The Divorcee Client Was Satisfied By Me On Her Birthday

The Divorcee Client Was Satisfied By Me On Her Birthday

Hello Friends, this is yet another experience of mine. You can read my other past experiences here. A brief about me, I am a good-looking, 6 feet tall lean guy with a decent package located in the western part of the country.

The heroine of the story is Neelam. She was handed to me as a client by my boss. Neelam was a classy and stylish lady (observed when I met her) into her mid-thirties and a divorcee.

The first time I met her, I thanked God for handing over Neelam to me as a client. Her stats from my scan at that point of time was 34-30-36, with a height of almost 5.7 feet.

After the first meeting at our office, I was eagerly waiting to know more about her. We had quite a few calls and meetings which were strictly professional. Her voice was music to my ears, a firm and dominant voice of a lady with class. A couple of months later, we had to catch up on a plan.

We both were running with a packed schedule and were unable to find time for the meeting. But finally, we concluded on a day for the evening time. She convinced me to meet at her house as she did not want to travel.

The day arrived, and I dressed up in my best. Around 5 p.m., I rang the doorbell. She opened the door and immediately turned around as she was talking on the phone. She was in her yoga pants and a loose top. This gave me the heavenly view of her swaying ass in its full glory.

I was scanning her ass when she waved her hand and signaled me to sit on the sofa. She was continuously on calls saying, “Thank you” a lot of times. I thought for a second that she had achieved something. But just then, I heard her saying, “Happy birthday to you, too, dear.”

It clicked me to check her documents, and to my surprise, it was her birthday that day. While she was on the call, I ordered a cake. She was done with her calls after 15-20 minutes. She came and sat on the sofa near me. We exchanged pleasantries.

Then we started with our discussion, which lasted almost close to half an hour. Then the doorbell rang. She was surprised for a minute as to who had come at this hour. But I knew it was the cake delivery boy. She opened the door, and the guy delivered the cake and wished her, “Happy Birthday.”

She was surprised and asked who had asked ordered. The delivery boy replied with my name and left. She closed the door, turned around, and looked at me surprised.

Neelam: How did you know it’s my birthday?

Me: Read in between the lines of your conversation with so many ‘Thank You’s’ and then cross-checked your ID.

Neelam: Being smart ass. haan. Good to know that I am accompanied by a smart person for my work.

Me: Indeed. Shall we cut the cake?

Neelam: Sure.

I sang the traditional happy birthday song, and she cut the cake. We both fed a piece of the cake to each other. I knew I had to strike a conversation at the earliest to take her out for dinner tonight. I understood she would not have scheduled an evening meeting with me if she had plans of going out.

Me: It’s almost 6 p.m. Don’t you have dinner plans instead of discussing work with me?

Neelam: Oh, no. Not at all. I like to spend the birthday evening all by myself.

Me: Oh. So a lonely evening for the lady. Anything special being cooked for dinner?

Neelam: Nothing special. Haven’t decided upon it as yet whether to cook or order from outside.

Me: If you don’t mind, can I arrange for a treat for you here at home? A small gesture from my side.

She was a bit reluctant about the offer and declined. But I was in no mood to listen to a “No.” So I persisted, and my efforts paid off. It took me almost half an hour to convince her for dinner at her home as part of a treat. She finally said, “Yes.”

Neelam: You are taking a lot of effort to keep your client happy.

Me: Can we chuck the client relationship tag aside for a while? Would like to have a friendly dinner instead of a professional one. It’s your birthday, after all.

Neelam: Alright. As you say. Any special command for me?

Me: 3 things. First of all, I would need access to your kitchen.

Neelam nodded in an affirmative tone.

Me: Secondly, I need a spare key to your house. It would be easy for me to move in and out of the house, gathering dinner stuff.

She was a bit perplexed but agreed to it.

Me: “Thirdly, would you like to have your treat in yoga pants, or would you like to change? If you’re changing, you cannot come out of the room till I ask you to.”

She smiled and replied: “I would choose the option to change and enjoy the dinner. Here is the key, and feel free to use the kitchen and other space. I will change in the room and sit inside till you ask me to come out.

I smiled, picked the keys, and moved out of the house while she locked the main door. I thought for 5 minutes as to my plan to surprise her with a romantic dinner. Quickly ran to the stores around the building and arranged for the needful while I ordered food to be delivered at her home.

