Story of satisfying the desperate housewife

Story of satisfying the desperate housewife

Previous Part: Helped Housewife Whose Hubby Had Erectile Problem

Hey guys, Mike (pseudo name) again. I am back with another part of how I was lucky enough to meet the desperate housewife, Miti. She happened to be unsatisfied due to her husband’s erectile problems.

Well, do check the first part so that you might get a brief idea of how I met her and how quickly it all escalated. To be honest, even I couldn’t believe that somehow we met and we had a great.

She said, “I am going to do nasty things with you’.” So let’s just quickly jump right away into this second part.

While returning home from her place, I just had one quote running in my head. I recently came across it on a Social Media site, ‘To have her here in bed with me, breathing on me, her hair in my mouth—I count that something of a miracle.’ – Henry Miller, Tropic of Cancer.

Yes, I was on cloud 9. Somehow living the same moment, again and again, constantly thinking, was it all real? As soon as I reached home, I gave her a missed call. She unblocked me and texted, “You called?” I added, “Thanks.” She quickly replied, “Why?”

I had an answer but no words to describe it. I replied, “Thanks for everything.” She took some time and said, “Kiddo, don’t be a jerk and complacent too. Whatever happened was just in the heat of that moment. Trust me, it was not planned.”

I just replied, “Hmmm.” She said, “You dumb, you just ejaculated on my bed, such a load that too. What am I supposed to answer my husband if he unknowingly checks it out?”

I laughed out loud and simply suggested she wash it up. She added, “I just changed all the bedsheets, and pillow covers today morning itself. I am doomed. Might have to come up with some excuse.”

Actually, I was dying inside to ask her about the next meet. Still, I was afraid at the same time because she clearly mentioned it was just the heat of that moment. I didn’t want her to block me again. Somehow I texted her, “Can I ask you something?”

She said, “I know what you are going to ask. I can’t answer it right now.” She quickly texted back, “Bye,” and blocked me right away. All of my courage, my thought process was stalled. I already started craving for her pussy.

I jerked off that night, recalling our session, our warm kisses, and the sloppy but wonderful blowjob that this horny Milf gave me. The next morning I rushed upstairs a little early with a lot of excitement. She came at her regular time and started her Yoga. She didn’t give a single stare.

But I, on the other side, couldn’t stop staring. My friends questioned jokingly, “Dude, we know she’s good looking but out of our syllabus. Work your fat arse off.” Little did they know I just fucked that out of syllabus chick. But yeah, I was disappointed.

Maybe I was expecting more. It’s natural that we get carried away at times. The same was happening to me. Few days passed, the same case every day. I had to wait for 4-5 days. I was literally giving up hope. But one fine day she called me. I was busy with some work, so I missed her call.

Later, when I tried calling her, she didn’t answer. I couldn’t control my mind from thinking about what’s wrong or what’s right. The next day morning, she came in early. When I went, She gave me an angry look. I thought I missed up an opportunity. I asked her what happened?

She didn’t answer and just went on to do her Yoga. I was totally clueless. But the same afternoon, she dropped a text message saying, “I am going down for some groceries.” I knew this was a sign and quickly rushed down towards the main gate.

She passed by, I followed her. As soon as we entered our grocery store, she told me to never call back again as her husband almost caught my missed call. I asked, “Then how come you called me when he was around?”

She said, “It was unintentional. I wanted to call someone else. By mistake, I dialed up your number.” I just nodded. She added, “Stop that evil you are hiding. I don’t want to slip up again. You don’t know me yet, kid.”

I literally could stop smiling. She stared for a few moments and yelled, “Stop, someone will catch us up here. Don’t worry. I will call you,” and left with a wink. I came back home jerked twice that day.

The next day, around 12 pm, she sent me a text message, “Still smiling? Meet me today after lunch.” My dick was super hard from that exact moment. I wanted to jerk. But I controlled myself somehow. I spent 2 longest hours at that moment just overthinking.

