The Most Satisfying Foreplay And Fuck Since Losing Virginity

The Most Satisfying Foreplay And Fuck Since Losing Virginity

This is Mohan Reddy 54 years male once again. The story of Sonia, 2 maids, and a friend continues. We walked back to the house after wiping up. But the girls remained nude walking back as no one could see them. Rekha danced with glee like a free child bathing in the rain. After lunch, the girls asked Sonia if they could take me to shave them. We went to the terrace in the shade and they stripped nude.

I took the trimmer and trimmed their hair so that I could shave it. I then placed my finger in their pussy. I started shaving them giving it a shape of a heart and shaved all over. I had my one finger in the pussy feeling it and the other hand shaving.

This brought both the girls to a splendid orgasm which they experienced for the first time. When they were experiencing the orgasm they just came up and clung to me till the feeling subsided. We then went down and had a shower together. The girls scrubbed me well.

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Seema sucked me bringing me on the verge and then gave it to Rekha to bring me off. We enjoyed our bath together and I played and massaged their tits. Then we came out and had tea and watched the TV.

Sonia was now getting horny. Over the last 2 days, she had 3 orgasms  – 2 while shaving and 1 at the pond. These orgasms were not fulfilling as she longed for a dick. She had a bit at the pond sucking. She liked it though she never had orals with her husband.

But she had oral sex a couple of times in college with a boyfriend just before he left the place. Since then she longed for orals. But did not know how to go ahead with her husband. He used to kiss her and just after that insert his penis and in 5 minutes, discharge, and go to sleep.

It left her dissatisfied. Knowing this her husband bought her a couple of dildos on one of his trips abroad to satisfy herself. She used them until now.

So after dinner, she took me to watch TV in her room. Knowingly she left the door open. While we watched TV she leaned on my shoulder and started kissing me on my cheeks and ears. I then turned slowly and reciprocated by kissing her cheeks forehead. Then slowly came to her lips.

We kissed lip to lip and slowly I started putting my tongue to her lips. It was the first time she had a man put his tongue to her lips. She started getting horny and opened her mouth a bit, letting my tongue into the mouth. I kissed her mouth and played with my tongue all over her teeth and her inner lips.

This brought her to a hotter state. She removed my vest and started playing with my chest and tummy while opening her mouth further. She started sucking my tongue. We smooched for a full half-hour playing with our tongues and exploring each other’s mouths.

I then went and sucked her earlobes and went lower to her shoulders. I made them bare bringing down the nighty over her shoulders. Slowly we went lower and now her tits got bare. One nipple went into my mouth and the other was getting massaged.

By this time the girls had cleared up the kitchen. After washing up, they changed into nighties. Then, hearing noises coming from the bedroom peeped into the room from behind the curtain and was watching to horny view. One nipple after the other and one boob pressed.

It had given her a high as she had an orgasm with the foreplay. She just held my ear close to her bosom making me almost breathless till the time the orgasm subsided. She was making all the love sounds imaginable. I then took off her nighty and went lower to her navel.

I licked it for a couple of minutes before turning her around and started kissing her back. I kissed it all over and then licked her spine from the neck to the tailbone. She was in her element squealing in pleasure. I spanked her bum cheeks making it red.

Then I turned her over and went down to her knees and kissed and licked upwards. I came to her inner thighs and near the pussy. I licked at the groove around the pussy where the legs meet but did not touch the pussy. She was very horny by now and pushed my head into her pussy.

I started kissing and sucking her lips. Looking at all this, the girls were also excited. Since they had experienced their boobs being pressed and nipples tweaked they were playing with them, caressing themselves. Their pussies started getting wet and the wetness started coming down their legs.

I was then licked the lips and felt the clit. While licking the lips I inserted my middle finger into her pussy finger fucking her. This brought her to another orgasm as I just inserted my tongue inside. I got a taste of her lovely juices.

Now it was her turn to reciprocate the favor. She made me lie down and took my dick in her mouth while her bum was near my shoulder, almost in a 69 position. She licked my shaft and sucked my balls. While doing that she looked ahead and saw the girls peeping.

She told me to quietly see them. I noticed them playing with their nipples and hand between their thighs. After letting them watch Sonia suck me off, she called them in. She told them to sit properly and watch as they had never seen a dick before in their life. So obviously they had never seen anyone fuck.

She told them to watch and learn. By now my dick was limp so she called Seema to come to suck and make it hard while Rekha came and sucked her pussy to get it wet. As my dick became hard, they sat down. I put Sonia’s legs over my shoulders and inserted my penis and started fucking her.

She was full of glee and was enjoying the humping. After 5 minutes, we changed position to the doggy style then the scissors. Then she rode me cowgirl and reverse cowgirl so that they could see the dick entering her pussy. This time it took me 45 minutes to get my orgasm.

In every position that I humped her in, she orgasmed 2-3 times. She said that this was the first time in her life that she had a good hump. The last was on her wedding night wherein she lost her virginity.

Her husband for the first 5 years finished off in 15 minutes and went to sleep when she would just about get an orgasm. But today she had had over 12-15 orgasms which made her satisfied.

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