This Is My First Journey From Chat To Sex In Bangalore

This Is My First Journey From Chat To Sex In Bangalore

Hi readers. If something good happened to me in this pandemic situation is, I found XIS. It made me forget about the corona and introduced a writer in me. I started reading stories here regularly. It encouraged me to narrate my real-time experiences and erotic challenges with women in my life so far.

I would start my series of experiences with the prefix ‘Sannarates’ and my first journey from chat to sex. To brief you about me, I’m Sanjay. If age is just number then I am 42 but 21 at heart. I am an ex-IT professional and entrepreneur with 5’9 height, athletic body type, and a wheatish fair complexion. Rest, you will know as you read my experiences.

I moved to Bangalore to work with an MNC. I shared accommodation with friends initially near to my workplace. But I always wanted to stay alone so that no one disturbs my privacy. After a few months, I moved to a penthouse in a decent colony and far from the workplace to avoid disturbance of friends.

At work, I used to chat in yahoo chat rooms and made a few good friends from different places. One day as there was not much work to do so I started to chat and found this girl (Shweta), whom I added her in my friends’ list.

After a few minutes, she told me she is from Bangalore, too, doing her masters in Mass Comm. and was in the chat room for time pass. We both chatted for a week, and then she asked if I booze. I said, yes. She said she wants to booze but with good company.

I got a clue where it was going to end. But not sure as we never spoke to each other over the phone. I said be my guest. Then she suddenly asked me, “Have you done this before?” I said yes and love to be a perfect host. She asked my number, and I got a call from her immediately, which I never expected.

I rushed to the meeting room, spoke to her for 15 minutes, and convinced her to be my guest. She asked me to pick her near her college at 12:30 noon the next day. I was on cloud nine. But not sure if she was serious at the same time. I had doubts about my luck lol.

The next day morning I cooked chicken wings – purchased Vodka and Breezers. I arranged drinks and snacks on the floor as I had very less furniture. By 12:30 I was waiting for her at the bus stop near her college. I was so nervous and confused as this is the first meet.

I was not sure if I like her or no and scared if everything goes well. I was waiting on my bike. I got a call from her saying she is walking ahead of me. “Pick me to be my host until 8 pm.” I was looking around and started my bike. I stopped near her as she was the only girl walking there.

She smiled once I stopped. She said, “Take me away before you scan me completely,” and sat on my bike. I was in shock if I am taking the right girl. At a quick glance, she was around 5’5 and slim. As her dress was loose, I couldn’t figure out her assets.

It made me eager to drive fast and scan her completely once we reach home. She hugged me tightly on the bike and her boobs were crushing my back. Her hands were on my thighs. As there were no side mirrors, I couldn’t see her face.  I hardly remember her face in my first glance.

We reached my place. She unwrapped her scarf, and I could see her face. We both saw each other and smiled. She said, “Nice and cozy place,” and appreciated my arrangements for the day. She noticed I am scanning her and smiled. She was around 34-28-34. She was wheatish dusky and hair till back.

We both sat on the floor and started talking about her masters and her career plans. She inquired about my work and this went on for 30 minutes or so. We were rubbing our shoulders as we sat to the wall side by side. We were touching here and there accidentally while having drinks and snacks.

She asked me what you found in the scanning looking into my eyes. I said, “Not sure until I please every inch of you.” She smiled and said, “So scanning didn’t work well?”

“34-28-34,” I said. She turned towards me, “You are so close, Sanjay.”

By this time we had finished 2 rounds of drinks. She got up and walked towards the kitchen. I followed her, saying, “The host is here to serve you better,” and hugged her from behind. She opened the refrigerator to get ice cubes. She stopped as the door was opened.

Cool air surrounded us like a fog, and I started to kiss around her neck. My hands were around her waist. She bent her neck back on my shoulder and closed the fridge door. I took an ice cube from the ice tray in her hand. I started rubbing on her throat with an ice cube and she started moaning slightly.

I turned around looking at me as I started to wipe her throat sucking the melting ice water. I pushed her to the wall, pinned her hands to the wall, and smooched her lips. Kissing on her neck and wiping her throat. My hands were on her waist squeezing as she started moving her curves to my tunes.

I pulled her towards me and kissed her ear and licked it. She just hugged me tightly and whispered, “So you got your inches to please?” I said yes long way to go.

Purposely, I dropped an ice cube in her top, which got stuck in her bra. She was shouting at me and was feeling cold in her bra. I could see her anger in her eyes. I suddenly hugged her tightly so that she felt warm there and said, “Let it melt down through your navel.”

We both started kissing each other for a few minutes. Then my hands got into her top and taking off the top I was kissing every inch of flawless shining skin. I grabbed her boobs and squeezing them on the bra. She was moaning and moving her body on me.

I unhooked the bra and started kissing her boobs, pressing her to the wall. Licking her hard nipples, biting them, and sucking every inch of her boobs. I filled my mouth, and her fingers were grooming my hair and pulling me towards her with passion.

I slowly moved down as I grabbed her boobs and kissed her deep navel. I wiped around the navel and kissed every inch of the stomach. I was on my knees and biting her waist. At the same time, pulling down her pants, she grabbed my hair and pushed my face in the navel area.

My hands were squeezing her boobs and I was kissing her stomach. Slowly my hands came down and grabbed her butt. She was so hot now. I just pulled her panty down till her knees with my teeth. I kissed her pussy as she screamed and was hitting my back.

I didn’t stop to suck her pussy deeper as she spread her thighs and made my face fit in between her legs. She wrapped me with one leg and she was moaning loudly.  I pulled her clits with my lips and bit gently. I kept sucking her pussy until she had cum, moaning out loud.

It made me crazy and made me work hard on her pussy. I kept on sucking her pussy for a few more minutes until we both were exhausted. We slid down on the floor by kissing each other passionately. She pulled down my shorts and started handling my manhood.

She whispered, “Man, you got it big and hard.” I said, “Work on it and make me cum.” We started doing 69 position on the floor. She started running her finger from the tip of my cock to my balls. Her licking and sucking my balls made me pumped up as I was eating and fingering her pussy.

The room filled with moans until I jerked and released my cum on her face. She made my face wet with her juices. We hugged each other sweat bodies smelling the aroma looking into each other’s eyes.

To be continued.

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