirt, causing the buttons to spread away. I threw the shirt to a corner. She was in her white see-through bra. I could see even her areolas that were the lightest shade of brown.

I pulled her close, and we hugged again and began to kiss wildly again. While kissing, I unclipped her bra, and it went the same way as her shirt. I looked at her with just her pink shorts. I held on to her shorts along with panty and slowly pulled it down in one go.

And there she was, naked and ready to be devoured. I looked at her for few seconds from tip to toe. Her flawless fair skin was glowing in the golden room light, her bright red nail polish contrasting greatly to her white toes. She was fucking sexy, such a beautiful body.

I didn’t waste a moment. I just grabbed her waist and pulled her onto my lap. She kept her knee on my thigh as I took her tits into my mouth. I just sat there sucking and making her tits soaked in my saliva. I was sucking so hard and went back and forth on her tits.

She grabbed my hair, and all she did was moan in a slow, sexy manner. That made me crazy, and I went even wilder. I cupped her ass and squeezed them as I took the tip of my tongue and just circled around her areolas. She bit her lips as I looked at her.

I flicked her nipples with the tip of my tongue, and she grabbed my hair so hard. She pulled my face back and gave me the most passionate kiss I ever had. Her tongue was in my mouth. We were just playing, moaning, tasting each other. It was so fucking good.

It went on for like neither of us wanted to stop, and suddenly the bell rang.

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