Suraj’s hot bus sex story with Anita

Suraj’s hot bus sex story with Anita

Rishi Suraj is originally from abroad. He visits India on business trips and on vacation. But it was his first experience with hot bus sex.He’s a little over 6 feet tall and somewhat muscular. He’s darker than the Indians found in most places.

He met Anita during one such visit. She was 25 then and was working as a secretary in a private firm. When he went to meet Anita in her office, he’d taken a somewhat large suitcase.

“Suraj, meet Anita. Anita, Suraj,” her superior, Mr. Sharma, said, introducing them to one another.

Anita was a rather fair and a hot girl. She was five and a half feet tall. When she smiled, her reddish lips widened a bit to expose her nice set of teeth. That day, she was wearing a white shirt and a short skirt for the office. Both of which were somewhat tight, revealing her curves very well.

“Nice to meet you, Suraj,” she said, shaking his hand.

“You too, Anita,” he said, smiling. He did feel like she was holding his hand a little beyond formal. He was lost in her sky blue, clear eyes, and the soft touch of her hand. But he couldn’t help but notice something else in her eyes.

“Uhm,” Mr. Sharma made a sound, bringing them both to our senses. They let go of each other’s hands and looked at him.

“You two have to travel to and meet Mr. Mishra. I think you already know what you are going to his place for?”

“Yes, Mr. Sharma,” they both said at once.

“Good. Every other detail is right here,” Mr. Sharma said, handing over a somewhat large file to Suraj.

“Dismissed!” He said at once.

Suraj and Anita left the office. Suraj carried his baggage with him.

“So, Anita, right?” Suraj asked her as they hit the road. It had started to get dark.

“Hmm, it’s getting cold,” Anita said. She had unbuttoned the upper button of her shirt, exposing a good portion of her cleavage. Suraj was dying with his increasing urge to get a good feel of Anita’s amazing body. However, he also wanted to know about her past. She seemed like someone sad about her past and trying to bury it away.

“So, let’s take a bus, I guess,” said, trying to walk towards the crossing, but Anita held his arm and stopped her.

“So firm,” she moaned. “What’s the rush, Suraj? Don’t wanna stay here for a while and have some fun?” Anita asked. Suraj gave her a perverted smile.

“If you say so. I also prefer to get to know you better.”

“Come on, let’s stay somewhere for the night. I know a place,” Anita said, boarding a bus.

Anita got on first, and Suraj followed her right behind. The bus, which was a sleeper, was so crowded that his now half-erect cock pressed against her ass. Anita pressed into the bus, and Suraj followed right behind.

He was first worried, but after the wild act she gave earlier, he knew she’d not mind. On the bus, Anita stopped near two beds in the midsection. All four beds were occupied by aged men with shaven mustaches, long, white beards, and long, white clothing that looked somewhat like nighties.

Suraj put his luggage underneath the bed and pressed right behind Anita. His chest was pressed against her back, and his cock was pressed against her ass.

“Suraj,” she called him in a rather soft voice. He responded, “Yes?” as he bent his head forward over her shoulder.

“Grope my ass,” she murmured at once. He was astonished. His eyes widened.

“On a bus?” He asked her in a light tone. She turned her eyes towards the men on the beds.

“Do you wanna watch those men start groping me?”

“What? No!”

“Then start groping me, Suraj, or they will if they think I’m alone,” Anita murmured, looking forward again.

Suraj looked at the four men on both beds. They were already looking at her body greedily.

Suraj had to act. He slid his hands around her, right hand around her shoulders, and the left hand around her waist and held her tight against himself. She held his right forearm with her right hand, turned her face to her right and towards him, and smiled.

“Come on, Suraj. Feel me. Let’s give them a good show,” Anita said.

Suraj looked at the men in the beds. They were smiling like perverts. one had put his right hand in his pocket.

“Are you going to use that thing, or do you need some help?” the man on the above bed and closer to Anita asked Suraj. All four men laughed.

Suraj was starting to feel irritated. Back in his homeland, these men would be severely beaten up for this behavior. But here…

“Come on, Suraj,” Anita murmured again.

Suraj slid his right hand a bit downwards and grabbed her left boob. He started massaging and playing with her boob. He saw the men having their eyes lightened up with lust. He also saw Karim’s right hand starting to move up and down in his suit. He was masturbating.

“Oh, god. This is one hell of a bus ride,” Suraj thought, as he slid his hand into Anita’s cleavage and started groping her left boob over her bra. From the movements outside her shirt, the four men could figure out what he was doing.

“Aaahhh,” Anita slightly moaned, closing her eyes, biting her lower lip, letting it go, and opening her mouth as she turned her face upwards.

Suraj pulled his face closer to the right side of her neck and started nibbling her there with his tongue. She smiled widely as he changed from her neck to her ear.

“Mmm…just like that,” she moaned very lightly.

Suraj put his right hand into her left bra cup and started feeling her boob. He smoothly groped her boob, softly pinching her boob from time to time.

“Mmm,” Anita moaned again.

Suraj was running wild now. He slowly started pushing his left hand downwards and into her skirt.

“Wow, this was unexpected,” Anita said, looking at Suraj with surprise. Suraj first rubbed her pussy over her panty. He felt her wetness there.

“Wet already? Can’t wait till we get to the hotel?” Suraj murmured to her ear.

“No need to go to the hotel,” Anita said, pointing towards the bed below with her eyes.

It was then Suraj saw that both men in that bed had their clothing wet with pre-cum.

“He wants to empty his sack. Can you two maybe give him some space there?” Anita asked the two men in the bed. Suraj was surprised at her boldness. Back in his homeland, this was simply impossible.

“Yeah, why not? Thanks for the show, boy!” Karim said as he and the other guy stood up.

As soon as they both got out of the bed, Suraj went in, laid on the bed, and pulled the mattress up, covering himself. Anita also slid under the mattress.

Anita laid towards her left side, facing the outside of the booth. Suraj took his cock out, pulled her skirt upwards. He pulled her panty to his right side and slowly entered her as Anita pushed her ass towards his crotch.

Suraj felt quite big inside Anita’s pussy, especially since she had her thighs pressed against one another. Suraj slid his left hand under Anita’s body and held her tightly, sliding his hand into her bra and grabbing her boob.

He also held her waist with his right hand. Anita bit the pillow nearby tightly to stop herself from moaning too loudly. The bus was loud enough, but Anita wasn’t going to take her chances. The two men looked at the bedsheet, and Anita’s face, eagerly as Suraj started fucking her.

“Slowly, Suraj, please don’t make me scream,” Anita turned her face to her right hand side and murmured. He nodded and started fucking her.  He kept fucking her until it was time for them to end this erotic bus journey. By then, all the four guys had dropped off, and it was quite dark around.

“We’re getting off on the next stop, Suraj,” Anita said. As Suraj put his cock back in his pants, Anita also buttoned up and got her skirt pulled down, preparing to get off the bus.

As she went forth, Suraj took his luggage, which he had put underneath the bed when they got on. He followed her, and they got off the bus.

“There’s the hotel,” Anita said, pointing to a place to the opposite side of the road. As he followed Anita, he couldn’t wait to bust his nut all over her in a hotel room.

Thank you for reading the 1st part of my first story on this site.  I’ll upload part 2 soon. Stay tuned.

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