Story of Varini’s sexual journey with her young tenant

Story of Varini’s sexual journey with her young tenant

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The early morning cold was too much for Srikanth to bear. He had to reach the office by 10 AM. Keeping in mind the journey time in the Metro and the time he needed for his ablutions and breakfast, it was time he got up. But he felt too lazy to do so.

His one BHK house was cozy and located in a beautiful residential locality. He had moved in there a year ago when he got the job in an MNC. He got up and peeped outside his window to see his landlady Varini seeing off her daughter and son-in-law.

Varini’s daughter stayed in her parents’ home for 4 months from when she had given birth to a baby boy. Her husband had come to take her back to his house. Srikanth could see the mother in tears as she sent her daughter and grandchild away.

Varini was a 46-year-old woman who herself had been married at a very young age of 19, and her daughter was born when she was just 20. Varini had a voluptuous body with not very large breasts but certainly a big wide bottom. She usually wore a gown or a nighty as it is called in India.

When she walked, the two huge melons at the bottom swayed so well that many men, young and old, would look at them in awe. Varini’s husband was a software engineer in an MNC and had reached a good position. His job involved a lot of traveling. Sometimes, he would stay abroad for months.

Varini was sad that she could bear only one child and always craved for love of both her husband and child. It was not that her husband Srinivasan didn’t love her. But he was at the peak of his career, and his job took away most of his time.

After Varini’s daughter was married , Varini felt more lonely. That was when she had started her own beauty salon. Varini had a big bungalow in the same locality. There was a small portion at the top, which was once used as a servant’s quarters.

But later, when she did not have a live-in servant, her husband had rented it out to Srikanth, who had come to Bangalore to work. Srinivasan also felt that Varini would be safe in his absence.

Srikanth was a good boy and kept to himself. But occasionally, when Varini or Srinivasan wanted some help with something, he would pitch in. He cooked his breakfast and dinner and ate lunch at the office. Sometimes, he would get something to eat from Varini’s house when she cooked something special.

After her daughter and son-in-law drove away, Varini went inside. When she was going inside, she noticed Srikanth standing on the terrace, watching her emotional separation from daughter and grandchild. He smiled at her, and so did she.

She asked him if he had cooked breakfast. When the answer was in the negative, she asked him to join her for breakfast. Srikanth got ready and came down to eat with her. He found her still in her nighty. When she served him breakfast, he looked at her and about her plate, and sir’s as he called Srinivasan.

Varini replied that she would eat after bathing, and sir had left to the US a couple of days ago. Srikanth felt embarrassed to eat alone, but upon Varini’s insistence, he ate. She brought a glass of water and bent down to keep it on the small coffee table in front of him.

That was when he noticed something which he had never given a thought to before. His eyes fell on the deep valley created by her boobs covered by a black bra, and the thick gold mangalsutra. That sight created havoc in his pants.

Srikanth being a boy of 26 with raging hormones, obviously felt the heat of watching two lovely melons. The black bra and the white skin was such a wonderful contrast that he felt like grabbing them. When Varini turned and started walking towards the kitchen, he noticed the sway of her buttocks.

He could clearly see the yellow petticoat peeping out of her green nighty at the bottom. The sway of her ass was so mesmerizing for Srikanth that he almost spilled the food on his pants. His hands had started shaking due to the lust he felt for Varini.

Varini had opened the refrigerator to pick up vegetables. That was when he noticed her bending with her ass facing him. The two huge melons looked like two basketballs kept next to each other. Srikanth could hardly put the food into his mouth.

He kept gazing at her and her ass. He could see the faint line in a U shape created by her panty, and he froze in his seat. This was the first time he was looking at Varini in this way. He was cursing himself for having to go to the office with a huge boner.

He managed to finish his breakfast and excused himself. He ran up to his room, removed his pant, and stroked his cock vigorously, thinking of Varini. When he came, it filled his fist with loads of cum. He cleaned himself and went to the office.

Even on the way, his mind kept going back to the scenes of the morning – the black bra, the mangalsutra chain, and the panty line. It was a painful journey for him. In the office, too, he could not concentrate. But he managed to divert his attention somehow and finish work.

That evening, when he returned home, he saw Varini in her salwar suit standing at the gate, talking to a neighbor lady. On the way, he greeted her and went up. That night before sleeping, he made sure to wank off at least two times, thinking about Varini.

