Story of passionate sex with hot neighbor on Diwali

Story of passionate sex with hot neighbor on Diwali

Hey girls and boys! Thanks for your amazing support for my previous stories. This incident about passionate sex happened very recently on Diwali day. It started with a boring lonely day as I stay all alone in my apartment.

In the morning, I cleaned the house and did my dishes and was browsing online. I was wearing just shorts without any inners inside. I usually like to sleep nude and wear shorts once I wake up.

It was almost 6 PM in the evening. My doorbell was ringing. I went to open the door, and to my surprise, my apartment friend was standing. Her name is Deepti. She is around 28 years old and married. We become friends as she usually comes to the gym at the same time when I go there.

She is fit and sexy. She has heavy boobs, which should be around 36 C, a beautiful face, and sexy eyes. Her husband went for an official trip outside India, and due to corona, he couldn’t return as planned. So she was staying alone.

So I asked, “Deepti, what’s up?”

Deepti: I just made a few sweets for Diwali. I was all alone and thought of sharing some sweets with you.

Me: So nice of you, Deepti Please have a seat. So how is Diwali?

Deepti: So boring, Rahul. Nothing to do here all alone. So made some sweets.

Me. When is your hubby coming back?

Deepti: No idea for now. He may take a few more months and finish some work there.

She was wearing nice white floral shorts and tees. By seeing her waxed sexy legs, I was getting all thoughts now. So after a while, I asked, “What do you like to drink?

Deepti: What do you have to offer?

I said, “I have red wine and white wine and vodka and rum too.”

Deepti: Oh, nice. You have everything. It has been a while since I drank. Your wish, Rahul, give me whatever you feel.

I gave vodka with nice lemon juice. Our talks went beyond normal. I started saying you have sexy legs, which is untouched for months now.

Deepti: Yeah, How about yours? I saw you bringing girls here and having fun, huh?

Me: No, Deepti, they were just friends and nothing like that. I am dry for a long time now.

Deepti: Really? I can see that your little boy is already up there, making a tent. Let me make it free, and she came close to me

She kept her hand on my dick and started to squeeze it over my shorts. It was so good to get a girl’s hand on my dick after a long time. After a lot of squeezing, she pulled my shorts down. In no time, she went down and started sucking my dick. She was doing so well.

My dick got harder, and then she moaned. I was waiting for this dick for a long time. She used her hands to care for my balls. She was squeezing them too, while her tongue and lips were sucking my dick.

I kept my glass on the side table. I held her head and passed my fingers through her silky hair. I pulled her head towards me. I was so horny that I just wanted to tear her shorts and fuck her so hard. But I wanted her to enjoy and get satisfied too.

I lifted her up and pulled her on the sofa. My sofa was big enough to lie down. With lightning speed, I removed her tees from her body. That’s the amazing pair of boobs which I have always enjoyed watching in the gym. Today in real, I can suck it and squeezing and do whatever.

My thoughts were making me so horny While I went to suck her boobs, she pulled my hair and kissed me so passionately. We kissed each other, and her vodka on tongue got mixed with mine. Our tongues were playing inside, and her sexy hands were all over my head. She was kissing me so deeply.

I thought what a woman to have on the bed. We parted our kiss. I started licking her left earlobes while rubbing her right earlobes. She couldn’t control her moans and started moaning. She was pressing her boobs while I was licking all over her face, ears, and neck.

I lifted both hands and took my tongue to her armpits, and started licking my neighbor’s armpits. Her moaning was going up and up. She kept her armpits clean and shaved. Slowly I moved from her armpits to down her sexy body. She was waiting for me to suck her erect nipples.

With full of her temptation, she pulled my face and kept on her sexy nipple. I kept a hold on both her boobs and pressed it hard. Her round boobs become an oval shape, and her erect nipples pointed on to me.

I sucked it with full saliva on my mouth and started licking it like a small baby. I kept sucking it both left and right boobs one after another. She was moaning loud. I slid on her side and kept my mouth on her nipples and sucking her to make her feel very horny.

While sucking her boobs and nipples, I moved my hands down her body. I unbuttoned her shorts and threw it away. She was not wearing any panty down there as she didn’t wear any bra too. She had shaved it full. I could sense she has just shaved it today.

I started running my fingers over her pussy and found the clit. I started rubbing it while I was sucking her sexy brown nipples on her white sexy boobs. While rubbing her clit, I moved my fingers now and then down inside her pussy. It gave her a jerk feeling as she felt a sudden insert of a finger inside her pussy.

She was wet, like hell. I increased my speed on her clit. I was sucking her left boob and playing with her right boob by pressing it hard and rubbing her nipple. In no time, she cum with loud moaning. Her entire body was fully shaken. She took a few minutes to relax after her cumming.

I think she was cumming for a long time. She got up from the sofa and stood on the doggy side. I went behind her and started licking her pussy from behind to maximize the pleasure. While licking her sexy pinky pussy, I inserted my finger from down and started finger fucking her. Her pussy smell was so awesome.

I just immersed my mouth and tongue on her sexy pussy and ass hole. She started shouting, “Fuck me! Fuck me, Rahul fuck me.” I was not listening to her and continued sucking her pussy and eating her pussy walls. She moved her pussy from mouth and turned and pull me down on the sofa.

I was lying on the sofa, and my dick was fully erect at 90 degrees. She climbed over me and positioned her pussy on my dick, and started jumping on it.

Deepti: Rahul, Your GF is so lucky. What a dick you have, baby. Never had such a big dick in my life. I can’t control myself, Rahul.

She fell on my chest and started licking my nipples. She licked them so well. I went crazy on her. I hold her back and started fucking from down at full speed. She was getting deep hits inside her pussy. She was kissing me all over my face, chest, and nipple.

I pulled her down and took her one leg on my chest. She was lying sideways. I positioned myself between her legs and started fucking her. Her pussy become so tight in this. It was so good for me. While fucking her pussy, I was slapping her ass too and licked her toes, which was near to my face

Her boobs were just going up and down with the speed of fucking. A few times, I pressed it hard while fucking her. I increased my speed on her pussy. She was moaning loudly. It was driving me so crazily.

I pulled her for doggy style. I stood up on the sofa and started fucking her in doggy style but by standing from behind. I had deep access to her pussy in this way and started increasing my speed. She had long silky hair. Which I tied to my hands and riding her like a horse.

With the figure size, it was a very sexy view from the top to see her. My dick became very hard. I sensed I will cum soon. I told her, and she asked me to cum inside as she was in her safe period. In no time, I released my entire cum inside her pussy and collapsed on her.

She cuddled me and kissed me. She said, “Rahul, you are so awesome with your monster dick and stamina. Love you, dear.”

We couldn’t really get up, and we just lay there and slept. That’s a sexy Diwali for us, and we enjoyed each other so well. I am waiting for the next chance to fuck her.

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