Story of passionate sex at the reunion of 2 ex-lovers

Story of passionate sex at the reunion of 2 ex-lovers

Hi readers, I was overwhelmed by the response to the previous story, ‘Virgin Girlfriend Madhu’s First Sex.’ Due to some reasons, I couldn’t publish the second part, but it will be published soon. Until then, read about this reunion and have fun.

So let’s jump into the story straight away.

(Phone rings)

Varun: Hello.

Keerti: Hi, Varun. You are attending the pre-wedding party, right.

Varun: Sure, I will be there. And will Anjali attend the party?

Keerti: I thought you guys have moved on.

Varun: No, Kits. I was just curious. Chill, I’ll meet you at the party.

My mind suddenly started thinking about Anjali and our days together. It was a 2-year relationship that ended a year ago. Keerti is Anjali’s best friend who is getting married. As she said, we have moved from our breakup. But no girls were as good as Anjali, at least for me.

Two days later I went to the party. I met Keerti, her fiancé, and the girls at the party. But nothing made me interested. My eyes were searching for my past. And there she was, giving a grand entry that I never imagined.

She was wearing a blue saree with silver contrast. She was very slim when we were in a relationship, but she had put on weight in the right areas. It became a center of attraction to many. Those red lip gloss were hard to resist under lights.

It was a little proud of myself that those lips were bitten by me for quite a few times. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She saw me, and there was amusement in her eyes. But she managed that pretty well. She came near me and sat over.

Anjali: Hey. Hi. How are you?

Varun: Great. How are you?

Anjali: You look muscled up. Great physic.

Varun: You have gained weight too.

She blushed. I couldn’t take my eyes off her shape. OMG, she was in her best form, and those boobs were in the firmest position. We had some chitchat, but the party was getting a bit boring. So we grabbed a glass of wine for each, and we started walking.

Anjali: So how is your life going. Anyone in the present?

Varun: Hmmm… I bumped on a few, but no one lasted.

Anjali: Why?

Varun: Maybe they weren’t meant to be.

Anjali: Come on, not even one?

Varun: Nope.

Anjali: Tell me the real reason, da. I want to know.

Varun: Because nobody was you, Anjali.

Anjali: Varun, I thought you have moved on.

Varun: I was moving on until Keerti told me that you will be at the party.

There was an awkward silence between us

Varun: Anjali, I didn’t mean to disappoint you. I’m sorry.

Anjali: No, da, its fine.

Our walking continued. We found a couch near the pool, and we sat on there.

Anjali: Why are you laughing?

Varun: No, just… Do you remember the couch in your room?

Anjali: Of course. How on earth would I forget that?

Varun: Yeah, this couch reminded me of that one.

Anjali: That was even more comfortable with you in that. Do you remember we almost made out once, and suddenly Keerti entered?

Varun: Yeah, that was the most awkward thing that has ever happened to me.

We both started looking into our eyes. There was a magnetic field developing. I just went near her nose, and she stopped me alarmingly

Anjali: I’m engaged, Varun. I’m sorry, but…

Varun: It’s okay, yaar. I get it.

Anjali: Varun, are you still a virgin?

Varun: Unfortunately, yes.

Yes, I am a virgin. In our two year relationship, we never made out. She was very conservative at that time, and I never wanted to disturb that. Once I made her squirt on her couch. But as we were getting there, we were interrupted. A few days later, due to our silly fights, we broke up.

Varun: You?

Anjali: No. I stayed in Australia for a month. I was a bit angry with you, and it was a mistake. I never looked back. It made me guilty. When I returned to India, my parents proposed a guy, and I had no other option. But why you haven’t done anything?

Varun: Anjali, I still remember my hands getting into you for the first time. It gives me a hard-on, even if I think now. No girl can give that. I desperately wanted to get into you.

Anjali: Varun. Do you still want to get into me?

I grabbed her hands that were laid on her thighs. I gently squeezed it. She understood. She kept her hand above my hand. I gently removed my hands and kept them on her thighs. She didn’t oppose it. I gently squeezed her thighs. She bit her lips a little. Then I took my hands off.

Varun: Anjali…

Before I complete it, she locked her lips with mine. She was in complete control of going hard on my lips.

Anjali: I missed you, idiot. I missed you badly.

It was my time to act now. I pulled her towards me and started sucking her lips. Initially, the upper lips and lower lips and continued. My left hand moved from her cheek and went just to grab her boobs.

Suddenly we heard a whistle, and it was the resort guard. He told us that we cannot stay near the pool after 10. She grabbed my hand and guided me into the resort. We entered the lift, and she clicked the 5th floor. I pushed to the wall and looked into her eyes.

Varun: I hope the lift doesn’t have a camera.

Anjali: I wont give a fuck if they see us too.

I didn’t wait after that. Once again, I locked my lips with hers. I kept my right hand over her waist. I gently moved into her saree, and I pressed her firm boobs over her blouse. I just crushed once, and the lift stopped. A middle-aged woman was getting into the lift. Hence we have to part our ways.