A couple of days later, it was the weekend. Srikanth got up late. As he was coming down to go to a shop nearby, he saw Varini leaving towards her salon. Varini usually drove her Honda City. But on that day, she was trying to book an OLA. Srikanth smiled at her and learned that her car was at the service center.

Srikanth sensed a chance and casually asked her if he could drop her. Varini reluctantly agreed. When he started his bike, she didn’t know whether to sit with legs on either side or on one side. Finally, she chose the latter way. She sat like how a woman would sit if she wore a sari.

She kept her right hand on his shoulder for support. As he drove, Srikanth had all the naughty thoughts running through his mind. Occasionally when he rode over a hump or avoided a pothole, Varini’s breasts would brush his back. Every time it happened, his track pant would feel the stress from his rising cock.

Finally, when they reached her salon, Srikanth applied the brakes so hard that Varini fell completely on his back. Her breasts were crushed on his back. She got down and thanked him before going inside. Srikanth was elated with the developments of the morning.

He returned home and went about doing his chores. Then he sat down to watch a movie. In the afternoon, he shagged well and donated the sperm to the memory of Varini and slept.

That evening when Varini returned from her salon, she called him to check if he had dinner. She asked him to come to eat with her. Srikanth was reluctant. But the pleasure of seeing Varini was more intense than the reluctance, and he went down.

As usual, Varini had changed to a nighty and greeted him with a smile. She was watching TV and asked him to sit down. He sat down and casually asked her about her daughter. He asked Varini if she had the marriage album. Varini was more than happy to show him the album.

When she bent down to pick up the album from the closet, Srikanth again saw her panty strain against her nighty. What made it even more attractive this time was, there was no petticoat, and the panty line was more prominent. Srikanth pressed his dick once to suppress it but was not very successful.

Varini got the album and sat next to him. While she was showing him the album, Srikanth’s mind was toggling between the album and the movement of her chest. The cotton nighty had hooks in the front. A small gap had been created between the hooks. The cleavage was visible.

Srikanth was at a loss to understand if Varini was casual about her dress, or was she giving him some kind of hint. Whatever it was, she was troubling his cock. Then she handed him the album and got up to keep the cooker on the stove.

She walked towards the kitchen. Srikanth’s gaze followed her, and he kept watching her ass sway in glory. He kept suppressing his cock from getting into a full-blown erection. Varini kept the cooker on the stove and came and sat next to him.

Srikanth was now looking at the reception photos. Every time he saw a photo of Varini, he kept praising how beautiful she was and how young she looked. Varini reacted with a smile, saying that she was still young. Srikanth smiled and jokingly said that anyone could still fall in love with her.

Varini hit him on his thigh and said that she was fat now, and no male would look at her. Srikanth was quiet for some time. Without lifting his gaze from the album, he said that he had fallen for her beauty. Varini laughed aloud.

She said when her husband comes back from The US, she would ask if she can accept his proposal. Srikanth made a sad face and said, “ I am not so lucky.” Varini hit him on his arm and said, “Let me find a good girl for you.”

Srikanth, by then, was looking at a picture that had Varini standing beside a beautiful girl. To show it to her, he moved the album towards her. What happened due to that movement was, his right hand, which was holding the bottom of the album, was now touching Varini’s right boob.

Varini, to see it well, pulled the album, which made his hand crush into her boob. Srikanth was elated and started enjoying the softness of her boob. They remained in the same position till all the pages of the album were turned. Every time he turned the page, he made sure to press his hand deeper into her boob.

There was a point when her boob was totally crushed. When they finally got up to eat, his boner was very evident. Even Varini noticed it, and a small smile escaped her lips. Then she laid out the dining table and invited him to sit down to eat. They both ate talking about general things.

When he finished dinner, he bid goodnight to her and went to his room. He did not forget to donate tons of sperm in her name and slept holding his dick.

The next day, Sunday, was very relaxed, both for him and Varini. Varini had efficient staff who were competent to run her salon even in her absence.  She stayed back as she wanted to clean the house and set some things in place. Varini began to clean the house when she heard the doorbell ring.

She opened it to find Srikanth. He came in, handing over a bag of vegetables that he had got for her when he went to the market that morning. Varini thanked him and asked him to sit down while she prepared coffee. After he drank coffee, he offered to help her.

