Three Women Fuck A Man In Turns While In The Lockdown

Three Women Fuck A Man In Turns While In The Lockdown

Sonia then asked the girls if they had ever had their pussy sucked to which they denied. So she made them lie down and gave them an orgasm each by sucking them. We then went to bed. I went to the terrace and slept. After an hour I felt someone cuddling up to me.

When I felt it was a nude body, I opened my eyes and it was Rekha who had come. She removed my clothes and cuddled up to me. I kissed her lips to which she first moved back but then she came and kissed me back. I put my tongue in her mouth and she sucked it then gave me hers to suck. Kamisin Padosan Aunty – Hot Bhabhi Desi Kahani

While we were kissing she was playing with my dick. She then after 5 minutes went down and sucked me to hardness. After that, she tried getting on top of me and inserting into her pussy. But it pained a lot as she was a virgin, and so she stopped.

While talking to her sister she was told that their friend who just got married also felt a lot of pain. But then she enjoyed it later. She did not want to try it in her pussy again that day. But she thought of putting it in her bum and let it pain and let’s see how much.

So she was about to put it. But I told her to bring oil and I massaged her bum hole with 1 finger then 2 two. She felt at ease then told her to go ahead. She again sucked me and made me hard. She put oil on the tip and sat on my dick. This time she thought just to give it a hard try.

She sat on it after the tip went in. As the full dick went in she was in pain. But she kissed me, and so that she did not make a noise. I told her to let it be in for a while. She lay on me. After a couple of minutes, the pain reduced and my dick started getting soft. I told her to start riding and she started.

She felt the pain reduced as the dick was not as hard. Now the pleasure started and she was riding fast. My dick bounced back to full mast and she started getting pleasure. From the front, I inserted 1 finger in her pussy to enhance the pleasure. She rode me for 20 minutes getting 2 orgasms.

She wet my balls and thighs with her outburst orgasms. I then got up and put her on the parapet and her legs on my shoulder. I inserted it in her bum and fucked for another 15 minutes till I exploded and we exploded together. Satisfied. she dressed and went down to sleep.

I went to the toilet and when I peeped into Sonia’s room she was fast asleep with a glow of satisfaction on her face. The other side Seema was tossing and turning around while Rekha was also fast asleep. It was now 11:30 pm. I too was tired after all the lovely fucking of the day.

Seema woke up early at 5:15 and came up. She removed her clothes and came reverse as in 69 position and started sucking my dick. I woke up to the lovely sensation and just above me was a lovely trimmed pussy. I took it and kissed and sucked the lips. I found the clit and started playing with it with my tongue.

She started enjoying and when I nibbled the clit she had a huge orgasm wetting my face. She got embarrassed and turned around and licked my face clean of the juice. Then she gave me a lovely kiss. I then took her boobs and sucked them one by one making the nipples taut.

Then I sucked the full tit in my mouth. She kept on caressing my dick all the time. After 15 minutes of sucking and playing with her tits, she orgasmed and then went down for her bath. I looked over the wall to see where they regularly bathe. Both the sisters were discussing and this time both had their baths nude.

They rubbed and washed their bums and pussies well. I could hear them say that they liked the sucking of the dick and having their pussies sucked. Seema asked Rekha if she had put my dick in her pussy. Rekha said no but had taken it in her bum and enjoyed it.

We later got up had breakfast and went for a walk as usual to the farm. The girls stripped and played around in the water. Then after half an hour we came back to the house, relaxed, had lunch, and rested. The next few days it was each one taking their turns humping me in all positions possible one at a time.

No one bothered if the other was around and looking as long as they enjoyed. After the first day of my fucking them, I went to the pharma and bought them the ‘next morning pill’ which each one took. I also bought a big box of condoms.

We did not want the girls’ parents to come to know that they had lost their virginity nor were they willing to stop. They wanted to enjoy as long as they could. Sonia was not worried as she was having irregular periods. She thought it was near her menopause since she was not fucking for a long time.

Each of the girls ensured that they were fucked in all holes and every location be it the hall, bedroom, pond, fields, terrace, kitchen, and toilet. They would even during the day roam around the house nude. They have enjoyed lying on my lap with my penis in their pussies and being spanked till their bums are red.

Sonia felt that was the best orgasm she had so far. Pleasure in the pussy with the bum hurting and nipples being pinched.

We now have a full 40 days of enjoyment with 18 days yet to go.

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