Sweetie groped in bus by factory men – Hot sex story

Sweetie groped in bus by factory men – Hot sex story

Sweetie was back home from her part-time job as an accountant. But today, she was more uneasy. Maybe due to the incident that happened with her as she was groped in bus.

Sweetie has been married to Virender for the past 8 years. Her married life has never been any reason for any kind of worry. She has a loving husband, a stable financial position, understanding in-laws, and a notorious 5-year-old son.

She is a housewife till the afternoon. She goes for a part-time job as an accountant to get her mind refreshed and stay connected to the outer world. There have been no complaints in her sex life too. Virender is an open-minded guy who never hesitates to bring experiments to their sex life.

Despite having a near to perfect life, Sweetie always craved for little more. Not in money matters or something related to family, but her sexual desires. Even after 8 years of marriage, she has been very active with her husband in bed. And even her husband never failed to satisfy her.

But as they say, some people have a larger appetite that can never be fulfilled. The same was Sweetie’s case. She has always been a treat to watch. Even at 31, she maintains her figure in a perfect toned shape. And she always loved to be an attention seeker.

She knew that so many men look her with the feeling of lust on her body. But she never minds to show and excite them more. As her relationship with Virender got stronger, she convinced him to allow her to wear sleeveless blouses while going to work.

Every single man of her office surely dreamed of having Sweetie at least once in their bed. Some girls look sexy, and some girls are sexy by their thoughts. But Sweetie was both. Fair skin color, milky smooth body, perfectly shaped orbs, curvy waist, and attractive hips.

She was like an actress who always adds glamour to the movies. This excessive male attention always added to her excitement. She loved the way men looked at her. Her excitement often led her to date apps even after marriage. She never backed off from sexting with a stranger.

But her love for her family and Virender always kept her in check. She never allowed the thought of cheating to take over her mind. Despite so much craving for sex, she never thought of having an extra partner. because her love to Virender has actually grown in time.

But, the body someday stops listening to the mind and goes with the flow to satisfy its needs. And the prolonging ignorance of Sweetie towards her bodily needs slowly started coming to an end. And the fascinating journey started between the route of her office to the home.

Sweetie always had a hunger for grabbing men’s attention. To satisfy this thought, she always took the public bus to travel to and from her office. Watching such a beautiful and bold lady on a local bus has always been a treat for the men.

Fate has decided to raise the inner devil of Sweetie. Her office hours get over at 18:00 hrs. But that Friday had a different plan for her. Her boss got an audit from sales tax officials. They had to submit some reports and documents in urgency.

Sweetie was responsible for her job too. So to get the papers ready, she had to work till 20:00 hrs that night. Buses get crowded by this time. Sweetie knew about it. The thought of taking a private cab struck her mind. But the devil was already in control of her desires.

Sweetie, following her inner devil, took the next bus that stopped at the bus bay. Well, it was crowded but not much. It was just that she couldn’t have a seat. The next stop was near a factory. Due to leaving hours, almost 40-50 persons, including men and women, get on the bus.

The crowded bus is now overcrowded. Sweetie was standing well near the women’s section. But she was pushed in between the bus without being conscious. She was pushed both from front and back. After a few minutes, she realized that she was standing very close to three men.

But she couldn’t do anything. There was no space for her to move to the front. At first, the three men were trying to figure out some space for themselves to stand properly. But when the bus moved and they got tender touches to the Sweetie’s body. They forgot about their whereabouts.

She was wearing a chiffon saree, with her thin pallu barely reaching her lower back. And the sleeveless and deep back blouse added more to the exposure of her delicious body. The men were close to her exposed back. Just a slight jerk, and they could have kissed it easily.

The smell of her exotic perfume added more to their excitement. The men behind her noticed the opportunity they were gifted by luck that day. And the three men looked at each other and passed a very evil smile. One of them took the initiative and moved a little closer.

He was smart enough to make moves look as if they were unintentional. Sweetie noticed his closeness, but her devil didn’t allow her to protest. The bus bounced a little on the pothole. And the guy behind her used it to jump and plant a kiss on the exposed part of her back.

She turned back and gave a horrified look. But the journey was at its very beginning. The guy from the left started feeling her bare hands. Her handbag fell as she felt a kind of electric shock. But this added more to the situation. As she bent to pick it up, two hands felt the roundness of her ass.

She knew that she is in the wrong position. But her body actually started liking it. Her sexual need and hunger started rolling in her mind. The thought of three desperate men enjoying her body already made her helpless and left no option of stopping them. She stood back straight.

Those men, after seeing no single word of protest, got more confidence. They got more closer to her. So much as if they had to stick to her. The man behind her left his bag on the floor and started caressing her ass cheeks. The guy on the right slightly slid his hand to her navel, which wasn’t covered by her saree.

He was feeling it as if she was his wife. The guy on the left was even bolder. His hand was in search of grabbing the boob of a horny lady on the public bus. She stood like a statue. Her mind knew that she must slap them. But the wetness in her panty didn’t allow her hands to move.

It was the first time she felt so humiliated yet so hot. Obviously, thoughts of being married were her in mind. But the pleasure of being enjoyed made her hotter. The guilt was all over her mind, but the pleasure was stronger.

They touched various parts of her body. Even tried to remove her pallu, but the pin helped the pallu stay in position. After around 15 minutes, her stop arrived. She just freed herself from the cage of three men by some force, got in front, and got down.

She just walked towards her home without looking back as if nothing has happened. But her walk said a lot. Her lane was busy as always, but she didn’t notice a single face passing by her. Her mind was not at work, and her desires felt happy. She walked into the house and went directly to the room.

She removed her saree, blouse, and petticoat. Stood in front of the mirror, just in her undies. She looked at the wetness she had in her pants and the erection her nipples had. They made her remove the remaining clothes as well.

She stood there and thought about how she allowed those men to explore her body. It was meant to be touched and felt only by her husband. But she realized that this is what her body needed. This is what her body always dreamt of.

She sat on the bed with her legs spread. She started to slowly play with the tip of her clitoris. Her other hand was moving on her upper body. But she felt as if those men were still playing with her. She kept dreaming about them, forgetting the world she was living in.

This was the time where one thing she only wanted was to get fucked and only fucked. She kept fingering herself with these thoughts. Her bedsheet still knows how much she enjoyed doing it. As the thoughts went deeper, her fingers were touching at more places. That day Sweetie had a very intense orgasm.

Luckily no one was at home to listen to her heavy moans. She kept lying naked on the bed for about half an hour. She had never felt so relaxed in recent times. She had a different smile on her face that night.

She had a session with her husband that night. But her mind knew she wasn’t getting fucked by him mentally. All Sweetie was thinking was about those three factory men.

The life changed for this homely wife from here. She knew that she now cannot ignore the bodily pleasures she desires for. Her time to explore her inner desires has come. The journey has begun. Be ready for more parts to read what Sweetie is going to experience.

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