The Consummation Of Two Strangers Who Became Lovers

The Consummation Of Two Strangers Who Became Lovers

After alighting the bus, we exchanged numbers and left. My company had provided me a 1BHK flat for a month’s stay. For a week, we could not see each other as I was busy with office work, and Nitin was busy with his academics. But we were in touch.

The bus incident was not satisfactory to either of us for the consummation. So we decided to meet the following weekend. On Friday, I wrapped up my work early and left office to pick up Nitin around 7 pm. Since I did not want to cook, we went to a restaurant for dinner.

Ever since I landed in Mangalore, I was dying to have seafood. Nitin told me that he knew the best place for seafood. We hopped on my bike and left for the restaurant. After dinner, we left for home, and on the way, Nitin asked me to stop by to purchase some jam and chocolate lava. I got some wine for the night.

After we reached home, Nitin asked me to stay out of the room for a while. I thought he had to take a bath before sex. I quickly changed to tracks and sat in the living room watching TV. Nitin had brought a big bag with him, and I did not care to ask what was in the bag.

I thought he might have brought clothes for the weekend. But he had brought something interesting for the night. After about 45minutes, the room door opened a bit, and Nitin signaled me to enter. I went inside the room and found it totally dark. Just then, Nitin lit a scented candle beside the bed.

The subtle lavender scent of the candle was so relaxing that my tiredness disappeared, and I felt rejuvenated. I looked at Nitin, who was standing by the bed with only a towel wrapped around his waist. The bulge in the towel indicated that he was in the mood.

I had not seen his body in our previous encounter. Now, he was standing in front of me with nothing but a towel around his waist. His dusky and slim body made me feel like he was carved out of dark chocolate, my favorite. I glanced at his body without winking.

His dusky and slim body shone in the flicker of candlelight due to the oil he had applied on his body after the bath. I could clearly see his deep and round belly button inviting me to lick it. Further up, were his perfectly round nipples with medium outward protrusion. His dark nipples looked sexy on a hairless chest.

Further up, there was a light beard on his chin, and his lips were pink. I thought I was dreaming for a while when Nitin pulled me to bed and removed my shirt. He sat on me and started kissing my face. He first kissed my forehead and then eyes, followed by cheeks.

He nibbled my ear lobes and bit my chin for a long time. He seemed to enjoy biting my chin, and it was a good experience for me too. Then, he started smooching me for a long time. Saliva was generously exchanged during the smooch.

I moved my hands constantly over his back, often squeezing his bum covered by the towel. I did not want to see him naked just yet. He, too, kept moving his fingers through my hairs. By now, I was super horny and decided to fuck. I pinned him down on the bed, took off my tracks and underwear.

I removed the towel on him.  I pulled my cock out, and I was about to enter him. He somehow managed to free himself, gave me a tight slap, and left the room. I was shocked. I thought I must have offended him somehow, and all my sexual desires disappeared in a split second. My cock too became flaccid.

Just then, he entered the room with the jam we had bought after dinner. Seeing my sorry face, he smiled at me and said, “You don’t know the nuances of sex. You only fuck like a wild buffalo!” Saying so, he opened the jam bottle and applied jam on my nipples.

Tit for tat, he pinned me down on the bed now and starting to lick the jam on my nipples with just his tongue tip touching my nipples. Never before were my nipples sucked in this manner. I felt a bolt of lightning run down my body, and my cock was erect like a flag pole again.

After he was done licking jam, he started sniffing my armpits. I usually do not clean shave my armpits but leave a little hair. It looks sexy that way. The sweaty smell of my armpits must have turned him on. He licked my armpits like crazy. He moved his tongue tips from armpits to the waist, making me hornier.

I could not hold myself back. I pulled him up and made him lie on the bed. By now, I knew what Nitin wanted. I did exactly what he did to me. I kissed his forehead, eyes, and cheeks. He started moaning in sexual ecstasy when I nibbled his earlobes. After biting his chin, I started smooching.

His lips were so damn sexy that I sucked them like a hungry baby. No amount of resistance from him made me let go of his lips. I also put my tongue in his mouth and licked it inside. Somehow he managed to escape and got on top of me. He wanted to avenge me, biting his lips.

He did the exact same thing with me. His sexual imaginations have never ceased to surprise me. He opened my mouth and spat into it. He then licked his spit along with my saliva from my mouth. After doing this a couple of times, I decided to take charge and got on top of him.

I had serviced his face nicely. I now focused on his neck. It was just the right length, neither too long nor too short. He had a prominent Adam’s apple, which enhanced its sexual appeal. I started licking it from bottom to top. Nitin was getting horny. I started rubbing his neck with my mustache.

The sharp edge of hairs in mustache pricked his neck, and he started moaning. I rubbed more vigorously when he asked for more. His cock was oozing out more precum than ever. My belly was rubbing against his cock now, and he managed to drench my belly with his precum.

I jerked his cock for a while and squeezed his balls. Then I worked my way down to his nipples that had driven me crazy. I bit them gently and looked at his face. He asked me to not to be gentle. Taking the cue, I feasted on his tits, which turned red due to my biting.

I also applied some jam on his nipples and sucked them. Now, he pushed me aside, smeared some of his precum on his nipples, and asked me to feast on. I then rubbed my cock all over his nipples, smearing my precum on it and also mixing it well with Nitin’s precum.

His nipples shone in the mixture of our precum. I licked his nipples clean and did not swallow the precum mixture. After nipple play, I fed him the precum mixture and also swallowed some of it. After a lengthy nipple play, I gave love bites around his nipples as a mark of my crush for them.

His chocolaty body was too sexy and licked him all over. His deep and round belly button was inviting me to worship it. I put my tongue in his belly button and licked its inside, and it’s surrounding clean. His sexy belly button gave me crazy ideas to utilize it. His cock was still oozing out precum like hell.

I took some of it and put it in the belly button along with my own precum. I took out some jam and threw it into the precum mixture, which started overflowing. I licked it all, fed him some, and partook the rest. Then, I moved down and kissed his thighs.

I went down further to suck his toes. I lifted his left leg and started sucking his toes. I lifted his right leg and moved his feet all over my chest. His eyes twinkled, and he started to squeeze my nipples with his toes. I continued licking his toes one at time. He then moved his right foot over to my cock.

He ran his toes all over my pubes, and then he got my cock between his toes and started jerking it. I was not content sucking his toes one at a time. So, I took his entire feet in my mouth and sucked it. He moved his right foot over my balls. Then, it turned to service his right foot.

When I did so, he continued his service with the left foot. After that, I took both his foot and serviced them. After feet, it was the turn of his nice round ass to get serviced. They looked like a chocolate cupcake to me. I wasted no time in grabbing them for service.

I bit them like hell and moaned like a bitch in sexual ecstasy. I was far from satisfied, and I continued biting his ass. He then asked me to lick his hole. I spread his ass cheeks and found his beautiful and hairless hole. I had never rimmed anyone before.

Although I felt a little awkward, I went ahead. I first sniffed his crack. I do not know what got me, I turned crazy and started licking his hole. Just then, an idea came to my mind. I took out some jam, thrust it inside his hole. I put my tongue inside his hole and licked the jam clean.

He left the room and returned after a while for something more sexy and kinky.

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