Story of the hot and sexy benefits I got on a Kerala trip

Story of the hot and sexy benefits I got on a Kerala trip

Hello Girls and Aunties. This is Casanova369 back again with yet another personal story about my Kerala trip. I am thankful to all the women and girls for your feedback on my previous stories. Few aunties and few girls showed their interest in taking it forward, and I am very happy about that.

This happened last year before I joined my Masters in one of the top universities in South India. Before I join my masters, I decided I will go for a trip to refresh and recharge myself. It was the year-end and the right time to visit Kerala and close by places.

So, I approached one of the known travel agents whom I already know and asked him to put me in one of the best 10-day packages. It was all set. The travel agent arranged a minivan for myself and 2 other families. I was excited and never knew that this trip is also going to give me added benefits.

We started on Friday evening. I reached the pickup point and was waiting for the remaining 2 families. They also reached within 15 minutes. Both the families are relatives, and I was the only outsider. They were total 14 in number along with elders and children together.

Out of this, there was this girl who was very fair with flesh at the right places. I was lost, gazing at her. The driver bought me back to my senses, asking for a helping hand in loading all our luggage. We all got into the Tata winger. I started feeling isolated, even before the journey started.

We all introduced ourselves to each other. Luckily in no time, they all accepted me, and I was 1 among them. They asked about my whereabouts and what am I doing. They also introduced themselves, and I got to know that the girl whom I was eyeing is Ravali. She is going to join Engineering.

I smiled at her and wished her ‘Hi,’ and she also smiled back. Later we divided into 3 groups of 5 each and started playing Antakshari. Luckily, Ravali and I were in the same group. We decided to sit together according to our groups, and I was asked to go and sit next to Ravali.

We played till we reached the dinner point, and the van stopped for dinner. We all had light dinner as we’re all traveling. We got back into the van and started our journey. We all sat in the same places, and elders and as well as kids started cracking jokes.

The elders started to feel tired after some time and wanted to sleep. It was 10:30 PM. I was not sleepy, and so I decided to listen to songs on my mobile. I wished Ravali a good night. But she said she was also not sleepy and if I can share one of my speakers with her. I told her why not and gave her one of the speakers.

So basically, I have the right speaker in my right ear, and she has the left speaker in her left ear. The cold breeze was hitting our faces, and I was getting hard sitting next to her, listening to some soothing romantic music. Suddenly Ravali asked me if I have a girlfriend.

I said I had, but later we broke up, and now I am single. She asked me if I had kissed my girlfriend or had anything further. I said yes, we had. There was excitement in her face, and asked me how it was. I said it cannot be expressed in words, and it can only be felt.

She was sad to hear that, and we were chit-chatting till 11:30 PM on the same topic. I know where this is going to lead. I was very happy and being patient. She just got up a little from her seat to see if everyone else was sleeping. Even I checked what happened suddenly. I saw all were snoring and sleeping.

It was pitch dark because even the curtains in the van were closed so that headlights from outside won’t disturb our sleep. She came close to my ears and said, “I am a virgin, and I want to explore.” I just looked into her eyes, and it was filled with lust. I just pulled her close to me and gave a peck on her lips.

She was very excited and came forward. This time I kissed her lips and started playing with her tongue. She also responded and opened her lips and gave me full access. I kissed her for 5 minutes. During this, I started pressing her boobs above her t-shirt.

She was going out of control. I thought this might be dangerous and might spoil the whole trip. So, I broke the kiss and said that this is enough for tonight. We still have 10 days to go, and I will teach you everything. She held my hands, and we slept.

We reached Kochi the next day morning and checked into the hotel. While checking in, I was about to take a separate room for myself because I am not part of their family. But Ravali’s family said that there’s no need for a separate room alone for me and I can as well stay with them.

So, we took 2 big rooms. All the elders in one room and all the children were in the 2nd room. We all quickly got ready and left for sight-seeing in Kochi. We had a good time and were very tired by the end of the day. We came back after dinner. Everyone freshened up, and in no time, everyone fell asleep.

