Story of satisfying my South Indian neighbor and her maid

Story of satisfying my South Indian neighbor and her maid

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Now I and Nalini (real name changed) were both entwined in each other arms and French kissing each other lips.

Me: I want to lick your pussy and also wanna suck your boobs and eat your buttocks.

She: But it is oily. Let’s have a bath so that we both will be clean. Then you can play and lick and eat me.

We entered the bathroom attached to her bedroom. She turned on the shower, and the cool water made her hug me tightly. I closed the shower and said to her, “Let me make you warm again.”

I started applying soap on her and started massaging and cleaning her ass hole and her vagina with my fingers. She let out soft moans. I rubbed her clitoris and finger fucked her as she was moaning heavily in the bathroom.

Then I started massaging her boobs with the soap. She was ecstatic. We started kissing each other in the bathroom.

Me: can we have sex in the bathroom.

She (smilingly): You can have sex with me wherever you like. Full permission granted only to you.

I lifted her leg and held her knee and penetrated my dick in her soapy pussy, and started fucking her. She said that she wanted to be fucked with the shower water on our naked bodies.

I told her to open the shower since both my hands were holding her. My one hand was on her waist and another one lifting her knee. As the shower water fell on us, I started to fuck her harder and vigorously. She let out wild moans, and I said that I wanted to do it with her in cowgirl position.

I told her to get the plastic chair in the bathroom so that I can sit on it. Then she can sit on me for the cowgirl position. She got the plastic chair. The shower was on while she took the cowgirl position. I held and squeezed Nalini’s big buttocks and pushed my dick in her pussy repeatedly.

We both were in ecstasy as I penetrated her repeatedly, and we climaxed. I buried my face in her beautiful big bosom with my eyes closed in an ecstatic feeling and held her tightly. As she got up, I was shocked to see a woman at the entrance of the bathroom.

She had lifted her saree and her black panty halfway down on her legs. She was playing with her dark red pussy by inserting the strap on dildo in her pussy with her eyes closed and body moving in rhythm.

She was also squeezing her massive boobs with the other hand as she had opened her blouse and her black bra. She was oblivious to the fact that Nalini and I were both looking at her. Her eyes were closed and she was playing with the dildo and moaning heavily. I looked at Nalini and asked who is she.

Nalini: My maid Ramya (real name changed). She had gone out to buy groceries.

Now Ramya heard us speaking and realized we were looking at her. She immediately stopped and opened her eyes. She dropped down the lifted saree and embarrassingly adjusted her bra and blouse to cover her big boobs.

Me to Nalini: how did she enter the house as we had closed the door?

Nalini: She has one set of keys to the door, that’s why she could come in. And because the shower was on, we didn’t hear her coming in.

Me: Will she tell this to anyone outside?

Nalini (smiled): don’t worry. She will not tell about us to anyone as she also wants sexual pleasure.

Me: I don’t get this. Can you please explain this to me?

Nalini to me: Come, let’s relax and sit on the bed. I will explain it.

She also told Ramya to sit close to us. Nalini and I sat on the bed, nude.

Nalini to me: She is my maid from our native house. I needed support at home. Hence she came to the city with me for the household work and taking care of my kids.

Me: Okay. But why she was pleasuring herself with a dildo while watching me fucking you?

Nalini: Just like me, Ramya also thirsts for sex as she has lost her husband. She is 41, and I am 43. We both are conservative and didn’t share our sexual desires even with each other, as it would have been embarrassing for both of us.

Nalini: One night when my kids were asleep, I was watching porn on my laptop and satisfying my sexual desires. Then I went to wash in the bathroom. When I came out, the laptop was not there, and there was some light emitting from the kitchen. So I went there.

Nalini: I saw Ramya satisfying herself with a banana while watching porn on my laptop. She was taken aback when I saw her and said sorry to me. At that time, we saw on the laptop a porn video where two women satisfied each other with a strap on the dildo.

Nalini: So we thought of satisfying ourselves because we had no males in our lives. Then one day, Ramya saw you and said to me, “I wish we had this handsome guy in our lives to satisfy us. But then our conservative nature doesn’t allow us to meet this guy to satisfy our sexual desires.”

Me: So you two ladies use the strap on dildo to have sex and satisfy each other’s sexual desires?

Nalini: Yes. But still, due to our conservativeness, we rarely touched each other and wanted a man to touch us and feel us. Then Ramya’s wish played on my mind. That‘s how I thought to approach you and be friends with you.

Nalini: And if we become close friends, I could request you to satisfy both of us. Tell me how you will satisfy our sexual desires since you know now everything about Ramya and me.