Around 2:15, I went to buy a packet of condoms. After that, I rushed to her place. I made sure that no one saw me in their wing as I didn’t want to create any trouble for her. So swiftly, I went upstairs and pressed the bell. I heard her daughter yelling cutely, “Momma, door.”

I had an awkward face. Damn, what about these condoms now? Miti opened the door and told me to come inside. I saw her daughter playing while she ordered me to sit. She took her daughter inside and said, “Wait, I will put her to sleep.”

I just sat on the couch and was staring at their displayed family frames. Such a beautiful family! But one problem can be a junction of so many problems. I laughed at it and had to wait for around 15 odd minutes. After 15 minutes, she came out and went straight into her kitchen.

I just got up from that couch and wanted to check what she was up to. So I just went slightly towards the kitchen. She heard my footsteps and said, “Can’t you wait? dying already?” I was just hanging around her kitchen door till then.

Before I can say sorry and turn back, She rushed towards me and kissed me deeply. Another piece of heaven stuck inside. She was super horny and was kissing me like anything. I felt her tongue rolling with mine, her soft wet lips, crashing onto mine.

She just pulled me inside the kitchen and banged me against the wall. She kissed continuously for a few minutes. She kissed my cheeks went down my neck. Her soft small pecks made me close my eyes and enjoy that moment. I was pinned by her completely.

She was not ready to stop. My arms were wrapped around her hips, and her right arm rolled inside my tees. She began to feel my chest and my nipples. It turned me on more. I lifted her up for a moment and placed her on the kitchen platform.

Some utensils literally crashed on the floor. But who cares? We were in full swing. I grabbed her cheeks and kissed her wildly. I slowed down for a moment and asked, “Now who’s dying?” She said, “I know how much you need my pussy honey, how much you crave for it.”

I grabbed her left tit with my right arm and added, “How can you forget these babies?” She pressed my hand, which was already pressing her boob, and said, “Missed them? Suck them then.” I took no more time and lifted her top. She was not wearing any bra inside. She was ready, I suppose.

I sucked them hard hardest I have ever. “Perfect boobs,” I said softly. She said, “All yours right now.” I knew I was making her crazy. Her lactating boobs were wet, her nipples were tight, she had shivers all over her spine snd neck. I sucked one boob and pinched the other one.

I wanted to hear her scream, but she was getting wild. She wanted more of it. She took her top off, and her hands went straight on to my hair. She pushed me deep onto her boobs. She wanted me to crush them and feed on them. I took my other hand off and inserted it in her pajama.

Oh her panty was already dripping wet. And as she shaved her pussy clean, I could feel it. I started rubbing her clit. She moaned. I started rubbing it hard. she held my forearm and made me insert my finger inside. She wanted me to finger her, I started fingering her while watching her.

Her eyes were closed. She was enjoying that moment. I gathered some pace, and her moans started getting louder. For a moment, she opened her eyes, gave me a stare. While moaning, she uttered, “I love it, more, I want more,” and kissed me.

After a few minutes, she told me to stop. I stopped. She looked at me again and smiled, “Lucky, ain’t you?” she added. I stared at completely nude Miti and said, “Fuck, yes.” Her hand went directly on my cock. I took the packet of condoms out before taking my pant off.

She said, “Smartass. I thought you were a kid.” She stroked my cock by inserting her hand in my undies. I already felt pre-cum, as she started stroking my dick hard. I said, “I want to fuck you hard, Miti, Just hard.” She said, “Wait, at least let me feel a hard tool. My lips are dying.”

She stepped down from that platform and took my cock in her mouth. This time she started licking my cock. Her every lick was sending me into another world. From front to back and underside, her tongue was rolling. I grabbed her hair, and she managed to take my dick inside her mouth.