She was standing in front of us. I placed my hand on Anjali’s ass and rubbed it gently, and suddenly I pinched the right cheek of her ass. Anjali shouted a bit, and the lady turned and smiled at us. The fifth floor arrived, and we were rushing into the room.

While she was locking the room, I pushed her to the door and locked both her hands at the top with my right hand. I started smooching her neck. Her back was almost bare as her blouse had only one knot. I untied it with ease, and there was her black bra. I untied that too.

I moved her hair and started smooching her neck vigorously while caressing her back. I took my left hand and moved in her left boob from behind, and I started pressing it. I took the nipple with my finger and thumb. I started pulling and pinching it while biting her neck. She was in complete pleasure.

Anjali: Ahh, fuck. This is so fucking good. Don’t stop.

She was enjoying that a bit, then I moved my left hand from her boob to her navel. I just caressed that a bit, and I inserted my middle finger into her navel hole. I went in as deep as I could, and I started shaking my middle finger.

By this time, my lips started exploring her back, giving her small bites. Now I went to her ears, and I took my left hand to lower abdomen. She knew what is going to come.

Varun: It’s been a long time. (I whispered in her ears)

Anjali: Get into the action, baby. I always love your hand there.

As she said, my hand is quite a big one. She placed a soft kiss on my lips from the rear. I gently moved my hands into her bottom part of the sari. I went into her panty, and I found her hair inside was trimmed. Then I placed my middle finger right above her hole. I rubbed my horny ex-girlfriend’s cunt passionately.

Anjali: Your hands… They are rough.

I rubbed for a minute and released her. She turned in a flash and started kissing me again. I pulled her saree out while she stripped my shirt. Her hands were caressing my chest and abs. I pulled her blouse and bra together, and I threw them away. Finally, I got the sight of those boobies.

It was hard, firm, and sexy. Her nipples were erect, and they were inviting. I marched forward and sucked her right nipple while my hands found her ass over her petticoat. I shifted to the left nipple and started biting it while pressing both her ass. Her hand found the way into my tool and started rubbing it.

Anjali: It is very hard and big.

Varun: Grab it. It will grow.

She entered into my jockeys and grabbed my dick in her hand, and she gently stroked it. It grew from 6 to 7 inches. She increased her pace, and my sperms came out in a flash. I took her in my arms now and placed her in the bed. I pulled her petticoat and panty.

In a hurry, I got myself naked. I split her legs, and I started smooching her under her thigh. I gently licked her thighs and gave bites on her inner thigh. She was almost out of control. Then I marched forward and placed my lips on her wet pussy and kissed it.

She almost jumped. She tried contacting her legs, but I wasn’t allowing her. Then I placed my tongue, and I licked her gently. I licked her deeply at a gentle pace.

Anjali: Varun, you are eating me badly. (breathing heavily)

Then I moved my tongue to her cunt and inserted my middle finger into her pussy. She started shivering in joy. I moved my fingers back and forth. I inserted my ring finger too while licking her cunt. She was moving up and down in pleasure.

Anjali: Oh, boy. Please don’t stop. Aah, that’s it. I’m edging, baby.

Her moans became heavier. She was about to cum, so I stopped.

Anjali: Why the fuck did you stop…

Varun: Because this time, my dick will make you squirt.

I placed my hard 7inches right at her entry. I gently started moving up and down without going. She was at her greatest pleasure that her nails scratched my chest. I took her hands to the top and Inserted my dick head into her pussy.

Even though she isn’t a virgin, she was tight, and I found it difficult to get inside her. It was painful for both of us. Her tightness made me moan. I gently inserted half of my dick, and I started moving back and forth.

Anjali: Aah, Varun harder. I want you in completely. fuck me harder.

Her words made me confident. I went into her completely, and she screamed. Tears rolled down her eyes. I increased the pace gently, and she was pretty comfortable. She started enjoying it.

Anjali: Baby, I love you.

Varun: Ah! You were made for me, jaan. I love you so much.

Anjali: Don’t stop. I’m going to…

She was literally screaming. I increased the pace instantly, and I was going hard in her. I lifted her right leg and deeply fucked her. Our breathes were increasing. Our sweating was increasing. Our moans were increasing.

I know I didn’t have any protection, but I didn’t want to lose the moment. So I decided to cum inside her. She grabbed me tightly, and I took her leg further up, and when we reached. 2 years of love and 1 year of separation reached the climax as I lost my virginity to one of my best friends.

My sperms were flowing while she was leaking over my dick. She had her orgasm, so did I. I collapsed on her. Then I gently raised and placed my lips softly on her lips. My tool was still in her love hole, and it was losing gradually while sucking her lips.

That’s when her phone rang. Her fiancé called her.

That’s the end. If you guys like the story, drop your comments on [email protected] I will keep posting with new stories

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