Story of the tenant who became the houseowner’s husband

Story of the tenant who became the houseowner’s husband

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Hello, my dear readers, this is Prince, back again with another fucking hot story. This time, I will write about how I fucked Madhu’s sexy cousin, Anita (name changed). I am writing this story by taking the consent of her. I am really lucky that I successfully seduced Anita and got laid with her too.

Madhu’s parents returned from their native after a month. Madhu and I maintained the relationship between the tenant and house owner in the day, in front of her parents. But at night, we are husband and wife, and I daily sleep with Madhu in her room.

We maintained our affair without getting caught to her parents. Few months passed by, and we both became so close. One day, Madhu’s parents decided to permanently shift to their native to take care of their property there. They told the same to Madhu and me.

I was very happy inside, that from now. We both don’t have to worry about getting caught while having sex, and I can fuck her at any corner of the house. But Madhu became very sad, as she is going to miss her parents.

They had also decided to take her son with them, as she will be very busy in her boutique business. There will be no one to look after him. She was emotionally, very upset. Later, Madhu’s parents, along with her kid, left for their native after a few days.

Now, Madhu and I were alone in the big bungalow, and there is no one to disturb our privacy. Madhu became so dull and did not show interest in anything. I tried my best to bring a smile to her face. But, all my efforts are in vain. Two days passed by like this.

She was constantly sobbing after her family member’s departure. A thought came to my mind to cheer her up. I informed her that I am going out for a few minutes and left from there.

I returned after half an hour and went to Madhu’s room. She was still crying, lying on her bed. I took her in my arms and carried her to the downstairs.

Madhu: Prince, What is this? Where are you taking me?

Me: Sshh, be silent. In a few seconds, you will know what I am going to do.

I took her to the prayer room (Household Shrine) and landed her on the floor. Madhu was looking at me with a surprised look on her face. Why had I taken her there?

I put my hand in my pocket and took out the gold Mangalsutra chain, which I brought from a local jewelry shop. Madhu had an astonished look, and she concluded what I am going to do.

I did not wait for a second and started tying the chain on her neck. Madhu was still in shock and wasn’t reacting. I completed tying the Mangalsutra and stared into her eyes.

Me: Listen, Madhu, from now onwards, I am your husband, and you are my wife. You are not alone anymore, and please stop crying for god sake.

Madhu: (Hugged me tightly) There are no words to explain my state of condition and happiness. I am very happy that someone is giving his unconditional love to me. I promise you that I will perform all duties of a wife.

Me: (placed my hand on her bare waist in the gap between her blouse and saree). Okay, my dear wife, your husband is very horny now, so please perform your duty by satisfying me in bed.

Madhu bent her head with shyness. I again took her in my arms and carried her to upstairs, to her room (From now ‘Our room.’) I placed her on the bed, removed my dress, and got naked. Meanwhile, Madhu removed her saree and blouse completely, and she too got naked.

I pounded on her and started biting all over her body. I kissed her neck and started showering kisses on Madhu’s cleavage. She laughed naughtily and turned around. I grabbed her waist from behind and started playing with her navel.

Her body was slightly warm, as well. I was caressing her bare and smooth back with my hands. I took her lips into my mouth and started sucking it. We both sucked our lips for more than ten minutes.

I slowly went near her boobs. Oh! The sexiest body parts of Madhu are her boobs and ass. I took her entire right boob into my mouth and started licking her erected nipple. I was literally chewing her brown nipples.

Madhu: Hmmm! Husband, please (Moaning) do it slowly.

Me: (Took my mouth from her boob) No darling, from now, I will fuck you very hard and drink your body juices.

Madhu had a shy smile on her face. She hugged me tightly, without showing her face to me. I freed myself from her hug and started licking her left boob. I sucked both her nipples for fifteen minutes and gave love bites all around her boobs. Then, I went to her fluffy stomach.

The most important thing is, she has a perfect waist and fat in the right places. I was licking her deep navel, she started to feel a tingling sensation and was laughing. I gave her a bite around the navel, and she moaned softly. I again started kissing all over her body and gave bites on her stomach.

Madhu: My dear lovely husband, enough of teasing your wife. Now, please store your gun in my vault.

Me: Of course, Sweety! Your husband is ready to fire bullets and store them in your sexy vault.

I placed my hands on her flabby thighs and pulled it apart. Out came her pink pussy. I started kissing her thighs, and within a few seconds, kisses turned into bites. I pulled the foreskin of my dick, placed it near her pussy entrance, and rubbed her pussy lips with my dick.

I was teasing more, and she was moaning loudly. “Please, Prince, don’t play with my body anymore. I am dying here,” Madhu was begging me. I thought, enough of teasing my lovely wife. So with one stroke, I pushed my dick inside her pussy very hard.

She moaned loudly like I was entering inside her for the first time. I was ramming her pussy, and the room was filled with both our moans. “Fuck your wife harder, don’t show mercy on me.” I became very wild, hearing her moans, and started thumping her with my full force.

Madhu had an orgasm very early, and I was still grinding on her. There was a satisfied smile on My wife’s face. I took my dick out from her pussy, and turned her around, and started fucking her in the doggy style. I was spanking her sexy ass very hard with each stroke, and her white ass became red in color.

I held her waist tightly and started ramming her very hard. I was pushing my entire dick, inside her pussy, with my every stroke. My thighs were colliding with her flabby thighs. I was about to reach the climax. I held her long hair and started riding her.

As usual, Madhu was moaning loudly, and I started to feel a tingling sensation in my balls. I spurted out for three to four times and released my thick sperm inside my wife’s sexy pussy. I had my orgasm and rested on Madhu in that position.

Meanwhile, she, too, had her second orgasm. She fell on the bed, and I fell on her back. I kissed her forehead and hugged her tightly. We both cuddled each other and had a peaceful sleep in each other’s arms for the rest of the night.

The next day, Madhu would be removing her Mangalsutra while going out and wearing it only after returning home. We both were tenant and house owner in colony members’ eyes, but husband and wife inside our bungalow. Few months passed by, and we both were very happy as husband and wife.

If she had not undergone tubal ligation, Madhu would have become pregnant with my child. Every time I fuck her, there would be a huge satisfaction in her face.  I thought about how she had managed for three years without having sex after her husband’s death. So, I decided to satisfy her whenever she wants to have sex with me.

This is enough, for now, folks, in the next part, I will explain, Who is Anita? How I seduced her by getting her into my bed.

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