Surprise Sex With Office Colleague In The Conference Room

Surprise Sex With Office Colleague In The Conference Room

Hey guys, I’m back after a long gap. If you have read my previous encounters, you must be knowing that I only share my real experience and nothing fiction. For the new readers, my name is Faraz Khan from Mumbai, age 26, and dick size 8 inches.

As you all know, my previous experiences were mostly with me ex-girlfriends and a few cuckold couples. But this time, it was weird, very weird and it was also a surprise. Due to lockdown, everything was stopped. Being an IT Auditor, I was working from home.

But since some restrictions have been lifted so few offices have started working. One of those is an organization in Andheri, near Sakinaka Metro Station. My boss called me yesterday. He informed me that I had to visit there to physically verify some confidential documents on the 18th of June in the morning.

I was ready for the visit and a little nervous as well. Since the conditions are not healthy around. But still, with all the precautions, I traveled to the office on my bike. After reaching there, I was checked at the gate and let in. While waiting for the lift, I noticed a female.

She was quite maintained as her figure was 34-28-34, which I came to know later. She was wearing a mask, so I couldn’t see her face properly. But her stats were tempting. On top of that, she was having a perfect bun in hairs just like the air hostesses have.

I have a fetish of big boobs and long hairs with women. So watching her figure and hair made me stalk her. As we entered the lift, she also pressed the same floor button to which I was going. There was happiness in my heart as she was beside me in the lift.

Finally, our floor came, and I took my chance and gestured her to go out first. She took her mask off and smiled back and thanked me. I was flattered by her smile. She was gorgeous. My happiness was just not getting off as she also came to the same office. We entered the door together.

Soon our spokesperson came. She went away on the other side, and a guy guided me to the conference room. He informed me that management people will join me soon. I went to the washroom and freshen up. I came back to the conference room to find out that people have already come there.

To my surprise, she was also there sitting next to my seat. My chair was vacant. She didn’t know I was going to sit there. But my luck was glowing as I was accompanied by a gorgeous lady. Our meeting started. She was also an auditor but from a different firm.

Soon our boring meeting got over, and we were informed we can have snacks in the pantry or can leave. At that moment, I introduced my self to her, and she introduced herself. Her name is Shruti (name changed).

She was a Gujrati single mom looking after her child and her mother. She got divorced soon after giving birth to her son. I got to know all this later while talking to her. So I asked her where she lives, but she didn’t answer.

But she said that she is calling a uber cab and if I wish I can join her. She might drop me wherever I want. But I denied as I already had my bike. She said she loved bike rides during her college days. She used to ride bikes mostly with boyfriends.

On her this statement, I emphasized her saying ‘boyfriends’. She laughed out and said, “Ya, I had many relationships during college.” Then I got a little more casual, saying, “Yes, I believe you. Who wouldn’t wish yo have a gorgeous girlfriend like you?”

Hearing this, she smirked and said, “What do you mean by that?” I told her even after so many years and after divorce and being a mother, she looks very young and has a figure to die for. She again laughed out loud and said, “You’re directly flirting to me. I humbly accepted my flirts.”

Then I threw my last punch line saying, “I could be your boyfriend now.” She was laughing again and said, “It’s not easy to be my boyfriend. I am a woman with many desires and demands.”

I replied to her, “ I don’t know about demands, but I can fulfill her desires.” To which she dared me, “Can you do it now?” I told her, “Yes, if you allow me to.” She saw here and there. It was only two of us left in the conference room.

Then she called the spokesperson and informed them not to disturb the auditors in the conference room. Then she walked to the door and locked it and signaled me to come. I had a green signal. I went closer to her and hold her by the waist and pulled her closer.

Then I banged her against the wall and hold her hands along the wall. Then I started kissing her on her neckline and collar area and was biting her earlobes. She was also getting warmed up. She then freed her hand and was caressing my back. She opened my shirt and started kissing my chest.

Then I switched on her lips. Her lipstick was amazing. I remembered the first lip kiss I had in younger days while kissing her. She was damn hungry. She was eating my lips and then grabbed me started biting and giving love bites on my collar area.
We didn’t have any time. So we didn’t do long foreplay. Then I opened her shirt. Her boobs were so white and round and pink nipples covered in black padded bra. I slid her bra pads down and moved up her boobs. The next second, I was sucking her nipples and squeezing the other boob.

Once on the right side, then on the left side. Doing so, she got excited and asked to enter her soon. I guided her down in knees, and she unzipped my pants and removed my monster and started blowing me. She was damn excited and was doing it very fast.

I liked her aggressive nature. Then she stood up again and turned and bent down and lifted her skirt. I slid her panty aside and placed my dick in her asshole. I asked her, “Are you sure you want me to enter here?” She said, “Yes, do it fast.”

I did so with just a push. My whole dick was in her ass. And she just missed a breath and years fell off her closed eyes. Then I started doing my things and was pushing it in sync to her. It was all looking just like a porn scene. We fucked in that position for some minutes.

Then I was going to come to which she told she wants to drink my cum. I took my dick out and came on her face near her lips. She cleaned my dick with a tissue and then licked the drops. Then she looking relaxed but not satisfied. I noticed her look and said, “You’re still not satisfied, aren’t you?”

She smiled and said, “Yes, it’s been very long since a dick entered my pussy.” I told her, so why are we wasting our precious time. Lay on the corner of the table, and I’ll enter her. But she told me that she doesn’t want to get pregnant again. That’s why she took it in the ass rather than in pussy.

I laughed and said, That’s not a problem. I always carry spare condoms with me. Listening to this, her eyes started glowing. She immediately climbed up and laid on the corner of the table. She spread her legs wide and gave a look of her pink clean-shaven pussy.

Guys, this was the moment where things started getting a little weird. Seeing her pussy didn’t look like she is a mom, and gave birth to a child. Her pussy was just like any other virgin girl. Anyways I grabbed two condoms and wore it on my dick and came closer to her pussy.

She guided my dick in her, and she moaned aloud. She was so loud that I had to close her mouth with my hands. I was giving pushes and fucking her slowly. She told me to speed it. She wants to experience it again, just like her old days. I obeyed her started ramming her wildly.

Suddenly she screamed aloud. I got scared. Seriously it scared the shit out of me. Then she started crying but at the same time she smiling also. Then she lifted up and gave me a smooch. And told me to take it out as its hurting. When I took my dick out, my mind was blasted.

There was blood on the condom. I was scared, literally very scared. I told her, “What’s this? How come there’s blood? You’re not a virgin, so how come there’s blood?” To which she smiled and cleaned it up with lots of tissue. She took condoms out from my dick and wrapped it in tissue and hid it in her purse.

I was scared and was confused what the hell happened why isn’t she worried about it. I asked her can you explain this. She smiled and again smooched me and told me to dress up as we were leaving. I told her first to tell what happened why there’s blood.

To which she explained to me that she never took a big dick like mine before today. So when she took a big dick like mine, her hymen layer might have got tore due to which blood came. It’s the same as a virgin girl getting fucked the first time. Or we could say in Hindi as “Chut faad diya?”

I was shocked by her statement and was happy inside as I did it so wildly. She then smooched me for 10-15 minutes. We left the conference room by making ourselves proper. I didn’t ask her number, nor did she ask mine. We just had a pure fling. I wish to see her again sometime.

So, guys, this was my today’s experience. I hope you guys liked reading it. Any female or married woman or couple from Mumbai or anywhere can contact me for fun.


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