I went to the terrace to speak with my friends. I was enjoying the climate and was speaking to all my friends for an hour. Suddenly I saw Ravali standing in the moonlight. I was shocked and asked her why she is still awake. She said everyone else slept.

She locked them from outside and came to the terrace to continue the left-out classes. I cut the call and took her to one corner of the terrace. She was wearing a white top and shorts and was looking very sexy in the moonlight. I pulled her close to me and started kissing her lips.

We exchanged our saliva for 10 minutes and I kept my hands inside her top. To my surprise, she was not wearing any bra. I understood that she came all prepared, and it’s ‘my night.’ Her nipples were already erect, and she was getting horny. I raised her top and started to kiss her nipples.

Her stats were 32-30-32. She has medium size pinkish areola. I just love sucking nipples and pink pussies. I was kissing one of her nipples and was pinching the other nipple in turns. She was moaning, and it was making me horny. She was blushing my hair and was kissing my earlobes and neck.

I was biting her nipples in between, and she started moaning heavily. I sat on my knees and kissed her navel. She has a deep navel. I pulled down my boxers, and she was surprised seeing a thick hard dick for the first time. I asked her to give me a blowjob.

She immediately sat on her knees and took my dick inside her mouth. Initially, she didn’t know how to do it. But when I explained to her how to suck a cock, she was blowing my dick for another 10 minutes like an expert. I was hitting her mouth deep, and she was choking.

I didn’t want to cum in her mouth but wanted to release my full load in her virgin pussy. So, I asked her to get up and pulled down her shorts. She was already wet. As I told you earlier, she came all prepared, and her pussy was neatly shaven.

I kissed her thighs and slowly parted her legs to gain access to her pussy. I blew some air on her pussy, and she moaned loudly. I started kissing her pussy and slowly started licking her clitoris. She was going mad and was moaning. I licked her clitoris for 10 minutes.

She had her first orgasm in her life. She was a little exhausted after her first orgasm. So, I slept next to her and was kissing her lips and kissing her nipples. It was a 5 minutes break before the real action. I asked her if she is ready for real action. She looked into my eyes with a ‘Yes.’

Her pussy was well lubricated after her first orgasm. I took my hard dick and put it on the entrance of her pussy and came on top of her. I was kissing her lips. I was slowly trying to enter so that my dick gets lubricated and becomes easy to enter, and also, she will not have much pain.

After trying a couple of times, I gave a hard push. I broke her virginity finally and entered her pussy. I could see the pain in her face, and so I stayed without doing in and out. After a minute, I gave my 2nd hard push, and I was fully inside her. It was warm inside her pussy.

She was biting my lips with pain-filled with pleasure. I slowly started doing in and out. She was kissing my neck and earlobes. I was fucking her at a slow pace and was kissing her nipples. She was moaning. She widened her legs, and I understood that the pain decreased.

Now it’s a complete pleasure, and she wants me to bang her deeper. I increased my pace and was hitting her deeper. She was enjoying the deeper thrusts. She was moaning very loud, but it was midnight, and everyone was fast asleep. I fucked her for 10 minutes and she reached her 2nd orgasm.

I said I am not yet done and want to fuck her in the doggy style. She changed her position. I inserted my dick in one push and banged her for another 5 minutes. I was spanking her fair bums and was fucking her deeper and harder. In no time, I released all my load deep inside her pussy.

We both collapsed on the terrace floor for 15 minutes. Then we got up, wore our clothes, and returned to our room silently. Before going down to our room, she hugged me tightly and thanked me. She said this session will be remembered forever as it was her first time where she lost her virginity.

We had 9 more days left on our trip and had a few more hot sessions before the trip ended. I will be sharing that aas well. I hope you were all able to imagine how horny it was fucking on a terrace and how we enjoyed it.

Any girls or women can email me and give feedback on my story at [email protected] Any aunties/girls/widow/divorced from south India, please feel free to ping me. Love you all.

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