The Much Awaited First Night With The Love Of My Life

The Much Awaited First Night With The Love Of My Life

Hello, guys, I am Ayushi. For the first time, I am writing my story here about my first night sex. So if there are any mistakes, please ignore them.

Let me tell you all about me. I am a working wife in Mumbai. My height is 5 “4. An average figure with sharp features, with long waist-length hair, brown eyes, and pink lips and with a bright complexion.

Its a story about me and my boyfriend, who later became my husband. We were in a relationship for 6 months. We met on social media, became friends, and then became life partners.

Now about my partner in sex, Ankit. He is an engineer in an MNC in Mumbai as well. His height is 5 “11 with an athletic body and attractive looks. He loves to keep his beard and mustache – he as a fair complexion.

Now coming to the story, we both were virgins before our marriage. Though we had kissed for 2-3 times in the theater but not more than that. We liked to keep our relation sober. So we decided to keep it simple and sophisticated.

As soon as we told our parents about our relation, they accepted it, and we got married. After all the rituals, finally, the day of our dream night arrived. His friends decorated our room very beautifully. It was 10:30 pm, and I was sent to the room.

I did not know where was Ankit. So I went to the room with a tray which contains 2 cups of ice creams with nuts. As we belonged to a modern family, there was no custom of milk glasses.

As I entered, I was mesmerized to see the beautiful decoration. Fresh flower garland all over the room with red roses gave a beautiful combination. At the corner of the table, I saw some condoms packet. I blushed to see them and moved forward and kept the tray on the bedside table.

Suddenly I heard someone close the door. I turned and saw it was my baby, Ankit. He was inside the room and hiding. He wanted to see my reaction on entering our room. He closed the door and came to me. We hugged tightly.

He whispered in my ears, “Finally, I got my baby for my entire life and with all the license.” I hugged him more tightly and blushed. After a few minutes we parted, we looked into each other’s life.

Wait, let me tell you what we were wearing. I was in a heavy silk maroon saree and with bangles, which gave a perfect look of the newly married bride. I was wearing red lipstick with dark kajal and sober makeup, which highlighted by sharp features beautifully. My hair was in a bun with a jasmine flower garland.

He was wearing a maroon kurta with white churidar. He looked damn hot in that outfit.

So, after our hug, we sat on the sofa and had ice cream. While we had ice cream, his eyes went on the condoms. He laughed naughtily, seeing them. I saw his smile and blushed.

After the ice cream was over. I told him that I want to change. So he naughtily told me, “I will help you with changing your clothes.” I blushed and said, “Come.” He was in full shock, listening to my answer. He was very happy to hear my YES.

We went to the changing room in front of the mirror, and we saw each other. In nervousness, I kept my eyes down. He started helping me to remove my jewelry. He removed my necklace. He then kissed my shoulders softly. I closed my eyes and started breathing heavily.

Then he touched my ears, which gave me a current. He then opened my earrings and my jewelry from my waist. Soon he kept the jewelry on the table and hugged me from the back.

He whispered, “You know it feels as if I am touching you for the first time. You look completely new to me, more beautiful and more charming than before.”

I blushed. He turned me to his face, I was looking down. He kissed my forehead. And planted picks on my cheek, nose, and eyes. It was for the 1st time a man was kissing me. I was getting cold. He asked me to relax and told me I am your husband now.

I nodded my head and kissed on his cheeks and hugged him tightly. Then we hugged tightly for a few minutes. We parted, and he told me that changing clothes is still on hold. We shall complete that 1st. I blushed and turned around. He told me to sit on the stool, and he opened my bun, which had a lot of pins.

He slowly removed them all carefully and untied my hair, which fell directly to my waist and some in front of my face. He whispered, “Wow.” He then removed some of my bangles and my anklets. While removing the anklets, he tickled me on my feet.

He laughed, seeing my face. He then stood up and asked, “With your permission, can I help you further?” I denied, so he told “No problem, my love, you change. I am waiting for you in the room.” He turned around and started going out. I held his hand.

And seeing him from the mirror, I said, “Help me in opening my saree and blouse.” Saying that, I smiled a bit and lowered my eyes. He kept his hands on the shoulder as I was sitting on the stool. He made me stand up and arranged my hair in the front so that he can open the saree.

I started breathing heavily. His touch on my back skin gave me a shiver. He opened the saree pin, and suddenly my saree pallu fell, and my cleavage with my milky babies was visible. He also started breathing heavily. I didn’t wait and just turned around and hugged him.

He wrapped me in his arms. He asked me to relax and said, “It’s okay, Jaan,” with his one hand he placed all my hairs at one side. He then opened my blouse hook one by one. I was not wearing a bra as it was a padded blouse. Now all the hooks were opened.

He rubbed my bare back softly, and then his hands were getting strong. I can feel the erotic and horny side of my love. I loved that feeling and was in intense pleasure and was breathing heavily.

Then he asked me where my nightwear is? I instructed that it is in the suitcase. He opened the case and took it out. It was a navy blue satin gown. He opened it and made me wear it. I was standing holding my blouse from the front since the blouse was opened from the back.

He put the gown around my neck and asked me to release my hand so that I can open the blouse and wear the gown. He told me to trust him. I relaxed my hands and did as per his direction. He continuously saw my face, which was full of nervousness.

He then kept his hand on my bare waist inside the gown and pulled me towards him. Our eyes met. And while rubbing my waist, he unknotted my petticoat. It fell completely down on the floor on one stroke. Now was in front of him in only panty and gown.

He then pulled his hand out from my gown and let the gown go down till my knees. He then suddenly held me in his arms and took me to the bed in his arms. He made me sleep on the bed slowly. And told me to wait as he had some kinda surprise for me. He went to the changing room and came with his hands back.

He told me to sit and turn. I did the same. He opened something as I can hear the sound of a box. He then held the surprise in his hands. It was a gold chain with a pendant chain. The pendant was a cute heart with our name initials in it. I loved it.

He hugged me from behind asked me whether I liked it or not? I nodded my head, saying yes. He kissed my tears, hugging me, and asked me about his gift. I said, “Sorry, baby, I don’t have any gift for you right now. But you can ask me for anything you want in your gift.”

He said, “Okay, so you will give me whatever I want from you?”

I said, “Yes, baby, anything for my love.”

He gave a smile and said, “Okay, so I want in my gift is that you will not interrupt me today with whatever we do on our first night!”

Firstly I was in shock and nervous that what and what is going to happen today. Then trusting him, I agreed. He hugged me with happiness. I asked him, “What’s going in your mind?” he winked and said, “You never know.”

For you, dear readers, to know what happened next, you can read that in the next part.

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