Story of my flight and sex journey with Tamil beauty Lavanya

Story of my flight and sex journey with Tamil beauty Lavanya

I have tried to describe the situation to the maximum extent as this was a journey with a Tamil beauty which I can never forget.

After working for a few months, there was an opportunity for me to travel to the US. My flight from Chennai International airport was at 3.30 AM. I reached the airport at midnight. I reached the airport and, after all the formalities, was sitting in the lounge waiting for my gate number to be announced.

I felt a tap on my shoulders. I turned back and saw a slim, dark lady in her mid-thirties. I didn’t recognize her for some time and was wondering what she wanted. Then she greeted me with a smile. “Hi, Raj, Yenna Mardhitya? Nyappakamvaralliya?” (What Raj, did you forget? Don’t you remember?)

Then it struck me. It was Lavanya, my friend’s sister. Ramanan and I were classmates in Engineering. Lavanya was his elder sister, who was also an engineer and was pursuing her post-graduation at that time. She was already married at that time and had a year old daughter.

Later, she moved to the US as her husband went there. I was seeing her after 5 years as she was not able to come to India due to some complications in her Visa. She was dressed in a T-shirt and jeans. She was, however, still maintaining her figure, the same slim figure.

She sat next to me, and we started our conversation. She was happy with the progress I had made. She was in New Jersey, and her husband was now in Atlanta, Georgia. I was happy that I had found someone to spend time with on the long journey.

Being the naughty one, my eyes slowly started checking her out. But I was careful not to let her get a hint about it. I first checked her boobs. They were not big, not even 32. I could make out that nipples were straining against the cloth of the T-shirt.

I could not understand if she was horny or was it the chillness of the AC. I could not check the ass, as she was sitting but realized they were small. Her fingers were long with well-shaped nails with light color polish. She was wearing a thin mangalsutra and a finger ring and no other jewelry.

The toes were also well-shaped and made them elegant with a thin silver toe ring. She was a mix of Indian and American in her outfit that day. The T-shirt was a v-shaped neck. When she bent or moved, I could see a thin line of her cleavage.

Once when she turned back to check something, I could observe her shoulder region through the slight opening that the turning created. She was wearing a black bra, and those thin straps gave me a boner. I have the hots for black bras and panties with designs.

Well, I was ogling at her shoulder when she suddenly turned back, and I was caught ogling. She realized it. Then as a natural reaction, she adjusted her t-shirt to cover the neck region. I was a little embarrassed, but thankfully there wasn’t any adverse reaction from her.

It was time to board the flight, and we moved towards the vestibule connecting the gate to the flight. We were greeted by a couple of sexy Germans who were showing us the way into the flight. Lavanya was ahead of me. I noticed her ass. Her seat was just behind mine.

There was an old man on the seat next to her. Next to me was another middle-aged man. We settled down, and after a few minutes, I felt the familiar tap on my shoulders. I turned back. Lavanya, with a smile, said, “Mama, munnadi ukarutum, nee pinnadi vaa.” (Let uncle sit at the front, you come back.)

I was more than happy to oblige. We exchanged seats and settled down. She had occupied the window and me in the aisle seat. Drinks were served. I helped myself with a glass of wine. She looked at me questioningly, and said, “Do you drink?” I simply smiled and said, “Only when I am with a cute girl.”

She hit me on my arms and said, “You crook!”I picked up a magazine and started reading while Lavanya was busy watching a movie. There was an ad in the magazine about some high-end lingerie. I was looking at it. I didn’t notice Lavanya also taking a peek into the magazine.

I saw her and blushed. She made an angry face and said, “Poru poru, pakkathele oru ponnu irrike.” (Enough, there is a girl beside you.) I just laughed and turned the page. She bent slightly towards me to take a look at the magazine, and that is when I had my first touch of her soft boobs.

When she bent, her left boob placed itself on my right palm, which was resting on the hand rest. It was like she had placed her entire boob in my palm. She stayed like that for some time and then went back to rest on the backrest. I had a boner, and luckily it was hidden under the thick fabric of my jeans.

We landed in Frankfurt after 8 long hours of flight, and we had a layover of almost 5 hours. But I was sure it would not be a cumbersome wait as I had Lavanya with me. As we were embarking, Lavanya again was ahead of me. I was tailing her, and I noticed her ass for the first time.

She did not have a great ass. You could say mediocre. The ones that slim girls would have in college. But nonetheless, I was determined to make the most use of whatever was at my disposal. I was sufficiently close to her, and I made sure to brush my hand against her ass intermittently as we proceeded towards the exit.

We dozed off for some time while waiting for the next flight. Lavanya had dozed off, putting her head on her handbag, which was on her lap. I could see the strain of the flight on her face. The neck of the T-shirt had slightly moved aside. I could again see the bra strap, but this time a little more.

I peeped in and could see her bra covering the tiny snoopers. She was not fair but dusky. Her skin color and the black bra made a strange combination. As she was leaning forward, the T-shirt had moved up considerably. I could see the waistline of her jeans.

