Story of my first sex in the bathroom with hot Akhila

Story of my first sex in the bathroom with hot Akhila

Hi everyone, this is Arjun. I stay in the heart of Bangalore city. I’ve been a regular reader of XIS, and I am now sharing my experience with sex in the bathroom.

My sex adventure with the hot neighbor aunt happened 3 years back in the apartment I stay. It was during my final year of the degree. I was 22 back then with a fit body and 6-inch tool, enough to satisfy any woman.

I believe the satisfying skills are more important than the length of the tool. Trust me, it is more satisfying and fun to make love to experienced or married women.

About my story’s heroine, Akhila is a Kannada speaking 32 years young neighbor of mine.  She stayed in the opposite flat, a good wife and a mother to an 8 months old kid. Fair and beautiful, soft-spoken, and very mature. She wears a top and leggings every day at home.

It makes one feel like you want to marry a girl with such morals and character. I respected her, but I also had feelings for her. She was traditional and also modern at the same time, with a 34-32-36 figure similar to an hourglass. Her boobs seem just perfect.

Let’s start the story. I studied in a reputed college and came straight home every day at 1 pm since I had no girlfriends (not even now). My mom is a housewife, and so is Akhila.

One day I came home and noticed my mom had locked the door. When I called her, she said she had been to my aunt’s house due to an emergency, and she will be back by 5 in the evening. Akhila heard my voice and opened her door to inform me the same.

So I took out my phone and called my friend to check if I could visit him. He didn’t pick my call. Seeing this, Akhila offered me to come in and stay with her and also offered lunch. Though I initially was hesitant, she insisted.

Well, I thought I had never spoken to her properly, even once. I thought I’d get to know my neighbor well. (I had no bad intentions) She was preparing lunch and asked me to watch TV and make myself comfortable.

I watched TV for some time and then got bored and went into the kitchen. When I went there, I saw her from the side angle. It revealed her boobs from the side, indicating they were of good size and attractive. While she moved, I saw her legging got stuck between her ass cheeks.

I slowly built a conversation and got to know hers was an arranged marriage. Her husband goes to the office at 10 am and comes home at 9 pm. She was sweet.

But I wonder why my eye was stuck to her tight ass in those leggings. I guess she didn’t wear her undies. Her jiggling breast while she did her kitchen work. I had an instant hard-on, and I believe she noticed it.

I asked about her 8-month-old son. She said he was sleeping in the room. Well, my mind started giving me some kinky ideas to try. She asked me about my college, studies, friends. And in the end about my girlfriends.

Me: I have no girlfriends.

She: (looked at me in shock). Stop lying to me. I’ve been through your age. You are smart. You can be honest, and I won’t tell your mom.

Me: (I don’t know where I got the courage from to shout) No. I don’t have any girlfriends, and I am a virgin!

We both ended up laughing. She noticed my tent in pants again. She asked me to sit and watch TV and lunch will be ready in 2 minutes. Later she served me lunch. While we were eating, the baby woke up and began crying.

She stopped eating and went in and closed the door behind. I had my lunch and washed my hands. Out of curiosity, I opened the door to see her feeding her child breast milk. She turned back to see me.

Me: I’m sorry. I’ll sit outside watching TV, and I’ll close the door?

She: It’s ok. Wait. Come inside, and this will take some time. You might feel bored. How much TV or phone will you see? Come in.

Me: Are you sure?

She: It’s ok, come in.

That instant, I got a hard on and stood behind her, and the conversation began.

She: Come sit in the front. It’s ok. I’ll feed him for some time. Let’s talk. It’s boring for me as well.

And when I went in front of her, to my surprise, I saw her right boob being sucked by the baby, and she saw my tent and smiled. I sat there in front of her, and while talking, my eyes were glued to her breast and her navel. She has opened the buttons of her top.

During the conversation, with full guts, I asked.

Me: What about the left side one? Did it drink that one too? How much milk does your breast produce every day?

She: More than sufficient for the baby to drink. (with a smile and suddenly.) Haven’t you ever seen a girl’s breast? The way you’re looking at it since then.

Me: I’m sorry. And looked away. I told you I don’t have a gf.

I was shy, and she saw me with a kinky look in her eyes and a smirk on her lips.

She: Relax. I was pulling your leg.

And the conversation goes on.

