Story of my mom’s affair with her colleague

Story of my mom’s affair with her colleague

Hi everyone, This is poppy! And I am 22 years old. This is the story of how I found out about my mom’s affair and caught her fucking her boyfriend. I hope you all enjoy it.

One day it was raining heavily. I had come to my house to give my mom a surprise visit. I lived in a hostel a few hours away from my house and decided to give my mom a surprise visit on her birthday. My dad died when I was 2 years old, and my mom lived alone since I shifted to the hostel.

I had the spare key to the home. So I quietly opened the door and headed towards my mom’s room. I heard some noises as I went closer.

“Aah, yes fuck me harder, harder honey, fuck me, fuck me, I am all yours, fuck me.” I was stunned to hear such a thing from my mother’s mouth. I went closer out of curiosity and found the door to be slightly open.

I peeped in and was dumbstruck. A hot man was on top of my beautiful mother. His huge dick was in my mother’s pussy, and he was sucking her right boob. My mother was moaning in ecstasy, “Fuck me, honey, faster, please fuck me.”

I ran out of the house quietly and returned to the hostel. I was disturbed at first and curious about who that man was. Later, when I recalled all the scenes, I felt aroused. I thought of spying on my mother again. So the next day, I went back home again. It was my mom’s birthday.

I thought that if he is her boyfriend, then he must have stayed over for her birthday. It was around 4:00 pm in the afternoon. I entered my home quietly and tiptoed to my mom’s bedroom. The door was slightly open as that day. I peeked in.

The man was kissing my mother passionately on the bed. She was wearing a black bikini, and the man was in his underwear. My mom was really looking hot. Big bouncy boobs in a black bikini bra, her tiny waist with triangle bikini panty covering her pussy.

The man was hot too. He had muscular arms and a well-toned body, and I knew he had a big dick because I had seen it the day before. He was kissing my mother, passionately. Biting her lower lip. (By the way, my mother’s bed was at such an angle that I could literally see everything they were doing in detail).

He started kissing her slender neck and pressing her boobs over her bikini bra. She was moaning a lot, “Aah, yes, fuck me so hard today that we should remember it for our lives, Aaahh, yes!” He untied the bra’s knot and uncovered her beautiful boobs. He licked her right boob and pinched her left nipple.

She moaned loudly. He then took her left boob in his mouth and started sucking it and biting the nipple. Mom’s moans were growing louder. He kept sucking her boobs. Meanwhile, his one hand moved down to her pussy. “You are so wet. I will make you moan till dinner time now,” said the man.

He started rubbing her pussy over her panty and kept sucking her boobs. She was moaning and moaning and kissing his neck and biting it too. He then made her sleep on the bed and removed her black panty in a second. Without wasting time, he parted her long sexy legs and went to lick her pussy.

He started licking and sucking her pussy and maybe her clitoris, and she was pulling his hair and moaning. He then raised her hips a bit and licked her asshole. My mother moaned so loudly that I felt aroused myself. He kept licking and sucking her pussy.

Then he inserted three fingers in her pussy, saying, “Today, let’s try three of them.” My mom screamed in ecstasy, “Yes, fuck me, faster darling faster.” He obliged and moved his hand very fast and my mother also started panting and moaning loudly. And in a few minutes, she orgasmed.

He licked all her cum and then made her sit up. He kissed her passionately and said, “Happy birthday, love.” She said, “Now, here is your return gift.” She pushed him back and made him sleep on the bed. She gave him a naughty smile, and he too returned it with his own naughty smile.

She pulled down his underwear, and his huge dick sprung out. She quickly grabbed it and started stroking it. He moaned loudly. Then she licked the head of his dick, which made him hard. She then took his dick in her mouth and started sucking it. His expressions said that he was in heaven.

She then started to massage his balls along with sucking, and in a few minutes, he came in her mouth. She took all his cum in her mouth, and that’s why I couldn’t see how much he came. I managed to not make a sound and watch silently, but it was becoming difficult to keep quiet.

Then she got up, and he held his dick in his hand, which was still hard. She sat on it, taking it in her pussy and moaning in immense pleasure. She started riding him. He sucked her big boobs hungrily while he fingered her asshole from behind with two fingers.

The room was filled with my mom’s moans and that man’s noises. Her thighs banged to his thighs, which made a sexy ‘thap thap thap’ sound. She was literally bouncing on him with one of her boob in his mouth and the other juggling up and down.

He kept fingering her asshole. “I am going to cum, don’t stop Rahul fuck me harder, Rahul fuck me.” I came to know his name was Rahul. He made a grunting sound and pushed my mom away. He quickly made her lie down and entered her again.

To my fucking astonishment, that man banged my mother so fast and hard. She moaned and moaned, and he finally came in her. She, too, came by moaning loudly. He slept on her with his dick inside her, and I could see their cum oozing out of her pussy.

I silently turned and was leaving. When I reached the hall, I stumbled upon a chair and thankfully did not fall. I made it out of the house on time. I was scared and disturbed for a month. But later came back to my senses and thought it was good for her because she was very lonely.

Later I came to know that he was my mom’s colleague. My mom confessed to me about her relationship. I said I didn’t mind it, which made her really happy. Thank you for reading this story. I hope you enjoyed it.

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