I could also see her red panty elastic, which had moved out of the confines of her jeans. I could clearly see the beginning of her ass crack. I got a huge boner. I relieved myself, visiting the restroom. We boarded the flight to JFK and again managed to sit beside each other. We were damn tired and dozed off.

International travel is such a pain. I opened my eyes once and found the lights dimmed. I saw Lavanya in a deep sleep. She was at the window side and in sleep had leaned towards my side. Her head was almost touching my shoulders. I pulled my blanket up and, in doing so, pulled her blanket also.

Now we both were under two separate blankets but both covering us. My shoulder was touching her head. I folded my hands across my chest and slightly leaned towards her. I guess my fingers brushed the sides of her boobs. I could feel the bra inside her T-shirt.

I kept my hand there and intermittently pressed her boobs from the side. I felt like I was pressing a soft cotton ball. I kept my hand there, feeling the small boobs till we landed. We finished the formalities and came out. She boarded a cab. Before doing so, she hugged me and said, “Enjoy your stay.”

I left for my designated place to stay. It was an apartment that my colleagues had already occupied. The next week went on with me becoming busy with my work. That weekend I called Lavanya. She said she was busy and would call me. That night she called and enquired about my well being.

She suddenly asked me, “Yennada girlfriend illiya?” (Buddy, do you have a girlfriend?) I said no. She simply said ‘mmm,’ and the call ended. In the week that followed, I called her twice or thrice. She invited me to her house that weekend for lunch.

So on Saturday, at around 10 AM, I departed and reached her house by 12 PM. She welcomed me with a smile and asked me to feel comfortable. Varini, her daughter, was now almost 6 years. She was with Lavanya’s husband when she was in India. He had dropped Varini back at NJ and had returned to Atlanta.

Varini was a bit hesitant in the beginning. Still, gradually she became friendly with me. Later, she had fallen asleep on the couch. Lavanya lifted her arms to put her to bed in the bedroom. I offered to carry her. I took Varini from Lavs, and in the process, my hands brushed her boobs and stayed there for some time.

The boobs were small but very soft. I had an instant boner but luckily got concealed in the jeans. I put her on the bed and returned to the living room.
We continued to watch the game. Then Lavs asked me if I would like to take a nap. I consented, and she showed me the guest room.

I used the bathroom before going to the guest room, and while coming out, I noticed the bin with clothes. My eyes fell on the purple designer bra. I picked it up and felt the soft material, and I even smelt it. Then I saw a panty also, a bluish one with small flower prints.

I picked it up also, and I just could not control myself. I unzipped again and started rubbing them together on my erect dick. It was a heavenly feeling. I did it for some time and had a huge orgasm. I was careful not to spill my fluid on the lingerie. I emptied it in the commode and flushed.

I zipped up and came out, but the boner seemed to return in no time. I slept thinking of how it would be if I got a chance to put my tool in Lavs tiny hole. I imagined how her cunt would look and how her nipples would react if I licked and bit them. With these thoughts in mind, I fell asleep and got up by 5 PM.

Lavs served me tea and some cookies. Varini was also up. Lavanya told me that her husband had called and she had told him about my visit. Lavanya told me that she would cook some pasta and asked me to have dinner. I said, fine. She served me some nice dishes.

While leaving, I again gave her a hug, and this time it was a little longer. While separating, I moved my hands down and brushed my hand against her bottom. I gently caressed her ass and felt the panty material. I had a huge boner, and she was oblivious of it.

There was a smile on her face. She hit me on my arms and said, “Naaleyu vaa, I will treat you better. Come tomorrow for a better treat.” I reached my apartment and was thinking about the day’s event when Lavs called. She asked me if I had reached home safely.

While speaking about the day’s event, she said, “Yenna, flight liyu observe panne, vitliyu feel panne, yedho edarpaakomadri iriki.” (I observed in the flight and, I felt at home also. You seem to be looking for something from me.)

I was speechless for some time and mustered courage and said, Yes, I want you Lavs. Ye naale thanga mudiyaadhi. Yes, I want you, I am not able to control.”

The next day, I was at her doorstep exactly at 10 AM. She welcomed me with a smile and again the same customary hug. This time it was a little longer. I took time to move my hand down this time. I gently placed my palms on her ass and kept it there for some time feeling the panty.

She was in a nighty, and I could clearly feel her ass in its completeness through the gown and the panty. She held my hand and led me inside and asked me to sit. She completed cooking while Varini and I watched our favorite baseball game.

After lunch, we continued to watch TV. I didn’t realize when Varini went off to sleep. This time I carried her to the bedroom. Lavs took the child from me, and this time, I made sure my hand had a sufficient feel of the tiny nipples. I didn’t think twice and cupped her boobs and gave a gentle press and walked out.

She put the child to sleep and came to the living room and sat next to me. There was complete silence for some time. Then she suddenly asked, “Yeh appdi panre, yeh enna vuyir vaangre. Nalla irikena?” (Why do you do this? Why do you kill me like this? Am I good looking?)