She: If you don’t tell anyone, you can have some milk too. But promise me first. I know what you’re thinking about right now. But that won’t happen, smarty pants. I can see the happiness there below. (pointing out at the tent in my pant)

I was shocked to hear that and with my eyes widely open. And put my head down to see the tent and covered it.

She: Relax. You don’t have to be shy. Wait a minute. I’ll let you have some.

She placed her child in the cradle and asked me to come and sleep on her lap. I didn’t give a second thought. I went and slept on her lap. Her chest and her body smelt amazing. Her hands were smooth.

She placed the erect nipple boob gently in my mouth. She held me with one hand and the other hand between my legs on the thigh close to my crotch. I started acting like a baby and began sucking it. It was sort of delicious. And slowly, I shifted to the other and began sucking that too.

She kept her eyes closed. I kept circling my tongue and also chewing gently on her erect nipple, noticing her getting high. I stopped suddenly, and she looked at me. I said thank you and gave a peck on her belly and suck them too. She again closed her eyes and pressed my head harder on the belly, and bit her lips.

I took the opportunity and slowly shifted her hand from my thigh to my dick and rubbed her hands. She understood and suddenly unzipped and took out my 6-inch dick and pushed the foreskin down. Holding it in her palm and rubbing the head of the penis with her thumb.

It created such a sensation giving me a jolt throughout my body. I got goosebumps. I then turned around, holding her tightly, and shifted my face from my belly to the love hole. Trying to tease her, rubbing my nose on her pants above the love hole.

I believe she was wet by then, and the aroma down there very different. She kept stroking my dick gently, maintaining that eye contact. Our bodies were steaming. She looked into my eyes with so much love and lust. It was 3 pm then.

My phone started ringing, and it was my mom. I was in shock and thought my mom had come home early. I stood up and picked the call. Mom told me that she would be late and would be back by 8 pm and asked me to take care of myself. I told the same to Akhila. She looked at me, smiling, and said.

Akhila: You said you are a virgin, right? Don’t you think it’s high time for you to lose it? (loosening all her buttons and revealing her boobs)

She came closer to me, where I was standing. She raised my hands, pulled out my t-shirt, and began kissing all over her chest. I also reciprocated to it and took off her top and her bra completely. I pushed her to the bed, and in one go, I pulled down her pants, which came down along with the undies.

Man! I was so surprised to see her love hole. I immediately went down sniffing like a dog and digging my nose between her thighs, ultimately her already wet pussy. I began licking it with roughly licking her pussy and drinking all that salty water there.

She tightened her thigh, pushing my head harder into her pussy. She came in 5 minutes shouting and bumbling. I then pulled her to the edge of the bed and made her sit. She understood what she was supposed to do and took my dick into her mouth in one go.

She was too good at it and kept sucking for almost 8-10 minutes, and she stopped sucking.

Arjun: What happened? I’m not done yet. Suck it more, please…

Akhila: Not so soon. Come with me.

She pulled down my pant completely, making me naked, and took me to her bathroom, which was pretty big. This is my fantasy. I always wanted to do it in the bathroom. The bathroom was quite wet. I made her lean towards the wall.

I went down on her again, gently put both her legs on my shoulders, and lifting her a little. I began sucking her vigorously, and within 3-4 minutes, she came again. She laid down on the wet floor and looking at me. She spread open her legs with a smile on her face and invited me to come to her.

Both of us were sweating badly. I went over to her and began smooching her like no tomorrow. She locked my waist with her legs, and I gently directed my weapon to the lovely hole and gave a gentle thrust.

Akhila: Aah! Wait, be gentle. It’s been 6 months, and I haven’t done it since the baby was born.

I was in no mood to listen to her. Watching her enjoying the pain with closed eyes, I decided to keep it a little rough. I arched my back and began ramming my dick hard, creating a loud ‘thup thup’ sound. She kept mumbling like that for almost 10 minutes till I reached a peak.

Arjuna:  I am going to cum now. What to do?

Akhila: do it inside. Let me feel the hot lava flow inside me. It’s ok

I stopped thumping, and with a loud, ‘Aah,’ I spilled the entire load into her pussy. I took it out and saw all the excess sperm liquid flowing out of her hole.

We laid down like that for another 10 minutes. Then again, we smooched and got up, get dressed up. I promised her not to reveal it to anyone and keep it a secret. Even today, whenever we find an opportunity, we make sure we have a quicky.

Guys, give me your feedback about my affair with my hot neighbor

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