Varini dismissed it, saying she would do it. But he insisted, and she asked him to get him the jute bag she had kept at the kitchen door. When he got the bag, she asked him to hold the bag. At the same time, she started filling old newspapers and magazines into the bag.

Every time she put the papers in, Srikanth held the bag up and his hand and contacted her boob. This time the addition was that he could see her bra covered boob and the cleavage. To make matters worse, the top hook of her nighty was open, and he had a clear view of her lovely boobs.

He was watching her cleavage when Varini looked up and noticed him staring at her inner beauty. She did not make an attempt to hook it up. But just as a gesture, held the ends of the open-top to cover it from his gaze. Varini, too had developed a strange lust developing inside her.

She did not understand why she was attracted to him. She had noticed him several times. But now, with the close interaction she had had with him, she started getting attracted towards him. She was craving for some company, and she found him to be the best bet.

She did not understand if she needed him for emotional or physical support or both. She did not allow herself to be bogged down with guilt but decided to test the waters. When the jute bag was full, she asked him to keep it outside. He returned and then went to the bathroom to wash his hands.

There was a bucket full of clothes next to the washing machine. His eyes fell on the pair of bra and panty. He was tempted to pick up the bra. He closed the door and picked up the bra. He felt the smooth texture of the bra, and then he smelt it once.

He was amused with the kind of sexual pleasure he was deriving from doing these things. He searched for the label to find out the bra size. The label showed 34, and he felt a rush of blood into his groins. He could feel the strain of the cock on his underwear.

He then picked up the panty. It was a blue one with white dots. He could not control the urge to smell it, and the pungent smell made him even hornier. He pulled his track pant with the underwear down and pulled his throbbing cock out.

He put the panty on his cock and started rubbing the panty along the length of his cock. He was on cloud 9, and within minutes, he ejaculated loads of cum. He was then anxious to find out if he had spilled his fluid on the panty. To his dismay found the panty to be strained with his cum.

He immediately washed the panty and put it inside the bucket and pulled his track up and came out. He finished the other chores, which Varini asked him to do. He did not miss a chance to peek into her nighty to get a glimpse of her boobs. He left her house with a huge boner.

The day passed off with him visualizing, making love to her in every possible way. That evening, Varini messaged him to check if he was free. When he confirmed he was, she asked him if he could drop her to her salon. He happily agreed.

He not only dropped her but also waited outside and brought her back home. After they reached home, Varini asked him to join her for dinner. When he reached her home at 8, she had already cooked and was watching TV. She was still in her sari that she had worn when she went to the salon.

She was in a white printed cotton sari and a black blouse. Her fair skin and the combination of the sari and blouse made her look very elegant. Srikanth sat next to her on the couch without an invitation. Srikanth was mesmerized with her mature beauty. He did not know how to control himself.

On the other hand, Varini was also hoping that Srikanth would make some move to either touch her or at least verbally make some bold statements. The sexual urge in her was somewhat still active. She would indulge in the act rarely with her husband.

In the last four months, it was completely absent as most of her time was engaged in looking after her daughter and the newborn. She was hefty with the right amount of fat around the waist and the buttocks. The cotton sari made her look even fatter.

But the round fair face with a big round red dot of vermilion on her face made her look extremely desirable. She adjusted herself on the couch to be as close to Srikanth as possible. She could sense him breathing heavily and occasionally putting his hand on his crotch to hide the erection.

She could see fear and lust on his face as he absent-mindedly watched the TV. She put her left hand on his thighs and asked what time he would like to eat. Srikanth did not answer immediately. He was lost in thoughts of how he could make a move without being reprimanded.

The second time, when she shook his legs, he came back to his senses and said he was still not hungry. They kept watching TV. Suddenly Srikanth put his right hand behind and kept it just inches away from her back. Varini was hoping he would make a move.

Srikanth then put his hand completely down. Now his hand was placed on her full round ass. His heart was beating very fast, and he hoped nothing would go wrong. He then pressed his right palm into her ass. Her ass was hard, and the cotton material of the sari covering her ass made it even more ecstatic.

He kept his hand there, holding her ass cheek tightly. He then did the unthinkable. He moved his hand to her back just below the blouse. He could feel the naked skin between the blouse and her tail bone. He slid the hand down till he could feel the petticoat.

