The First Time Experience With A Relative’s Hot Daughter

The First Time Experience With A Relative’s Hot Daughter

Hello readers, this is Akki (name changed) here from Navi Mumbai. I have recently started reading XIS and was tempted to share my considerable experiences with the readers. I am 30 years of age and now have wonderful adventures with many females, which I would like to share with you.

We used to live in Thane, a suburb close to Mumbai. We had a small 1 hall-kitchen house in a 4-floor building. But the hall was very huge and was also our bedroom. The first time experience started when I was just into college and had turned 19.

Like all other guys at that age, I was also high on my sex drive and looking for chances to start a real experience. During that time, we did not have a lot of internet or network to approach anyone. So the only option was to keep checking out the ladies in our building, college, and locality.

One day, we got the news that one of our relatives’ daughter from Bangalore will be visiting Mumbai for a week and may stay with us. Immediately, my mind started imagining her. I was more worried as we all might be sleeping in the same hall, and there will be no chance to try anything at all.

Soon she arrived, and I went to receive her at the railway station. As soon as she got down, I went and hugged her as if we were very old friends. She was also happy to hug. And that’s when I felt her soft melons on my chest. On the way home, I was checking her out.

She was 22 years old, 3 years older than me. A bit plump, but had a good pair round boobs. Her ass was bigger than I imagined for a typical South Indian girl. She wore spectacles and looked like a geek as she was already very studious. She was sharing her train journey.

All the while, I was checking if I could see some of her cleavage. We reached our building. I had to pick up the suitcases and bags and carry them to the top as there was no lift. While picking up, she offered to carry one of the lighter bags, and while exchanging it, I brushed my hand on her boobs.

Wow, it was such a soft touch. I immediately wanted to press them hard and lick it. As soon as we reached home, I headed to the bathroom to relieve myself. Now the whole day went into planning what can be done as I had only a few days with me. In the first couple of days, I was just checking out her routine.

Our beds were laid down with all 4 of us sleeping next to each other. She slept next to my mom, and I was on the other end. Our beds were just in front of the television. Since dad used to sleep early at 9.30, most of the time, the television used to be switched off to not disturb him.

With her in the house, I knew dad would not say anything. I got a chance to watch late-night TV. I used to sleep late and was observing her sleep pattern. I understood that this is the only chance for me to try anything. She usually slept soon after dinner in a deep sleep and woke up around 8 am.

Since we did not have any AC, and it used to be hot weather, no one used to have a bedsheet. I used to get a clear glimpse of her whole body. I positioned myself in front of the TV next to her head. By adjusting my pillow against the wall, I can keep looking at her boobs closely.

She used to wear her bra during sleep. Whenever she used to move in her sleep, her boobs would also be more visible. Sometimes it would almost pop out tempting me to try to touch them. The first 2 nights, I was busy watching her and playing with my cock before sleeping.

After a couple of days, I knew that I only have 1 more week to try. So I made a plan to attempt something. I was hoping that even if I was caught, she would not complain to my parents. She will be leaving shortly and will not want to create a scene.

So the 3rd day, I told my parents that I don’t have college for the next couple of days. I will go for early morning walks. I woke up the next day early and also woke her up at around 6.30. I asked her to join me for a morning walk. She was happy to join and wore a kurta and a salwar.

All the time, I was watching her swaying ass and her boobs and was thinking about how to touch them. In the afternoon also, to ensure that she didn’t sleep or rest, I decided to watch a movie on the television with her. The day passed by, and she was really tired by dinner time.

I told them that there is a late-night movie at 11 pm, and I will be watching that. Dad slept as per his usual time, and Mom was also on the bed by 10.30. She also said good night and slept around the same time. I put the TV at a very low volume so that it was as quiet as possible.

I was very tense with what I should do next. Her bed was laid separately next to the wall, there was some space between Mom and her. I decided to try and sit in that small space without making a noise. I was in my Bermuda, and it was a very loose one so that I can take out or put in my cock as quickly as possible.

Around 12, she was asleep for more than an hour. I settled myself in that place, I was close to her face and could see her boobs rising during her breathing. Her kurta had a decent neck. Suddenly she turned away from my side and facing the wall. And then I could see her ass towards me.

The kurta was already halfway up, revealing a small portion. I was so tense that my cock was still not ready. I slowly lifted the kurta and could see her ass. I moved towards her ass and planted a light kiss. She was in a deep sleep. Then I decided to place my hands on her ass and see for any movement.

She was still sleeping, and I became very confident. I started rolling my hands over her hands slowly. I could feel the heat from her skin through the clothing. My fingers were touching her panty line as I was massaging her ass as lightly as possible. My cock started rising, and I took it out.

I could not believe it, with my parents on one side and this hot ass on the other. I was sitting with my cock out. After around 5 minutes of ass massage, I decided to try touching her boobs. She was sleeping in such a position that I could not try putting my hand in.