I said, “Don’t ask anything. I want to make love to you.” She was shocked but, after some time, said, “Venda da. Idh thappu.” (Don’t, it’s wrong.) I said, Once, please only once.” I didn’t wait. I put my lips on hers and started biting her lips. I put my hand on her lovely melons and started squeezing.

She said, “Ayyo viduda.” (Ayyo, leave.) I didn’t wait. I pushed her on the couch and fell on her. I continued kissing, and this time put my hand on her love hole over the nighty and started rubbing. She was just moaning. I started moving the hem of her nighty.

Her slender dusky legs were a great sight. Then came into view her bluish panty, the one which I had rolled over my dick. I continued pulling the nighty up and pulled it till her neck, exposing her soft lemons hidden in a black designer bra. I pulled the boobs out of the bra and started sucking her nipples.

Her areolas were round and dark, and the nipples stood out like pellets. She said chinna size. Small size. I didn’t bother to reply but increased the sucking. Then I tried pulling the nighty over her neck. But as she was lying down, it was difficult. She lifted her head and neck, and I was able to pull it out.

Now she was lying on the couch in her bra and panty. Apart from that, there was a small chain with black beads, a symbol of marriage, and two toe rings. I removed my T-shirt and jeans and then my jockey. Seeing my tool, her hand went there automatically, and she started stroking it.

I removed her bra and again started sucking. Then she started removing her panties, but I stopped her and said, “Naa panre.” (I will do it.) Then I pulled it down till it’s final journey till the ankles to expose her clit with a few strands of public hair. She kicked the panty out, using her feet.

I held my tool in my hand and started teasing her by not inserting but only hovering it on the hole. She said, “Yeh podra ulle. Uyir vaangaade.” (Put it in. Don’t kill me.) I laughed, and with a gentle push, put it inside. She let out a small moan.

I started the rhythmic movement and started humping, holding her arms. She was holding my back and intermittently pulling me towards her. I increased the speed. at the same time, I put my mouth on her boobs and started licking. In this melee, my dick came out once.

Immediately, her hand went there and held my dick. She slightly lifted her ass and accommodated my dick inside again. I started the push and pull service again, and now she had also reached a state of near orgasm. She said, “Panra varaadhe.” (Do it, don’t come.)

I said yes yes and started with even more vigor. She then started lifting her ass and matching my strokes and finally shouted, “Aayidchi da.” (It’s over.) I also reached my orgasm in a while. I fell on her breathing heavily and allowing my baby manufacturing fluid to sink in deep inside the valley of heaven.

We lay like that for some time till the last drop of cum was sucked in. Because it was a couch, I had to sit. Now I was sitting near her feet, and she was sleeping with her hands over her eyes and knees folded. I put my hands on her knees and put my head also on her knees. She was moving her fingers through my hair.

She also got up and sat next to me. She wore her bra, panty, and nighty and went to prepare tea. That night I decided to have dinner and leave. While she was preparing dinner, I was with her in the kitchen, and I could not control myself.

I went and hugged her from behind and started mauling her small boobs. She was filled with a little guilt by now and tried to push my hands away. But I was too strong for her. I started dry humping her and then I put my hand on her cunt and started massaging it over her nighty.

I could feel the wetness over her panty. I slowly started lifting the nighty up, feeling the smooth skin of her dark thighs. She kept saying, “Venda da, please.” (Don’t, please.) But who had the patience to listen? When I reached the love hole, I could feel the wetness that her vaginal fluid had caused on the panty.

I lifted the nighty further up to cup the boobs. I tweaked the nipples by putting my hand inside the bra and gently bit her on her neck. She put her hand behind on my head and started moving her hands through my hair. She asked me, “Sappad vendama?” (Don’t you want dinner?)

I replied saying, “Mudhale appetizer.” (First appetizer) Then I unzipped my pant and let it fall around my ankles. I pulled her panty down till her knees and made her bend asking her to hold the kitchen slab for support. I could sense that she could not widen the legs as the panty was obstructing it.

I pulled the panty further down till her ankles. She adjusted her feet to let the panty fall down, and she pushed it away with her legs. I made her bend and adjusted my tool to enter her dripping cunt from behind in the doggy style. I was squeezing her ass and pinching them.

All that I could hear was moans asking me to stop. I gave a thrust, and my dick went in completely. I started thrusting it with vigor. She was holding the kitchen slab, and I was now holding both her boobs and pushing fast. I slowly increased the pace and with a grunt unloaded completely.

I never thought I would get so much pleasure humping doggy style. I hugged her tightly and said, “Thanks Lavanya.” She simply said, “Porunda. Thirimbi Venda.” (Enough. We will not do it again.) I said fine, and both of us wore our clothes.

She let the nighty fall covering her body and bent to pick up the panty from the floor. I took the panty from her hand and said, “Idhi ye kitta irrakattu.” (Let this be with me.) She smiled and said, “Take it.” That evening I kissed her goodbye, and with tears in my eyes went home.

The next weekend, I boarded my flight back to Chennai. Before leaving, we had a long conversation on the phone. While disconnecting, I said I love you. She said, “Me too.”


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