Unfinished fun with virgin cousin sister – Indian sex story

Unfinished fun with virgin cousin sister – Indian sex story

Hello guys, this is my first story. This story is between me, Bhargav (name changed), and my cousin sister Sravanthi (name changed). I was aged 21 and she was 28 when this happened. She was 5.6 ft and dusky (which is sexy I feel).

I am from Andhra Pradesh and I was studying for my degree when this happened. I used to stay in a rented flat along with my friend and when he used to go home, I had the flat to myself and used to enjoy with the girls who had a crush on me(since I did not believe in having long term relations).

It was in my second year that, one day my dad had called and said that he was 10 minutes away from my flat. I was totally nude and in the middle of my session with a girl from the computer department and I had to hurriedly send her away with my friend and tidy my room.

He came in 15 minutes and had some tea and asked me to get ready as he is taking me to a distant relative’s house as his daughter had got posted in the same town and he wanted me to meet them. I was completely frustrated since my mind was still thinking about the girl I had under me not so long ago.

But I had no choice and could not refuse my dad’s commands. So I reluctantly agreed and got ready. On reaching there I met my uncle and aunty (dad’s elder brother and his wife). It was the first time that I was meeting them, though I had met their son once.

Then uncle called my cousin sister and seeing her I was sitting silent and not talking anything. My dad left telling my uncle and my cousin sister to take care of me. A week after that, I got a call from my uncle telling me to come home after college for dinner.

I told him that I was having some work and said, “No.”Then my father called and told me to go for dinner, so I agreed and went to their place at 7 pm.

My father told me that my cousin sister is very strict and studious. She was doing the job of a Scientist at the age of 27. I was a little afraid and while having dinner. she asked me about my girlfriends and if I had any? I told her that I did not have any.

Days were passing by and I was doing well, then one day my aunt called and asked me to stay at home for a couple of days since they are going to their native place for some urgent work. I reluctantly agreed and reached their home at 7 pm. My sister was doing some office work and I was watching a movie.

As days passed we both got closer and this time my aunt and uncle said they will be coming after a couple of months since they had to settle some issues. So, one day, I was sleeping on the same bed with my sister. Suddenly at midnight, I kept my hand on her stomach and moved it towards her boobs in my sleep unknowingly.

My sister woke me up and asked what I was doing? I said, “I don’t know because I was asleep.” She said, “It is wrong,” and asked me to go back to sleep.

I turned to the other side and slept but after a few minutes, I could feel my sister hugging me from behind. I was now sure that she is ready to open the pleasure doors with me. I turned towards her and hugged her tightly. I could feel her breasts against my chest and her warm breath against my collar bone.

She had cuddled me like a baby but she was hot like an oven. I raised her head and kissed her gently on her lips and started moving my hand on her back. She was not wearing a bra and I slowly unbuttoned her nighty and pressed her left boob.

Believe me, it was like a sponge and I could easily tell that her boob size is nothing less than 32B. As soon as I touched her nipple, she bit my chest near my lower nipple and gave me a cut.

I slowly brought her breast out from her nighty and kept my tongue on her left boob. I then started to circle all over her breast with my tongue and in the meanwhile caught hold of her other breast.

My cousin sister was moaning loudly, then I climbed over her but she said, “No,” so I just stuck to sucking her breast and kissing her. We did this play from 12.00 am to around 3.00 am. I tried to keep my hand on her pussy but she pulled my hand away and rejected my plea, but I could feel the heat from her navel area.

In the morning, I woke up and she was having her tea and I went to my room and then to college. We did not talk for a day and I did not go to her room that night.

On the second day, I got a call from her and I was sure that she was going to scold me.

There was a type of guilt running in me. I picked up the call and my cousin sister was cool and asked me whether I was coming home for the night? I said, “No.” She asked me the reason and I told her that I had a headache yesterday and could not complete my work. She told me to take rest and hung up the call.

She again called in the morning asking about my headache. I told her that I was still having it. She asked me what could be done for that? Now the devil inside me started raising his head. I told her that things left in the middle give one an un-curable headache and the thing which has started has to be finished.

She did not speak for a minute and she said that she has medicine and asked me to come home. I was disappointed and went home reluctantly.

How things turned out from there, I will write in the next part. You will read how I got into bed and into her pussy and how we enjoyed fucking for the next 2 years.

If I get a good response, I will write about how I made love with a north Indian girl, my ex GFs (3 of them), an aunt(who was 10 years elder to me and a senior) in the future.

Any girls or women or couple from Andhra can ping me at [email protected]

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