He kept it there for sometime before pushing it further down. Now he could feel the panty. He was sweating profusely, and all that Varini did was turn to him and smile. He was not looking at her face but was looking at the TV while his hand performed the antics.

Varini nudged his right knee with her left knee. When he looked at her, she questioningly asked him what he was doing. Srikanth did not have an answer. He simply moved his head horizontally and looked down but did not remove his hand from where it was.

Varini did not speak a word but decided to take it further. She put her right hand back and pulled his hand up and rested it on her right side just below where the blouse ended. She leaned a little back, which now brought his hand in contact with the sides of her boob.

Srikanth looked at her and then gently pushed his hand inwards, and now he could feel the soft boob that he had always craved for. He could feel the bra material inside the blouse. He opened his palms completely and cupped the boob. He started pressing it.

In the heat of the moment, Varini’s left foot was now pressing his right foot, indicating that she too was enjoying the moment. As Srikanth was busy fondling her boob, Varini leaned towards him and gave him a peck on his cheek. She put her hand behind his back and pulled him towards her.

Now Srikanth’s face was almost touching her chest region. He took his left hand and pressed the left boob, which made both his hands working on her two boobs. He took his lips to her lips and kissed her on her. What looked like a fantasy a few minutes ago was becoming a reality to both of them.

Srikanth left her boobs and got up and knelt down before her. He again placed both his hands on her boobs and started pressing them hard. He started unhooking her blouse, and as he was at the act, his hands were shaking. Varini had a lustful smile on her face. She, too, helped him to unhook her blouse.

When the last of the hooks were out, he opened the blouse wide and could now see the lovely melons held in a white bra. He put his face in between the boobs and enjoyed the valley. He put his hand behind and tried unclasping the bra. But it was a little difficult for him as he was a novice.

Varini herself put her hand back and unclasped it for him. Now the blouse and bra both were open but still on her body. He could now see the two mounds that he had only visualized for several days now and always yearned to devour them. The nipples were erect, and around them were dark round areolas.

Srikanth put his mouth on one of the boobs and started sucking it. He started making circular movements with his tongue on her nipples. Varini was feeling very horny and arched her back and thrust her chest forward. At the same time, she held his head and pushed it towards her chest.

Srikanth now removed his right hand from her waist, put it on her right feet, and started feeling her toes and the toe ring. He slightly pushed it up and started sliding his hand along her legs. The sari and the petticoat started moving up in unison.

When he reached the thigh region, he could feel the thickness of her thighs. He squeezed her thigh muscles and started the upward journey again until he could feel her panty. He massaged her cunt over the panty while his mouth was still chewing on the dark erect nipples.

He bit it once too hard, and Varini let out a loud moan. Srikanth then put his hand inside her panty and started fingering her cunt hole. He inserted his index finger in her wet hole and started making a push and pull movement. Varini bit her lips and then again moaned loudly.

By now, her sari and petticoat were moved high enough to expose her thigh, and Srikanth could clearly see her panty. The white panty with blue stripes sent Srikanth into a tizzy. He moved the panty aside and put his mouth on the hole. He could feel a few strands of hair on his mouth.

He cleared the pubic hair and put his mouth on the cunt hole. The intoxicating smell made him mad. He started licking her cunt hole, and with every movement of his tongue fuck, Varini let out a loud moan. She was aware of the dangers that the moaning involved.

It could easily attract the attention of the neighbors. Had it not been an independent house, the neighbors would have become purvey to the sexual acts happening. She held his head and pushed it further into her cunt. Srikanth lifted his head from her hole.

He could see Varini stretched out on the couch with an open blouse and bra, her sari and petticoat lifted till her thighs and her eyes closed and jaws wide open. It was something that Srikanth had always visualized. A 46-year-old woman exhibiting her lust in such a sensuous way.

He held her hand and nudged her to get up. He wanted to carry her in his arms to the bedroom. But her weight was too much for him to try such an exercise. She got up, and he started leading her towards her bedroom. Varini did not want to indulge in fornication on the bed that she shared with her husband.

So she led him to the other room, which till a few days back was her daughter’s. Once they reached the room, she sat on the bed. Srikanth was standing in front of her, and his crotch was right in front of her face. She put her hand on his cock and started pressing it hard.