So I decided to give a nudge and see if she is awake or not. It was around 1.30. She did not move at all. I could hear slow snoring and understood that she is asleep. I then put my cock inside my pant and then pulled her with a slightly hard force. It worked, and she turned to sleep straight.

I then moved towards her face and planned to kiss her and lightly touched her lips. She did not move, so I went ahead close to her face. I could feel her breath, and then I slowly kissed her. That was my first kiss, and now my cock was rock hard. I could not control it.

I took it out and started massaging it in front of her face. I had a handkerchief in my pocket, and I shot it on the kerchief. It was almost 2 am, and I was doing all this for more than 2 hours. I decided it was enough for 1 day and decided to try next time.

The next day, she woke up late, and hence I decided not to try anything the next night. After a huge wait, the day passed. I had thought about her and went to the bathroom atleast 3 times. Day after, I again did the same strategy of waking her up early and not letting her rest during the day so that she sleeps deep.

At dinner, this time, she was wearing a loose T-shirt and pants with a nada. I could see her nipples poking out from the bra and the t-shirt as if it was inviting me. With only 2 more days to go, I decided that it’s now or never. I again made the excuse of the movie and no college.

I asked that I need to sleep next to her as I can lie down and watch the television. Mom agreed, and she moved to the other side. Dad was deep asleep by 10. I arranged my bed next to hers and moved it as close as possible. Now I could watch her whole night with a distance of less than a feet.

She did not have any issues and dozed off by 11. Now lights were off, and I was waiting for 12 to ensure that all of them have slept deep. Looking at her lying next to me, I could not hold my excitement, and my boner was already visible off my pants.

Around 12, I made my move and sat close to her. She was sleeping upright, and in the best position, I wanted her to be. Her T-shirt was stretched, and I could see her bra on her shoulder. I started where I left and first planted a kiss on her lips. Then I decided to lick her lips and put a little inside her mouth.

I did it very slowly, and she did not feel anything, but I was in heaven. Then I placed my hand on her boob. I could feel the bra inside. I then slowly moved her t-shirt a bit down as it was stretchable. Her half boob popping out of the bra was visible. It was white skin in the light from the TV.

I put some pressure to press her boob, and it popped out more. She was still sleeping well. So I then decided to adjust myself around her head. I wanted to put my hand inside her t-shirt, and it was only possible from that side. I slowly lifted her t-shirt and could see the whole boobs inside both cups.

I held the t-shirt with 1 hand and inserted my finger inside. Gradually it crept into the bra of the left breast. It was so smooth and soft. Suddenly I felt a rough surface, and it was her nipples. They were very hard. I guess she must be fantasizing about her dream.

Slowly, my whole hand was inside the T-shirt spread over her boob and with my fingers on her nipple. I wanted to lick and suck them, but it was too dangerous. I took out my hard cock and kept it close to her mouth. One hand holding the t-shirt, another inside pressing the boob slowly.

The cock was close to her lips that I could feel her breath on my penis. I then slowly rubbed my penis on her lips. I was so lost in the action that I forgot the time. It was almost 1.30, and I was molesting her for more than 1 hour. I knew this may be the last day, so I wanted to try my best.

I then put both my hands inside her bra and kept is like that for a few seconds. With no movement, I started pressing both the boobs and, at the same time, rubbing my cock on her lips slowly. I wanted to take it to another level. So I went back to my sitting position on my bed next to her and lifted her T-shirt.

Her flat tummy was looking very cute. I could see the knot of her pajama and decided to explore the pussy too. I first kept my hand on it from the outside and could feel her pubic hair. I guess she hadn’t shaved in at all or maybe from the last few months. It was a thick bush.

I then adjusted myself to insert my hand inside the pajama. It was very tight, and I did not want to untie the knot, or else it would have been suspicious. Slowly, I slid the hand inside inch by inch, which took maybe 10-15 minutes. I was wondering how she is sleeping so well without moving for such a long time.

I guess she knew what was happening and still wanted to play along. Then my finger reached her panty. I went over the panty, feeling her hair. My heart was throbbing like it will come out as this was such a risky situation. Dad and mom sleeping next, and she with her t-shirt up.

My hand inside her pant and on her panty with a tight knot and my hard cock out. It would have made an ideal porn photoshoot. Then I moved the hand inside her panty slowly and could feel the thick hairs. I could not find the opening at first. And finally felt the wetness and the hole.

I was sure she was a virgin, and inserting it any further would have woken her up. After some more time of rubbing it in, I took out my hand and was ready with my kerchief. I kept the kerchief on my hand and started moving my cock. In a couple of seconds, my strongest shot came out.

It flew out beyond my kerchief and fell on her hair as well. I didn’t wipe it and went to sleep. The next morning, I asked her about the sticky hairs. She could not understand how it happened.

Suddenly, I could see her smile, and I understood that she must have known everything. She was packing the next night till late and had to leave early morning. So I could not do the goodbye action.

That was the first time ever touch I had and the start of my adventures of sex. Please share your feedback with me on and I will share my other adventures.

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