I also bought a pack of condoms just in case I got lucky. I returned to her house and quickly arranged the dinner table. It took me close to 45 minutes to arrange the entire setup. I freshened up and made myself presentable. Once done with all the arrangements.

I knocked on her room. She opened the door, and I quickly turned her around to blindfold her. Once blindfolded, I guided her towards the table, pulled the chair out, and asked her to sit. Once she was settled in the chair, I removed the blindfold. She was surprised at the preparation.

The table was set for 2 people sitting side by side. The room was lit with dim lights. There were candles lit on the table to give it a romantic candlelight dinner look. There was a wine bottle with glasses for two. She was surprised by the preparation and complimented me for arranging such a beautiful dinner.

About Neelam for the night, she had worn a red one-piece that was off-shoulder and ended just above her knees. The dress had inbuilt bra padding, so she didn’t wear any. But the padding accentuated her boobs. The dress being body-hugging gave a clear view of her curves.

Just as I was about to sit, the food arrived, and it was the perfect timing. I took the food and placed it in the kitchen. I came to the table and sat next to her. I poured wine in both of our glasses. We had cheers and started sipping the wine, just chit-chatting on general topics.

She was mighty impressed with the preparations. She kept on praising me many times in between the conversation for arranging such a lovely dinner. It was the third glass, and she seemed a bit tipsy to me. Then the talks turned towards personal life.

Neelam: So, do you have a girlfriend?

Me: Currently, my status is single. And I am not ready to mingle. Enjoying the freedom of being single.

Neelam: Those are similar to my thoughts. Even I would prefer to remain single.

Me: But why are you single? I mean, what happened.

Neelam: He was a drunkard, a bastard, and violent as well. I would rather not talk about him.

Me: Oh, alright. Not touching that story.

The fourth glass and we both were feeling a bit drunk.

Neelam: Did you know that not looking into the eyes of your partner while doing cheers means an omen that the other person would lead a bad sex life?

Me: I knew about this. But had you not looked into my eyes, it would not have mattered much. It’s non-existent for the last 6 months.

Neelam: How was it before, then?

Me: Regularly active. Had a neighbor lady with whom I had sex regularly. But it’s inactive now since she has shifted to another city, and I am single.

Neelam: So you are interested in ladies instead of young girls of your age?

Me: Definitely. Much more experienced and no strings attached. Simple expectations.

Neelam: Then, what do you feel about me?

Me: You? You drove me crazy the day I first saw you in the office meeting. You are the most gorgeous and classy lady I have met to date.

She raised her eyebrows for the compliment.

Neelam: I wish I could drive my husband crazy…

Before she could complete the sentence, I placed my finger on her lips.

Me: Shhhh… You said no talking about him tonight.

Then when I was about to remove my finger, she kissed my finger, making it a bit red with her lipstick. I was a bit surprised and knew tonight is gonna be a good night.

Me: Finger isn’t the best place to have a kiss from those delicious red rosy lips.

As soon as I completed my sentence, she stood up from her chair, pushed herself between me and the table. She sat across on my lap, facing me. She was staring deep into my eyes, and I was not sure what her next move would be. She placed my hand onto her hips.

She wrapped her hands around my shoulder and neck, crossing them. Staring deep into my eyes, she slowly proceeded to bring her lips close to mine. We both started smooching each other passionately.

We both got engrossed into the smooch from slow, steady kissing to a wild tongue fight, and eating each other’s lips to the core. While engrossed in the smooch, my hands slowly started exploring her body, feeling her curves. I slowly started to unzip her dress from the back.

In a second, the dress unzipped. She stood up a bit and removed the dress completely to sit on the table. She was staring at me like a hungry tigress who hasn’t had sex for a long time. She bent down a bit, pulled off my shirt apart, and ripped it from my body.

I got up from the chair, held her, and started kissing her on her ear lobes down to the neck. Sliding down onto the collar bone and down to her lovely melons, which were still nice and firm for her age. Once down onto her boobs, I started sucking them one by one, pulling the nipple by my teeth.

I was sucking them deep inside my mouth. At times I would wriggle her pink nipple with my tongue. She was going crazy with each touch and lick and was moaning crazily. In the meantime, my other hand was exploring her body from the other boob till her navel.