Srikanth moaned a bit and then pulled his track with the underwear down. He held his erect cock in his hand and moved forward. Varini was not a novice to not understand what he wanted. She was hesitant to take it in her mouth. But the joy of trying something new was too strong.

She put her mouth on his cock and kissed it. But when Srikanth looked determined to have his way, she opened her mouth and took it completely in. She started sucking it. She was enjoying it but felt a little uncomfortable. She had not done it many times

In fact, it had been many years since she had done this to her husband’s cock. She pulled out her mouth just in time to avoid the huge load of cum unloading inside her mouth. An entire load of cum fell on her chest region. She could see the satisfaction on Srikanth’s face.

She got up and rushed to the attached bathroom and wiped the cum away with water. Srikanth by now sat down on the bed with a satisfied look. When she returned from the bathroom, both of them were feeling embarrassed to look at each other.

She began to hook her blouse, but Srikanth stopped her and asked her to stay like that. Varini was surprised and asked him if he was not satisfied. Srikanth then spoke boldly and said he wants to make love to her. Varini, too, was not satisfied with just the blowjob.

She, too, wanted to enjoy the complete pleasure of the penetration. She had, however, embarked on the sinful journey, and she thought, why not complete it. She convinced him to eat first. He did not allow her to change to a nighty or to hook up her blouse. He insisted that she stay like that, even while eating.

Varini felt a little shy. So she just wound the sari pallu around her shoulders but left the blouse still unhooked. They ate dinner, and even when eating, Srikanth could not keep his hands off her. She kept pushing his hands away. After they finished eating, he went into the kitchen.

He held her from behind and started squeezing her boobs. Varini also felt the heat building up inside. He held her hand and dragged her to the bedroom, and both of them sat on the bed. Srikanth was in a hurry to remove her pallu from her shoulders.

The moment the pallu was down, he put his mouth on the breasts and started sucking them. Varini pushed him and got up to remove her sari completely. Once the sari was out, she slept on the bed and invited him into her arms. Srikanth, by now, had removed his track and underwear.

He slept on her and started kissing her. He started mauling the boobs to his heart’s content. He put his hand on her petticoat and untied the knot holding it. He slid down the petticoat and threw it on the ground next to the sari.

Varini, by then, had removed her blouse and was now lying down in an opened bra and panty. The bra came off the body easily as it was unhooked, and the last remaining cloth on her body was the panty. He removed his last cloth, the T-shirt, and then fell on her.

He started kissing her again and then moved his hand inside her panty and started rubbing her cunt. He went back to her knees and removed the panty, too, leaving her completely naked. He turned her around as he wanted to see the most amazing pair of buttocks he had always dreamt of.

He found it too inviting. He bit her ass cheek and started mauling them. He could see wrinkles on her ass, which were a sign of aging. He rolled her back. He took the pleasure of seeing her completely naked. Holding his dick in his hand took it to the entrance of her cunt hole.

The moment it touched her cunt hole, Varini made the moaning sound again. She held his dick in her hand and nudged him to push it inside. The foreplay had made it sufficiently wet, and his dick slid in easily. Srikanth had now completely put his body weight on her.

She held his dick in her left hand, he started pumping it. He kept pumping it, and he was determined not to cum early. He had heard and read about how difficult it was to make a woman cum. He kept pushing and pulling while biting her neck region and her cheek.

He pushed and pushed and pulled and pulled. After what looked like eternity, with a groan, he unloaded his cum deep inside her womb. The fact that he had not used a condom worried him. Varini told him that the chances of her becoming pregnant were very remote and that there was no need to worry.

They hugged each other and slept for some time. Varini asked him to stay the whole night with her. In the morning, both of them got up naked and sat hugging each other. The feeling of guilt was strong in both of them. But the pleasure that they had derived was too strong, and it overcame the guilt.

If you have liked the story, please share your feedback on It has been 5 years since this happened, and now Srikanth is in the US. He will be coming down to India in a few months to get married. Varini’s daughter is pregnant again and would be coming to her mother’s house shortly.

Varini is awaiting both the return of Srikanth and her daughter. This time she is not waiting for a chance to copulate with Srikanth. But the bond between the two has become too strong. Even without any sexual act, they enjoy each other’s company.

I have had the pleasure of knowing both Srikanth and Varini. I would also like to thank all my readers for the wonderful comments I received for Poornima’s story. She, too, has expressed her gratitude for liking her story.

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