Me to Nalini (looking at Ramya): She is beautiful and voluptuous, and I will enjoy myself with both of you by giving you two sexual pleasure. I already wanted to taste your delicious pussy. Now I want to taste Ramya‘s delicious pussy also and enjoy with both of you together.

Nalini stayed naked on the bed. I went to Ramya and removed her saree and petticoat and her blouse. Ramya’s was light brown and looked beautiful. With only the black bra and panty covering her modesty, I was admiring Ramya’s big buttocks and boobs.

Nalini: You like Ramya’s figure since you are admiring her a lot.

Me: Yes. Ramya has a sexy body with big buttocks and big boobs and some fat on her belly. I fantasize about such women.

Nalini (smilingly): Then just don’t fantasize about her. You have to taste her and enjoy her. She also desires your touch.

I went and opened Ramya’s bra and removed her panty and started licking her wet pussy while squeezing her big buttocks. Her juices were awesome. I got up and went behind Ramya. I pressed and rubbed my dick in Ramya ass crack and her buttock cheeks while squeezing her big boobs and pressing her nipples.

She was moaning softly. I made Ramya upper body bend facing towards the bed. She kept her hands supporting her upper body. At the same time, I stretched her legs and entered Ramya’s hot vagina from behind. I started fucking her while squeezing her big boobs and pinching her brown nipples.

Ramya moaned loudly as I repeatedly fucked her from behind, and my thighs thudded against her big buttocks. Nalini was watching us. I explored and fucked deeply in Ramya’s beautiful pussy by lifting her one leg and placing it on the bed.

I told Nalini that I wanted to enjoy both of them together. I laid myself on the bed with both Nalini and Ramya on either side of me.

Me to Nalini: I want to taste your pussy, and Ramya wants her sexual desires to be fulfilled. I will lie down and let Ramya ride me in reverse cowgirl position. You sit near my face so that I can lick and taste your pussy.

Ramya now inserted my dick in her hot pussy. I repeatedly pushed my dick inside her hot vagina. At the same time, I fingered fucked Nalini’s pussy and licked it wildly and squeezed Nalini boobs and nipples. Both the ladies were moaning wildly.

I climaxed with Ramya as she continued riding my dick and her hot pussy juices flowing out on my dick. Now I wanted to taste Ramya juices. So I told Nalini and Ramya to lie down next to each other but in the opposite direction. I laid myself on Nalini and Ramya.

Me to Nalini: Guide my dick in your hot pussy as I taste Ramya’s hot pussy juices.

Nalini guided my dick in her pussy. I started licking Ramya’s hot pussy juices and squeezing both Nalini’s and Ramya‘s boobs with my outstretched hands. I was having a fantastic pleasurable time with two voluptuous women.

Both the women now lay down side by side. I continued to enjoy tasting their boobs and nipples and their pussy juices and their big buttocks.

Me to Nalini: I hope I have satisfied both yours and Ramya’s sexual desires.

Nalini: We want to enjoy it with you more. You really know how to satisfy two mature women at one time.

Me: let’s go in the shower. I, too, want to enjoy with both of you under the shower because both of you are delicious.

I sat on the plastic chair and told Ramya to ride my dick like a cowgirl. I held and squeezed her big buttocks with both my hands and sucked her big boobs and nipples simultaneously. Nalini was standing beside me. I started finger fucking Nalini’s pussy as she raised her leg.

Then I started licking and eating Nalini‘s pussy. Both Nalini and Ramya were moaning as all three of us climaxed. We had a good shower as I massaged and cleaned both their pussies and sucked both Nalini’s and Ramya‘s big boobs while having a shower.

Ramya then dressed herself up and went to the kitchen. She started preparing tea and breakfast for all three of us. Nalini and I also dressed up, and we sat together for breakfast with Ramya.

Me to Nalini: You and Ramya are fantastic. I really enjoyed with you both even though you two had suppressed your sexual desires.

Nalini (softly): Thank you for understanding us and respecting our feelings. I am happy to have found a good friend in you. I hope you have time to visit us. Ramya may not say anything because we are conservative. But her expression tells me that she also likes you and trusts you as much as I do.

I did not have words to express. I just hugged Nalini and Ramya and kissed them, and I left to go to my room.

That afternoon my doorbell rang. I saw Nalini at the door with food. She said, “Myself and Ramya have prepared it for you with a lot of love and care. Ramya specially said you may be liking non-veg food. One day your chicken curry order had wrongly come to our door, and she diverted the delivery boy to your place. Didn’t I say she likes you too?”

I smiled at Nalini and hugged her. I said, “I too like both of you very much. Thank you for this lovely special lunch.” Nalini looked at me in the eyes and held my hand in a comforting way.

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