Oh, the warmth. I love to choke, and I am a deep throat guy. Miti was sloppy, but she was making me feel warm inside her mouth. Her eyes were staring at mine while I started to choke her. I held her for a minute or so, and she gave up started tapping my lap.

I knew she couldn’t take it. But her smile suggested she loved it. We did it again. I unpacked the condom while she was taking a breather. I told her to roll it up on my dick. She did, and I turned her against the platform. After some struggle, I inserted my dick inside.

Damn, I started slowly stroking from behind. She was getting loud. I pounded her hard from behind. We fucked in the kitchen for 10 minutes, and suddenly we heard her daughter crying. I had to stop. She just pushed me behind and ordered me to rush to her bedroom.

I took my clothes, and the packet of condoms snd went into her bedroom. She wrapped up a towel and went to her daughter’s bedroom. I came back after 15 minutes. My dick was dead cold till then. I had to roll the condom down. And I just laid with my back facing the ceiling.

She came inside her bedroom, and I turned on the other side. Miti was still wrapped up in her towel. She closed her bedroom door and took her towel off. What a sight again! Her nipples were puffed up this time a bit. But her whitish legs and her pussy lips shined. Her hair was almost ready to cover her boobs.

I ordered her to join me on the bed. She came and started kissing in between my crotch. My dick was getting hard with her every kiss. She went up slowly and held my dick in her left hand. With her right hand, she started to feel my balls. She kissed them and started to suck them.

She was toying with my balls, sucking them and pressing them slowly. My dick was about to explode. I turned my self up because I didn’t want to cum. I told her to lay down and went on to kiss her flat belly. Slow kisses and mild bites were making her crazy now. She wanted me to go down.

I couldn’t resist. I went down, her pussy lips, hot and wet. I rolled my tongue inside. She took my hand, and she started sucking my middle finger as I was sucking her pussy. I wanted to suck her every last wet drop, but she was getting wetter. She couldn’t resist and told me to fuck her.

I inserted my dick and started stroking hard. After a few strokes, I told her, “Wait, let me get that condom.” She denied it and said, “Let it be.” I fucked her hard. Every stroke was getting deep inside, and she started giving me love bites all over my chest.

Her nails were scratching my back. I took my dick off and took a break of a minute. I took another condom, rolled it fast, and inserted my dick again. This time her moan was loud, and my force increased. My speed was constant but fast.

Yes, we were making typical sex noises, and it was feeling good. We fucked about for 10-15 minutes. She said, “Fuck me from behind.” Maybe she started loving it. I said, “Let’s try something new.” There was a chair beside her bed. I sat on that chair and told her to ride me.

Oh, she was crazy. I bent completely on the other side, I started slapping her boobs. She loved it. I felt my fingers on her chest. She was getting super wild. She said, “Bite my nipples, drink my milk. Bite them, let them bleed.” I started biting her boobs. There were bite marks all over.

I lifted her after some time, and we fucked in a standing position for 2 minutes. We both were getting tired. We got back in the same missionary position. This time her arms were on my buttocks, pushing me deep. I was spreading her buttocks.

While fucking, I rolled my finger over her asshole quite times and slowly inserted my finger in the asshole of this sexually unsatisfied Milf. She shouted, and her loud moan made me ejaculate. She quickly pulled my hand off her asshole and slapped me. She was in pain.

I said, “Sorry, I won’t do it again.” She gave me an angry look but kissed me after a few seconds. She just added, “If you fuck me this good, everything is forgivable, baby.” I kissed her back.

We both checked the time. I said, “I should leave. It’s almost 5:30.” She said, “More you will crave for me, better you will fuck me. And I want to make sure you will fuck me like anything.” I understood that this chapter was not over yet. So after getting a warm cup of coffee along with uncountable kisses, I left.

So, guys, this was the second part. There is one more left. Thanks a lot for your feedback. I really appreciate and thank all the people who have contacted me. Just let me know how you find this story. You can connect with me on hangout or write up at [email protected]

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