This story is of how I became my FIL’s fuck partner

This story is of how I became my FIL’s fuck partner

Hi, XIS readers. I am badboy. This is my first time writing here. I hope everyone is fine during this pandemic.

Let’s get into the story. This is not my story but of a woman and her FIL who wants to share her experience through me.

Hi readers. I’m Sunita from Ongole, Andhra Pradesh. I’m 38 years old, and my vital stats are 26-32-36. This story is about how my uncle made me his slut in the absence of my husband.

I was 21 years old when this happened. I was taking care of my 6 months old kid by that time. My husband had passed away in an accident. After 6 months of my husband’s demise, my uncle came to me. The conversation went like this.

He: How many days will you stay like this? Marry someone and start your life again.

Me: No, I can’t.

He: You are just 21. You have age on your side, and you are beautiful too.

Me: Still, I can’t do that.

He: It is not so easy if you don’t marry someone.

Still, I said I can’t marry again. From that day, my FIL started acting weirdly. He even started to touch me here and there. I thought it was accidental. After around two months, I was feeding my baby in my room. I didn’t bother to cover my boobs as there is no one except my FIL.

That night, my FIL came and started sucking my milk. I was feeling pain because of his sucking. When I saw him, I was shocked and asked him, “Why are you here?” Then he quickly shut my mouth and went inside my saree and forcefully fucked me.

All this while he was forcing me, but I was in a shock the whole time. Then I felt very bad about what happened that day. Later I asked my FIL, “Why did you do such a thing with me?” His answer to that shocked me.

He said he was watching me while I was taking my bath daily. He used to shake his dick one while seeing my pussy and boobs. Then he said, “I will take care of every need and necessities of you and your child. You just have to give me your pussy daily. Take a month and tell me your decision.”

Later, in that month, my FILused to masturbate, seeing me and saying my name. He became freer after that incident. After thinking of all the possibilities I have, I agreed with my FIL. As soon as I agreed, he kept his hands on my back and started pressing it.

He said, “From today, no bra, no panty at home. Be ready to get fucked by me whenever I’m in the mood, no matter if it is morning, evening, or night.” By then, he was in full mood. I can see a tent under his lungi. Without further delay, he started pressing his dick to my back while talking.

He started to press my boobs over the blouse itself and started to kiss my neck. I had this feeling after a long time. His kissing was making a tingling sensation to me. At the same time, he was going really hard on my boobs. Then he moved slowly from my neck to ears. All this while his dick was shoved to my ass.

Then he came in front of me and started kissing my lips hard. His hands moved from my boobs to my ass. They were squeezing my ass very hard. While kissing itself, he let go of my blouse hooks and removed my blouse in a jiffy.

Then he started pressing my boobs and praised me, saying, “You have a very nice pair of boobs, dear.” Then he removed my saree and lehenga (petticoat) also. There I am lying naked in front of my FIL.

He looked at my unused pussy. It was fully covered with hair. Then he went down to my pussy and kept his middle finger in my pussy. He started moving his finger slowly in and out of my pussy. I was enjoying his finger in my pussy. It was a while since I got fucked last time.

Then he pushed two fingers into my pussy and started drilling me fast. All this while I was moaning. He was pressing my boobs with the other hand. Both his hands are doing magic on my body. I was holding a pillow over my head while his hands were in action.

By now, he was in a high mood. He made me sit and asked me to suck his dick. I never sucked my hubby’s dick. So I said, “I can’t do that.” But he was in no mood to listen to me. Lust fully overtook him. He just held my head and kept his dick in my mouth and started mouth fucking me.

To be honest, I was not able to breathe. He would give me some break for me to breathe. After mouth fucking me for some two to three minutes, he said, “Let’s get ready for the main action.” Then he made me lie down on the bed and started to rub my pussy with his dick.

I was feeling so good with that as it was happening after a long gap. Then he slowly pushed his thick dick into my pussy. It went half inside my pussy. Tears started rolling down my cheeks as his dick is very thick and long.

While fucking, he said, “I have waited so long for this moment. Now I won’t spare your pussy until you become a slave to my dick.” He pushed his dick with full force into my pussy. I screamed, “Oh my God.” He said, “Don’t worry, you will enjoy it after some time.”

Then he slowly started moving to and fro into the pussy. Now his whole length is in my pussy, and he was fucking me very hard. There were ‘thupp, thupp’ sounds everywhere. I was screaming and shouting, “Fuck, fuck me, fuck me,” the whole time.

While fucking he also squeezed my boobs, which only made me scream louder. My boobs were swinging because of his fast thumping. “Come, my dear. I will fuck you tonight also. I will suck your boobs daily. Fuck you daily. How is my dick? Do you like it?”

These were his words while fucking me. While talking, he said, “I’m cumming,” and cummed a lot in my pussy. Then he slept because of tiredness.

From then till today, he will fuck me whenever he is mood. I will ask him to fuck me when I feel horny. He will satisfy me well. He has been a good guardian to my son and me all this while.

So, readers, this is my story. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Give your feedback to the badboy. He will convey them to me. Thanks.

Such guys. I hope everyone likes this true experience of a married woman. Any unsatisfied woman, widow, or girl can contact me for some casual fun. I am a call boy. There will be no problem with call boys.


Thanks for reading. Yours badboy.

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