Slowly I slid my hand into her panty over her pussy, which was dripping wet. Once inside her panty, I inserted my middle finger into her pussy, and she gasped with pleasure. Slowly I started fingering her pussy and inserted two fingers inside her. I increased my pace, going deeper and harder.

I pushed my fingers deepest inside her and held them at that point. I quickly came down and sat on the chair in front of her pussy. I spread her legs apart to the maximum. I bent down to lick her pussy with my tongue and taste her juices. I was licking her pussy nice and deep.

In between, I would roll my tongue down the ass crack till her ass hole, making it all wet. She was moaning with pleasure. She started pressing my head deeper into her pussy, and her body arched. I increased my tongue speed and started licking and eating as much as I could.

Within no time, she exploded into my mouth. She came a lot as if she hasn’t cum for a long, long time. I licked her clean and enjoyed her juices while she lay flat on the table after the pleasure time. Once she regained her energy, she pulled me close to her and started kissing me.

She was tasting her own juices along with my saliva. She pushed me down onto the table to lie half onto it. With her legs spread down and made herself comfortable on the chair. She removed my trousers and undies in a single go.  My cock sprang to life, saluting her hot beauty.

She stared at my cock like a hungry baby. She started rubbing and feeling the cock like she was handed a toy after a long time. She started with a slow handjob and would lick the tip of the cock in between and tickle it with her tongue. After a while of rubbing my cock she slowly pushed it into her mouth.

She started giving a slow yet erotic blowjob, and she stared into my eyes. The leftover of her lipstick started making marks on my cock, and that drove me crazy. She was sucking and biting the balls and in between licking my crack ass hole. She was trying to push her tongue inside the ass hole.

She slowly left the cock standing and pushed it between her boobs. She gave me a titfuck of a lifetime, sucking the tip of the cock every time it went near her mouth. Her acts drove me crazy, and soon I exploded in her mouth. She sucked me dry, drank the entire cum, and winked while tasting the cum in her mouth.

I laid on the table, and she came up and started kissing me again. She whispered, “You are not done yet. This is just the start of the night.” Her words made me go crazy and hornier for the night. She started to rub my cock again. Within no time, it again sprang to life and grew rock solid hard.

She pulled a condom out from my trouser pocket. She winked at me as if she understood my intention from the start behind the dinner plan. She pulled the condom onto my cock and bent down onto the table while she pushed me behind her.

I spread her legs apart, licked my fingers, and rubbed it onto her pussy, making her pussy more wet and easy to slide in. I rubbed the tip of the cock onto her pussy, and she went wild with her words.

“You bastard, do you realize that a cock is touching my pussy after a very long time and you decide to tease me. You fucking moron. Just push that rock solid cock deep inside me and let me feel it.”

I obeyed her command after a while and slowly inserted my cock inside her pussy. I let it slide deep while resting it inside her for a while. She moaned loudly once I went deep inside her and was absorbing as much she could. Slowly I started to pump her pussy while I started groping her boobs.

I would spank her ass in between to make it cherry red. I increased my speed and started to pump her pussy harder and faster. She was moaning in pleasure to the core. She pushed me aside and turned herself on the table to face me. She pulled her legs apart, inviting me to enter her pussy.

I came close to her and pushed my cock deep inside. I started to fuck her, showing no mercy while she was moaning and moving with the pump. She was moaning with pleasure while I was pumping her pussy nice and deep. I kept on giving her bite marks on her boobs and neck, alternatively.

After a while of fucking her pussy I said to her, “I am about to cum, and she nodded, stating, “Me too.” Both our bodies had stiffened, and we both let out our juices simultaneously and moaned a good fuck. I lay down onto her pretty exhausted for almost 10 minutes without any movement.

We both got up from the table and cleaned ourselves a bit. She sat on my lap, and we had dinner while staying naked, regaining our energy for the night. She asked, “What’s in the store for the night?” I spanked her ass hard, saying, “I still haven’t tasted your ass well,” and winked.

I spent the entire night with her. We had multiple rounds in various spots of her house, including the midnight fuck in the balcony under the moon. In the morning, we ended up having a nice time in the shower. She laid lovely kisses on me and was happy that this was the best birthday she had in a long time.


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